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» Active SMS Lock

• Summary: Active SMS Lock is an application that protects your SMS messages using a password.

Symbian s60 3th edition

• Arrived: 2009-04-19
• Found under: application, utilities, sms, lock, password, s60, Alietan,

Symbian Active SMS Lock freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
» Active SMS Lock Description


Developer: Alietan

Active SMS Lock can help you protect your SMS message with passwords so others won’t be able to read them. You will be able to protect your inbox and your outbox from unwanted eyes. Enter the correct password to see the messages!
The default sms pin is 12345.

the Active SMS Lock free for Symbian OS

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Download Active SMS Lock direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Thu 23 Apr

Xman-s-s-s wrote...

Nice websit

8:41 am
Sat 25 Apr

tecktile wrote...

very helpful.

12:00 am
Sat 25 Apr

ompizz wrote...

Great! But not working. How to make working?

12:26 am
Tue 28 Apr

ajay wrote...

ver good for n81

6:55 am
Mon 4 May

Vinod wrote...

Superb feature provided

10:54 pm
Mon 8 Jun

Kalpesh wrote...

I want this can i download free?

2:45 pm
Mon 3 Aug

Harsh wrote...

Superb application!!!!!

12:49 am
Thu 20 Aug

tajmi wrote...

great..but not working.. said invalid pin..plz inform..

5:14 am
Tue 25 Aug

Anubhav wrote...

not installing in nokia n70 pls tell wt to do ???[:(]

12:07 pm
Thu 8 Oct

Cuong wrote...

N81 8G

4:47 am
Sat 17 Oct

liza wrote...

can u send me the pin??? pls or txt me 09083342533 invalid pin... i need the ryt pin code thanks

1:39 am
Mon 19 Oct

hammad wrote...


11:10 am
Wed 28 Oct

asif wrote...

nice softwere send

6:13 am
Fri 27 Nov

raunak wrote...

cant install in nokia 5800 because the certificate has expired !! pls do something..!

6:41 am
Sat 16 Jan

Harry wrote...

expired certificate!! pls help :-o

5:03 am
Wed 3 Feb

lchan wrote...

not working. email how to????

8:14 pm
Sun 14 Feb

Goms wrote...

expired certificate, please help, cant install

4:46 am
Thu 25 Feb

ricky wrote...

its not working on my nokia n79.when i install it gives a msg Expired what i do.

8:16 pm
Sat 27 Feb

Chawal wrote...

@Ricky... i suggest you not to try to install it if its Certificate is expired. You purchase this software and enjoy man.

1:02 am
Sun 7 Mar

nishnat wrote...

i am having the micromax q3 mobile then i want to know that i have to lock my messages in mobile so what can i do or is any softwre whre i can instal this so that i can lock my sms in mobile or u tell me from whre i get this software

3:32 am
Tue 9 Mar

usman wrote...

sms locked

10:57 am
Wed 10 Mar

halol wrote...

thank you ..n95 works?

1:24 am
Wed 24 Mar

deep wrote...

e63 says "certificate expired". help

6:56 am
Wed 31 Mar

keyul wrote...

e63 certificate expired can ne 1 help

2:04 pm
Wed 28 Apr

suresh wrote...

Gud sofy...frnds facng prblm of expired certificate,first do change date to 2009 & den iinstal it'l wrk,& aftr instlatn do reset d date

12:59 pm
Tue 11 May

amrit wrote...

ya its working with 2009 funda............ its awesum.........

6:55 pm
Sun 27 Jun

taufik hidayat wrote...

it's good for our privacy. I'd been looking for this along time ago! and now i find it.

8:37 am
Mon 28 Jun

aparna wrote...

expired certificate, please help, cant install in e63.

1:01 am
Tue 6 Jul

jackthehelpfull wrote...

if you have expired certificate change your phone date to 2009 and it will install. If you cant work out the pin code the default is 12345. Holla back if this was helpful

11:43 pm
Mon 12 Jul

ricky wrote...

its successfully installed on my phone.but it shows the default pin 12345 is invalid.what i do plz tell me...

6:11 am
Fri 16 Jul

kurdish.boy wrote...

not working..its opening by note

6:05 am
Mon 30 Aug

king27 wrote...

hack your phone go this link.its a perfect system for hacking nokia and sonyericsson. With the help of hello Ox and also it help to sing any apps. All cert problem solve

8:28 am
Tue 31 Aug

admireakash wrote...

very good

10:37 pm
Tue 14 Sep

marzanmelanie wrote...

someone help me bout instalation of tis..CERTIFICATE EXPIRED..I fallow some step i read here but same problem t my 5530xpress music..pls help,i really wnt t install it..:(

4:40 am
Thu 14 Oct

shifil wrote...


6:24 am
Sun 17 Oct

Prabhu wrote...

good software webside4

8:32 pm
Sun 24 Oct

Vineet wrote...

I need this software

2:17 am
Tue 26 Oct

89csl wrote...

invalid pin. Pls help

1:12 am
Sun 14 Nov

JustAK wrote...

Guys listen, if you have an error saying Expired Certificate, go to your Date and Time settings and set the year to 2008, then try re-installing, it worked on my N95 8GB. If it still says expired certificate, keep on setting your date to a lower year, it will work. But my problem is the PIN, after installing I can see my inbox and sent items and everything, but when I try locking a message or hiding it, the application says Invalid PIN. What is the pin? Thanks.

1:49 am
Mon 15 Nov

Gajjar Jigar wrote...

it work on nokia 5233? pls. tell me.

6:17 am
Thu 18 Nov

Puppy wrote...

hi it Works we hve to change the Date into 2008 and Pin No is 12345

3:04 am
Wed 24 Nov

munees wrote...

my mobile is e63 but i install MEye(s60_3rd).sisx software installation the system said ex[pired certificate iam also change the year but my mobile bought at aug 2010

12:48 am
Tue 28 Dec

Jantje wrote...

Like it

8:05 am
Sun 2 Jan

miteshkumar rangari wrote...

how to download this softwere...plz rply

12:40 am
Sun 23 Jan

sanjeev wrote...

hw i download sms lock for my nokia N 73

11:26 am
Mon 31 Jan

Jinggol wrote...

I was able to install it on my E63 by changing the date setting to 2009, it is running, unfortunately the default pin code 12345 doesnt work, is there run-around? any solution? thanks everyone..

7:20 pm
Tue 1 Feb

Jinggol wrote...

I was able to go to a site that provides a download link for this application, there i found out that it does not support Nokia E63, and probably the reason why pin 12345 doesnt work for me.. Anybody who successfully installed (and used) this application in their E63?

12:05 am
Tue 8 Mar

hateiphone wrote...

Succesful instaled changing date 10/2008. Pin 12345 succesful changed too. In fact a message isn't locked until you read it and set it locked, manually. I thought, at first that Inbox would be password protected.

6:37 am
Sun 3 Apr

deepti wrote...

my phone is bein extra brilliant. ( nokia x6). it says the certificate has expired n the phone date is incorrect, wat do i do pls help me asap:(

9:01 am
Mon 4 Apr

gowtham wrote...


2:32 pm
Fri 15 Apr

Arief wrote...


4:56 am
Fri 15 Apr

aneesh wrote...

How I download sms lock for my n73

9:41 pm
Sun 17 Apr

Anil sharma wrote...


2:03 pm
Fri 22 Apr

tinku wrote...

nice software

1:23 am
Fri 22 Apr

alinova wrote...


11:35 am
Wed 27 Apr

zainul wrote...

actif sms jos

10:13 am
Sat 14 May

sunil wrote...


10:38 am
Mon 16 May

maingohoaiquoc wrote...


1:21 am
Sat 11 Jun

pankaj wrote...

computer operator

9:10 pm
Sun 19 Jun

ummi mahmudah wrote...

good application :D

9:59 pm
Mon 27 Jun

arti wrote...


1:43 pm
Thu 30 Jun

wisdom wrote...

it not responding at all E65

9:56 pm
Sun 3 Jul

dawit wrote...


6:16 pm
Sat 16 Jul

beh woslee wrote...

locked sms

12:30 pm
Mon 1 Aug

rahul wrote...


11:55 pm
Fri 5 Aug

pravin wrote...


5:43 am
Tue 9 Aug

pjoru wrote...

good sms lokar

11:42 am
Fri 19 Aug

akim.satria wrote...

if i cn get this app ,thx be4

5:43 am
Tue 30 Aug

Vivak wrote...


6:40 am
Wed 7 Sep

maryam wrote...

pls send me

4:05 pm
Wed 21 Sep

shekh.amin wrote...


4:08 am
Sat 24 Sep

sunil wrote...


9:48 pm
Tue 27 Sep

Sameer wrote...

best software

12:19 am
Sat 1 Oct

Bikram wrote...

Mast h

4:50 am
Tue 11 Oct

Siddharth yadav wrote...


5:13 am
Sun 30 Oct

madan wrote...

please give the e63 pin no my phone is lock

10:42 pm
Mon 14 Nov

kadan wrote...


10:59 am
Wed 23 Nov

Vinod prasad gyas wrote...

Its great

12:10 pm
Wed 23 Nov

narmilan wrote...


5:59 pm
Sun 27 Nov

shayou wrote...


10:03 am
Fri 2 Dec

kannan wrote...

free download for active sms lock

10:28 pm
Mon 12 Dec

akshay wrote...

m isey apne nokia e63 ke liye download nahi kr pa raha hun Frnds plz help me.. U can text me@09045047338

10:35 pm
Tue 13 Dec

ahmed wrote...

it is very good to use

2:04 pm
Thu 15 Dec

Alie wrote...

plz gve me verificatn code fr E71.. its locked.. plz asap...:O

11:46 am
Sat 14 Jan

shripati wrote...

cool app.

12:54 am
Tue 17 Jan

sayed wrote...


4:26 am
Wed 25 Jan

Ajax wrote...


5:13 am
Fri 27 Jan

Bappy wrote...

Thanks for share it brother...

2:09 pm
Tue 14 Feb

Irwan wrote...


2:39 pm
Tue 14 Feb

Irwan wrote...


2:39 pm
Thu 16 Feb

anandh wrote...

i need msg software

10:32 pm
Thu 16 Feb

anandh wrote...

i need msg software

10:33 pm
Fri 17 Feb

arie shaikh wrote...


7:45 am
Sun 19 Feb

neerajkraj wrote...

seems gud..

12:45 am
Sun 26 Feb

Chicharito wrote...

I verry happy

7:59 am
Fri 9 Mar

nitin wrote...


7:39 pm
Thu 5 Apr

araf wrote...


11:45 am
Mon 23 Apr

Nandakumar wrote...

Not bad

4:32 am
Sat 5 May

arthur milanzi wrote...

l need dis app

9:56 am
Wed 9 May

anjani wrote...


10:54 pm
Wed 16 May

arsh wrote...

its good

6:02 am
Tue 12 Jun

Tuhin wrote...

Plz give text me the pin plz... 9475703634

7:19 am
Wed 4 Jul

Amarachi wrote...


10:10 am
Mon 16 Jul

Adhitya wrote...

hey can someone plz tell me if? ppl from pakiatsn on there mobile phones does it cost them internatial rates to reply to me from america or standard texting fees anyone plz thx

2:35 am
Thu 26 Jul

Gopal nirmohi wrote...


6:49 am
Mon 30 Jul

Vikram hegde wrote...


12:15 am
Mon 8 Oct

topu wrote...


6:17 am
Mon 8 Oct

topu wrote...


8:26 am
Sat 13 Oct

Muzammil. wrote...

Pls download

5:07 am
Sat 22 Dec

OLIVE wrote...


4:54 am



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