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ŧ Battery Life

• Summary: Battery Life is a small widget for Symbian s60 5th edition phones that provides accurate info about the battery status.

Symbian s60 5th edition

• Arrived: 2010-07-22
• Found under: battery, empty, full, display, info, charge, standby, s60, 5th,

Symbian Battery Life freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
ŧ Battery Life Description


Battery Life is a widget that provides you with the most detailed and accurate information about the battery status of your handset as well as the amount of time you have remaining to use your phone, watch videos, browse the web, or listen to your favorite music.

the Battery Life free for Symbian OS

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ŧ Comments and Reviews

Thu 22 Jul

pham hong duc wrote...

it's a great application

8:05 am
Thu 22 Jul

Gopichand Pai wrote...

Thanks. This indeed is a great application. Thanks, Gopichand Pai

11:32 am
Fri 23 Jul

Maulana wrote...


2:32 am
Sat 24 Jul

mujtaba wrote...

i want bettry full

10:58 am
Sun 25 Jul

dragontamer56 wrote...

doesn't work on my satio

7:15 am
Sun 25 Jul

marja wrote...

hello nice app

3:09 pm
Mon 26 Jul

Hariharan.R wrote...


11:47 pm
Tue 27 Jul

sadir wrote...


2:13 pm
Wed 28 Jul

joca wrote...


3:47 pm
Thu 29 Jul

miks wrote...

im downloading some script not app...

2:57 am
Fri 30 Jul

rw63 wrote...

is bad load double no info

1:38 am
Mon 2 Aug

abhi wrote...


1:40 am
Tue 3 Aug

shivprakash wrote...


12:53 am
Tue 3 Aug

Avas wrote...


1:58 am
Fri 6 Aug

Mobin wrote...


3:44 am
Sat 7 Aug

gorritas wrote...

this app sux... i thought i'd get more details about my battery level... the other day my battery worn up like 30 minutes after seeing i still had 15% , and i wasn't even online. I mean its grat knowing i have like 40 hours of music, but when the lowest level i've seen is 15 % when i'm sure it's lower.

4:29 pm
Tue 10 Aug

alex lubis wrote...

great app

4:11 am
Tue 10 Aug

Sunil Rathod wrote...

Best soft 4 battery life

7:58 pm
Tue 10 Aug

Sunil Rathod wrote...

Best soft for battery life

8:02 pm
Tue 10 Aug

sudhanshu sharma wrote...

is it works on nokia e50 s60 v 3 please upload for s6ov3

10:56 pm
Sun 15 Aug

ajinkya wrote...

it is great

9:39 pm
Sat 21 Aug

ranadheer wrote...

hey... Iam downloading some kind of text but not any app can some one help me out plsss

8:50 am
Sun 22 Aug

mahesh wrote...

hey, it does not support for my N97 mini.. pls help?

7:21 pm
Mon 23 Aug

Heryaas wrote...

It works on my n97 mini

4:39 pm
Mon 23 Aug

zakir wrote...

not easy need to ask so many things each and every time.........bulshitt

4:52 pm
Fri 3 Sep

ganas wrote...


11:56 am
Mon 6 Sep

Alon wrote...


6:38 am
Mon 13 Sep

Biruk wrote...


1:36 pm
Tue 21 Sep

Racy wrote...


10:40 am
Fri 8 Oct

viscell wrote...


10:17 am
Tue 19 Oct

bakry khalid wrote...


7:07 am
Mon 25 Oct

SHAWKAT wrote...


7:05 pm
Thu 4 Nov

prason1984 wrote...

let me try

5:41 am
Thu 11 Nov

suki wrote...

ak bangga

11:35 am
Sat 13 Nov

matz3110 wrote...


6:56 pm
Mon 15 Nov

Gajjar Jigar wrote...

best application to view your batter status. thank you.

6:21 am
Sun 21 Nov

Dinu wrote...

You don't have permission to access /mirror/BatteryLife.wgz on this server.'' how do I gat

6:11 am
Sun 21 Nov

Dinu wrote...

excelente para un sony ericsson vivaz

6:16 am
Sun 21 Nov

Monis tirandaz wrote...


9:59 pm
Wed 24 Nov

indra bayu wrote...


8:32 am
Tue 21 Dec

saran wrote...

very good

9:06 pm
Thu 30 Dec

jalal wrote...

why it needs to access the net and read the user data? If i answr wz no, it doesnt work!!

4:35 am
Fri 31 Dec

Mail2A1 wrote...

I think this software is a most have. Kudos!

12:51 pm
Wed 12 Jan

nasirabbashussain wrote...

i need battery life download

1:13 pm
Thu 13 Jan

wangxiuhua wrote...

english version please.

1:16 am
Thu 13 Jan

israel wrote...

nice soft

3:11 pm
Sat 15 Jan

Chirag Shah wrote...

In Nokia 5230 it show worang Indecate Battery lival.

3:35 am
Wed 19 Jan

kasius73 wrote...


6:28 pm
Wed 19 Jan

kasius73 wrote...


6:30 pm
Sun 23 Jan

MEIR wrote...


3:57 am
Sun 23 Jan

MEIR wrote...


4:17 am
Sun 23 Jan

KUDFI wrote...


4:18 am
Mon 31 Jan

pusg wrote...


11:13 pm
Wed 16 Feb

anand wrote...

very good

11:21 am
Thu 17 Feb

Ppptjpa wrote...


3:36 pm
Thu 17 Feb

Ankle wrote...


3:40 pm
Sat 26 Mar

Shahid wrote...

Thats very gooe rodjt

9:26 am
Tue 5 Apr

Raja wrote...

No compromise only fight

5:30 am
Thu 7 Apr

bikesh wrote...

doesnot work in my nokia e71. says not supported

7:41 pm
Fri 22 Apr

mawi wrote...

i like it

2:09 am
Fri 29 Apr

werapon wrote...


11:12 pm
Sun 8 May

Yasar wrote...

It's very gud.

8:48 am
Fri 27 May

marten wrote...


11:58 pm
Sat 4 Jun

onyeobia henry wrote...

it's simply d best,if u doubt me try it urself.

6:18 pm
Tue 14 Jun

aminu wrote...


7:21 am
Tue 14 Jun

Aize wrote...

i like the application

10:20 am
Thu 16 Jun

masum831 wrote...

i am going to use this sftwre

9:14 am
Sun 19 Jun

Krishna wrote...

Very nice and excellent perfomance

5:00 am
Wed 29 Jun

ejoke wrote...

cant download

8:32 am
Thu 30 Jun

Yemi wrote...

It is good

5:23 pm
Fri 8 Jul

izmed wrote...

wrote top

9:20 am
Sat 16 Jul

Hanly wrote...

Very good.

4:31 pm
Sun 17 Jul

aashish wrote...

rock on.

2:31 pm
Sat 13 Aug

Ossai oliver wrote...

Very good

9:31 pm
Tue 16 Aug

rohit wrote...

good job

11:58 am
Fri 19 Aug

bsesh wrote...

gud gud

8:13 am
Mon 22 Aug

Channabasava wrote...

Downloading steps are to be minimised.

9:52 am
Wed 24 Aug

Vignesh wrote...


12:39 pm
Fri 9 Sep

david strachan wrote...

will try it

8:08 pm
Thu 22 Sep

saikrishna wrote...


6:21 am
Thu 22 Sep

Paramesh wrote...

Iam getting text

12:41 pm
Fri 23 Sep

Prashanth wrote...

It is good i like it

1:17 am
Fri 23 Sep

Prashanth wrote...

I want how to download battery life preware

1:24 am
Sat 24 Sep

lexymansmally wrote...

nice site

5:21 pm
Wed 28 Sep

raju wrote...

symbian is good

10:08 pm
Sat 1 Oct

colyno wrote...

want 2 know d truth abt ds site

11:49 am
Fri 28 Oct

virat wrote...

its very useful

7:52 am
Thu 15 Dec

regal wrote...


10:19 pm
Tue 3 Jan

kisan wrote...

I m new in this

10:52 am
Tue 3 Jan

Gaurav wrote...

Very gud app

11:06 am
Mon 9 Jan

Naing Aung Chit wrote...

battery Life

3:09 am
Fri 13 Jan

Ahmed Jibril wrote...

when i try to download,it said" You don't have permission to access/mirror/Battery life.wgz on this server.what should i do, pls help.

10:57 am
Fri 13 Jan

Mehedi073 wrote...


11:50 am
Sun 15 Jan

qwertz wrote...

says: "service object cano be found" :((

11:58 am
Sun 15 Jan

Izazahmed wrote...

I want theis

10:49 pm
Mon 13 Feb

kelvin wrote...

1daful app

5:34 am
Thu 16 Feb

sarath wrote...

its good..but unable to download....

9:01 pm
Mon 20 Feb

doglover wrote...

It sounds cool thanks Hope it works!!!

9:49 am
Thu 5 Apr

adelakun israel wrote...


8:25 pm
Thu 7 Jun

Nurudeen olalekan wrote...

I need the latest things about gsm technology as in applications and website to download files for flashing phones

6:40 am
Mon 11 Jun

salim wrote...

let me try it

4:32 am
Mon 18 Jun

kavi wrote...


11:33 am
Tue 19 Jun

Suman wrote...

I don't know it is gud or not

9:41 pm
Wed 20 Jun

pedroxam wrote...

good job bro :) Share on fb and twitter

1:08 pm
Thu 28 Jun

andrew wrote...


6:46 pm
Sun 19 Aug

dinesh wrote...


2:23 am
Sat 15 Sep

ganiu wrote...


11:42 am
Thu 20 Sep

umesh wrote...


3:14 am
Fri 21 Sep

Varatha wrote...

To begin with, I would like to thanks in the staller as well as informative access. I will have to acknowledge which often, We have not heard concerning this information. We now have observed quite a few new information with regard to cause. Many thanks a lot for providing this effective as well as interesting information. We're waiting around pertaining to other thrilling posts due to you from the nearest long term.

2:58 am



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