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• Summary: BOLT is a free downloadable browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience on even lower-end mobile phones.

Symbian OS

• Arrived: 2009-07-08
• Found under: internet, browser, browsing, communication,

Symbian BOLT freeware

Rating: 2.6/5
» BOLT Description


Developer: Bitstream

BOLT is a free downloadable browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience on even lower-end mobile phones.

Rather than offering a simplified, mini version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with a fast, efficient, feature-rich way to enjoy full PC-style web pages and rich media applications on all levels of mobile devices.

Built on Bitstream's ThunderHawk browsing technology, BOLT is the result of 5+ years experience developing mobile browsers that optimize usability, speed and performance on resource-constrained systems with limited memory, processing power and screen space.


* Routinely loads pages at least 25%-50% faster than competing mobile browsers
* Patented navigation and display technologies get you where you're going faster


* View streaming videos
* Enjoy all the features of your favorite social networking site
* Subscribe to RSS feeds
* Shop securely
* Browse any website


* Full desktop PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
* Web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed

the BOLT free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Wed 8 Jul

Omosuyi wrote...

Is bolt free just like opera?. Hope to see you come out with many versions of bolt. Bye

11:49 pm
Tue 14 Jul

dickie wrote...

very compact

2:01 pm
Tue 21 Jul

nur mahammed wrote...

site is great

11:17 am
Sun 2 Aug

radek wrote...

so far so good! much better than the likes of Ozone O3 Browser. Definitely recommended!

3:37 pm
Sun 2 Aug

Muliadi wrote...

does flash work on this. like watching videos on youtube? or facebook apps?

8:37 pm
Thu 13 Aug

Shiyas wrote...

Very good

4:49 am
Tue 18 Aug

sambath wrote...

this is interesting to work...

7:23 am
Tue 25 Aug

Fahim wrote...

Its very nice

8:37 pm
Sat 12 Sep

Hendracool wrote...

Very good..

3:14 am
Sun 27 Sep

mohamed aalali wrote...

I think this software is better than the one I've got

10:30 pm
Tue 6 Oct

junjun wrote...

download bolt

11:55 pm
Tue 3 Nov

fahastra wrote...

i like this apps...very simple, nice

9:31 pm
Wed 4 Nov

John lokmi wrote...

Last download on my phone device is Bolt apps and thanks for give that. More of less a week used that properties while i fast operating that can be broken link or freeze,i can not click anything keypad,just can off khe phone and runing again in the begining. Now i operated with slowly the bolt login.

11:11 pm
Thu 19 Nov

karim wrote...


3:17 pm
Sun 22 Nov

Rohit wrote...

Its nice

8:57 pm
Sat 5 Dec

Satya wrote...

I want All App. For nokia n70

12:02 pm
Wed 3 Mar

anand wrote...

for nokia5800

2:30 am
Tue 9 Mar

pravin wrote...

very good

10:46 pm
Sat 17 Apr

pradip biswas wrote...

i like bolt a lot.

4:14 am
Sat 29 May

manoj wrote...

noce soft

10:36 am
Sun 27 Jun

shahid wrote...

very nice

3:56 am
Sun 11 Jul

jo nephra wrote...


2:36 am
Fri 6 Aug

Brad wrote...

Let me try it .then ill kno . K

8:48 pm
Fri 6 Aug

Brad wrote...

Let me try it .then ill kno . K

8:55 pm
Fri 8 Oct

cure wrote...

best symbian browser with flash video support like youtube. congrats.

6:56 pm
Fri 8 Oct

fire_starter wrote...

bolt, better than opera mini and opera mobile when it comes to flash support. cheers! :)

6:57 pm
Sat 6 Nov

jaydeep wrote...

its amazing

12:13 pm
Tue 21 Dec

hamdan wrote...


11:54 pm
Wed 29 Dec

Charan wrote...


11:44 am
Sun 16 Jan

irshad wrote...

very god browser

1:41 pm
Thu 27 Jan

suhail wrote...


10:45 am
Mon 31 Jan

ajajaeaj wrote...


9:57 pm
Thu 3 Feb

Habchi wrote...


5:18 am
Thu 10 Feb

john wrote...


2:41 pm
Sun 27 Feb

Venkat wrote...

Its good...

6:59 am
Fri 11 Mar

daryl wrote...


8:53 pm
Sat 2 Apr

rajendra wrote...

It's very good

2:37 am
Fri 8 Apr

mahi wrote...


1:48 am
Tue 26 Apr

Rajnikky wrote...


12:48 pm
Fri 13 May

nahas wrote...

not bad

10:36 pm
Tue 24 May

Stanley wrote...

Its göod nd fast

6:20 am
Wed 15 Jun

Khaleel wrote...


5:49 am
Thu 30 Jun

FaceFart wrote...

The Most Poo Poo Pee Pee Gas Browser... Hehehehe... Stinkss... So smelly, wonderful...

7:12 am
Sun 3 Jul

sandeep wrote...

nokia 6500

2:10 am
Tue 12 Jul

Sumit wrote...

Must try

2:56 am
Fri 15 Jul

hassan wrote...


12:30 pm
Fri 15 Jul

kimo2983 wrote...


4:07 pm
Thu 4 Aug

edi_montir wrote...

like pc....and i like that...!!!

2:33 pm
Thu 11 Aug

Niyas wrote...


10:26 am
Thu 18 Aug

fatito wrote...

like so much

6:36 am
Wed 28 Sep

kevin wrote...


7:16 pm
Wed 12 Oct

Mujeeb wrote...

Fast browsing

1:23 am
Thu 20 Oct

tekalemba wrote...

natin 2

10:58 am
Wed 2 Nov

Rakey wrote...


3:26 pm
Mon 7 Nov

Rajesh wrote...


8:53 pm
Sun 4 Dec

Oriyomi wrote...

I love the app.

10:21 am
Wed 14 Dec

suresh wrote...

I like you

12:57 pm
Wed 14 Dec

alireza wrote...

realy grate

1:11 pm
Fri 16 Dec

akash halder wrote...

good browser

9:51 pm
Mon 19 Dec

vikas choudhary wrote...

very very good browser

1:51 am
Wed 21 Dec

Ilyas wrote...


6:50 pm
Sat 24 Dec

Shubham wrote...

I like you

11:55 am
Thu 29 Dec

Asif wrote...


3:30 am
Mon 2 Jan

kamran wrote...

to use

8:18 am
Mon 2 Jan

kamran wrote...

to use

8:18 am
Tue 17 Jan

sandeep saini wrote...

i like

12:48 pm
Fri 20 Jan

Mahroofmadathil wrote...

Hai. Super Faster Super Trailer. Fasting browser

11:01 am
Mon 23 Jan

dharmbir wrote...

dwnlod ni hoti h

3:58 am
Sat 28 Jan

assd wrote...

ffdfdfdfdet rtt trt

2:20 am
Sun 5 Feb

Ajay wrote...


4:15 am
Tue 7 Feb

nafeel wrote...

this bolt browser very nice i like it

3:15 am
Tue 7 Feb

Nayan wrote...

I like it

1:26 pm
Sat 18 Feb

Arun wrote...

Very Nice

10:49 am
Tue 21 Feb

lawrence wrote...

i love it

2:26 am
Mon 27 Feb

jeff wrote...

how about nokia 6700slide ... I dont how to download

2:50 am
Thu 8 Mar

sobith wrote...


2:51 am
Fri 9 Mar

yair wrote...

It's great at all time

9:40 am
Wed 14 Mar

Nagendra wrote...


1:46 am
Wed 14 Mar

Nagendra wrote...


1:46 am
Sat 17 Mar

hadi wrote...

i like bolt pls download

7:30 pm
Sat 17 Mar

sunder wrote...


10:00 pm
Fri 30 Mar

Karimkhan wrote...


7:19 am
Fri 30 Mar

Karimkhan wrote...


7:19 am
Mon 9 Apr

chima wrote...

bolt is d boom!

1:31 pm
Wed 11 Apr

zubair wrote...

not work

2:20 am
Wed 11 Apr

anandakumar wrote...


1:40 pm
Thu 12 Apr

Wasi Ahmad wrote...

Bahut fast hai.

5:18 am
Wed 18 Apr

Rajushrivash wrote...


5:23 am
Sat 21 Apr

rt258089 wrote...


4:12 am
Wed 25 Apr

Sudhir wrote...


11:56 pm
Sun 29 Apr

larzzy moo wrote...

i wish to have this application on my phone nokia c5 i try to download it online am passing thru network problem here,pls i wil appreciate if my request is granted.tank

11:44 am
Sun 13 May

jmjt wrote...


3:19 am
Sun 13 May

Alung wrote...

Is the thrue

5:57 am
Mon 21 May

Mohd.Aslam wrote...

Very good

7:14 am
Tue 22 May

jasem wrote...

Download the BOLT for Symbian OS

4:31 am
Thu 24 May

Anshad wrote...


7:17 am
Sat 26 May

kutubuddin shaikh wrote...

dawnload all software

3:01 am
Thu 7 Jun

Tahseen Raza wrote...


12:43 pm
Mon 18 Jun

Jamie wrote...

Thank you for the notice Have crerocted it! It could have been better yes but this time I was just aiming at providing a simple list by which user can directly have a look at the site because that provides more specification then the I would have listed here Thanks!

10:22 pm
Sat 7 Jul

shailesh mani wrote...


8:10 pm
Sat 14 Jul

Dahir wrote...

i can't download bolt browser. And i dnt knw y.

10:18 am
Wed 25 Jul

marah abdelouahed wrote...


9:41 am
Wed 25 Jul

isaac wrote...


9:50 pm
Sun 5 Aug

abdul nasar wrote...

i can't download this application

4:38 am
Sun 12 Aug

ganez wrote...


6:47 am
Tue 21 Aug

Althaf wrote...


5:31 am
Wed 29 Aug

Subhan wrote...


11:59 am
Sun 2 Sep

Barkat Jatoi wrote...

I will write again comments when i use

12:03 pm
Tue 30 Oct

ishaan dhis wrote...

bolt browrer for nokia 5233

9:07 pm
Fri 23 Nov

tanatswa mandonga wrote...


2:52 pm
Thu 6 Dec

kacem wrote...

i like

12:55 pm



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