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• Summary: CellTrack is a program to collect some phone information about the cell you are connectet to.

• Arrived: 2004-02-18
• Found under: celltrack,

Symbian CellTrack freeware

Rating: 3.6/5
CellTrack Description


CellTrack is a program to collect some gsm information about the cell you are connectet to - like the netmonitor. For more information about GSM net search the web.

The log files are save in the \Nokia\Others\CellTrack directory when the program closes.

Log file formats:

1. trace.log - continues logging - tab separated
Date, time, cell (dec.), LAC (dec.), country, net, signal, dBm, cell name, info

20030918 0442 9571 510 262 02 80% -70 HXB957 A	no info

2. dbx.clf - used for new station logs - tab separated
Cell (hex.) + LAC (hex.) + country + net, info

//cell list exchange format v2.0//
256301FE26202	no info

This format is also used to show cell information. Use country and net for filename. The file should be smaller sen 64K. (e.g. 26202.clf for German D2 net)

Cell names are generated like German D2 net.

This is tested only with the 3650.


  • 1.03 - January 2004
    • A database from the *.clf file is build when no *.db file is found. This speeds up the search of the cell info
    • The clf file could be greater then 64K now.
    • The cell name is shown from cell broadcast service (if supported)
    • This version should run with 6600 (no cbs info with this hardware)
    • A new view for cell pictures (JPEG) installed. Place your picture in a directory \Nokia\Others\CellTrack\pics with a name like this: Cell (hex.) + LAC (hex.) + country + net (256301FE26202.jpg)
    • New sign in the description field: '?:' means no database found for this net, '*:' data found without a correct LAC. (sometimes a cell list is found without LAC so use it this way 2563FFFF26202 and correct it later)
    • Log problems fixed
    • Generate database moved to the config menue
    • clf file format now as tabulator or blank separated usable
    • Hex values in cell id can be lower case in the clf file
  • 1.02 - December 2003
    • Show signal quality in dBm
    • Convert clf file to database to speed up the cell search
    • More infos with page up/down
    • Call the Sun Compass program from the menue
  • 1.01 - November 2003
    • Cell name from cell id generation enabled for all providers - if supported
    • Cell direction from cell id is shown - if supported by your provider
    • new log modes - be careful with the new modes the log file will grow very quickly
    • Cell information is shown from file
    • notification for battery charging
  • 1.0 - August 2003
    Initial program start

the CellTrack free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download CellTrack direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Thu 14 Sep

manish wrote...

this soft ware is fullfill my persnal work

3:23 am
Fri 23 Mar

ovimano wrote...

For Symbian 9.1(Nokia E50)...? It's not working... :((

1:28 am
Sun 8 Apr

rafee alawneh wrote...

for n71 i can not use it, or i may donot process it well? any help thanks in advance

5:54 am
Fri 18 May

dfsdf wrote...


6:51 am
Sat 26 May

Phoutthasinh wrote...


1:09 am
Tue 3 Jul

nasir wrote...


3:22 pm
Thu 19 Jul

Alliyaan wrote...


6:17 am
Thu 19 Jul

wasiu azez wrote...

hjisdfhjbjk.xgfhogtcbj.bgftbtxbukbgfbnkcbtjknbvgbn bgnbvynk ghgniftglbfhynmiybf,lise5

12:26 pm
Wed 8 Aug

Rajesh wrote...

I want at any cost???

7:51 am
Wed 22 Aug

manan wrote...


9:53 am
Sat 6 Oct

makhlouf rais wrote...

wanna get this software coz it helps me

3:08 pm
Wed 7 Nov

nathan wrote...

its great

3:02 am
Wed 7 Nov

nathan wrote...

its great

3:02 am
Tue 13 Nov

Rajesh wrote...

need Cell tracker for my mobile

11:05 pm
Tue 13 Nov

bala wrote...

need cell track

11:08 pm
Sat 24 Nov

Charles Cella wrote...

sounds good can't wait to try it..

10:09 pm
Sat 1 Dec

Deepak wrote...

It is best sofware tool for tracking cell site many of my freinds in telecom field used this s/w to find the cell easily .

9:32 pm
Mon 3 Dec

Mohammad Akram wrote...

need a soft ware for cell track

3:10 am
Tue 11 Dec

Pazhanivelrajan wrote...

I need cell track with logical channel for w200i

9:04 am
Wed 12 Dec

Senthil wrote...

Nice site

10:48 pm
Thu 13 Dec

kaydar quboa wrote...

would you please tell me how to use celltrack to find the electric field strength or power density of the received mobile signal (nokia n70). Thank you.

12:43 pm
Fri 14 Dec

Riadh wrote...


3:49 pm
Fri 21 Dec

Andy wrote...

friendly user

7:45 pm
Mon 24 Dec

Jimmy wrote...

this software can't work on Sony Ericsson symbian phone..Up grade pls....

8:31 pm
Sat 29 Dec

Islam wrote...

is it working on n73 or not ?

7:55 am
Tue 8 Jan

Jimmy P. wrote...

i use it for n95 8gb

9:26 am
Fri 11 Jan

suji wrote...


2:18 am
Fri 11 Jan

suji wrote...


2:23 am
Wed 16 Jan

dariniv wrote...


11:54 am
Thu 24 Jan

guuru wrote...


8:07 am
Sat 26 Jan

zihan wrote...

its gud

5:17 am
Sun 27 Jan

HENDRIK wrote...


10:25 pm
Sat 9 Feb

andy wrote...


1:57 pm
Sat 16 Feb

kljlkjjgkldjf wrote...

Fine thing

3:17 am
Tue 19 Feb

satish wrote...


8:57 am
Tue 19 Feb

keren wrote...

cool n nice sw

11:18 pm
Sun 2 Mar

Riyaz wrote...

Cell tracker

10:22 pm
Sun 2 Mar

Riyaz wrote...

Very nice

10:25 pm
Tue 4 Mar

haitham wrote...


1:26 pm
Wed 5 Mar

Haitham wrote...

I need to download cell track program on my cell phone nokia 3250

12:00 pm
Fri 7 Mar

paul wrote...


11:34 pm
Sat 8 Mar

Nguyen Dang Khoa wrote...

I want CellTrack_NOKIA-N81 software.

3:32 am
Thu 13 Mar

loben wrote...

need it for my n82

5:04 pm
Mon 7 Apr

Roberto wrote...

I want CellTrack NOKIA-N73 software

12:42 pm
Sun 13 Apr

amit wrote...


12:29 pm
Tue 13 May

fais wrote...


3:23 pm
Fri 13 Jun

w mint than wrote...

i will ok

4:04 am
Tue 17 Jun

anurak wrote...


11:04 pm
Sat 28 Jun

cuya wrote...


10:53 am
Wed 13 Aug

mansoor ali wrote...

need all islamic softwer free down load for nokia N82

9:54 pm
Thu 21 Aug

pete wrote...

Its good.Is there any for JAVA Phones??

3:35 pm
Mon 5 Jan

Moh Tafsir wrote...

i need to download celltrack program on my cell phone nokia E65.

5:55 am
Sun 22 Mar

Anoob wrote...

I need celltraker for nokia e90 & nokia 5320 Any one pls help

11:43 am
Mon 13 Apr

kumar lakhtariya wrote...

i need to download celltrack softwere for NOKIA N73

2:15 am
Thu 14 May

sunny wrote...

Celltrack signed for nokia E61i

9:37 am
Tue 21 Jul

vilasbante wrote...

kindly inform me to how to install cell track software in my N95

2:27 am
Mon 9 Nov

jalil wrote...

Sis, i need to download celltrack softwere for NOKIA N73.plz help me

1:04 pm
Thu 17 Dec

trisno wrote...

bro, i need software celltrack for nokia 8250, please...

12:27 am
Sat 9 Jan

elie wrote...

very nice program thanks

7:07 am
Tue 16 Mar

aftab wrote...


1:47 am
Thu 29 Apr

joee wrote...

i need some help please i want the settings for this soft and can i use it to track my partner place or hack a cell phone!or nope!? 10x a lolt

9:54 am
Sat 22 May

shyam wrote...

police crime investigation

12:21 am
Sun 20 Jun

sudhir wrote...


7:04 am
Fri 23 Jul

WAGNER wrote...

Gostaria de saber se este " CellTrack " roda no NOKIA N95 e se realmente vocรช localiza o celular digitando sรณ o numero de quem vc quer localizar? Ou se ele sรณ roda no Iphone.

4:00 pm
Thu 12 Aug

ananth wrote...

i want it free download

1:03 am
Sun 15 Aug

ali umar wrote...

call me

12:35 pm
Sun 5 Sep

pdh109 wrote...

good SW

8:35 pm
Sat 11 Sep

sumit wrote...


8:18 am
Mon 8 Nov

somu wrote...


9:18 pm
Mon 3 Jan

yash wrote...

i need to download celltrack softwere for NOKIA N97 mini. kindly inform me as soon as possible.

6:15 am
Sat 8 Jan

SUBBARAJU wrote...

i need to download celltrack softwere for NOKIA E 51. kindly inform me as soon as possible.

4:14 am
Wed 12 Jan

faisal wrote...

great softwere

5:08 am
Wed 12 Jan

faisal wrote...

i neend this softwere

5:17 am
Fri 21 Jan

Nishant Soni wrote...

i need cell track for e90 Nokia. Plz help me

3:18 am
Sat 19 Mar

ekshwaku wrote...

my n97 mini is not supporting this celltrack .if there is any way to get it in my phone

11:38 pm
Mon 4 Apr

s k singh wrote...


4:04 am
Sat 18 Jun

rizwan wrote...

can this soft ware be used on nokia 6220 classic

6:58 am
Sun 19 Jun

salahuddin wrote...


1:30 am
Mon 4 Jul

santosh wrote...

i need cell track for c5 Nokia. Plz help me which nokia mobile is support this software told me

5:32 am
Tue 20 Sep

amir wrote...


12:45 pm
Thu 3 Nov

iltut wrote...

try for free download

8:51 pm
Tue 17 Apr

Lalit wrote...

N Lalit

3:55 am
Sat 9 Jun

ploy wrote...


7:23 pm
Fri 5 Oct

aditya wrote...


9:56 am



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