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» Chronometer

• Summary: Simple and easy to use chronometer for Symbian OS

Symbian OS with Java

• Arrived: 2007-11-05
• Found under: chronometer, utilities, time, java,

Symbian Chronometer freeware

Rating: 2.6/5
» Chronometer Description


Developer: Cristian Otnes

Simple and easy to use chronometer for Symbian OS


* Up to 5 individual stopwatches each with up to 40 cumulative split and lap times.

* Supports split and lap mode timing (toggled with * key). Split timing shows time since started, lap mode timing shows time since last lap (and split) taken.

* Select to show split, lap, both lap and split or time only (toggled with # key). Notice that both lap and split can only be shown at the same time if screen width supports it.

* Shows average, best or worst lap when displaying laps (toggled with 0 key).

* Stopwatch up to max 999 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds with 1/100 of a second accuracy.

* Persistent saving of data and mode for all stopwatch instances (but avoiding saving for a stopwatch instance in reset state, which probably is the most common thing).

* Simple key interface with what I believe is convenient use of the keys for fast and accurate use. Based on assumption that most common use is start/stop/reset. Can be used with joystick/soft buttons and/or numeric keypad. (See comment in Usage below for special Nokia E70 mapping.)

* Stopwatch will “keep” running even if closing the Java application when running. Saves battery if required to run the stopwatch for a long time.

* Designed with low CPU/power usage in mind. That is, update to display (which is the main CPU intensive activity) is only done as required by state of shown stopwatch

for more information and bug reporst check this web site

the Chronometer free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Chronometer direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Fri 7 Dec

akkde wrote...


12:11 pm
Sun 9 Dec

herland A wrote...

good site

2:55 pm
Mon 24 Dec

akhnu wrote...

ja tjm upj

1:22 am
Tue 1 Jan

Vikram wrote...


11:14 pm
Tue 29 Jan

john wrote...


11:04 am
Sun 24 Feb

hubert wrote...

as my nokia doesn't chronometer, this app is quite useful :D

11:38 am
Sat 22 Mar

abilash wrote...

my e51 doesn't have chronometer. nice appl., thanks

9:44 am
Sat 19 Apr

cognac wrote...

i'm trying it...

5:03 am
Thu 29 May

Mike Metcalfe wrote...

Brilliant Stopwatch, very easy to download using the bar code scanner, my Nokia N95 had everything, sat nav, mp3 player etc now has a fantastic stopwatch, good work guys!

6:14 am
Fri 6 Jun

developer wrote... what do you think about this one?

4:04 am
Mon 7 Jul

pokemonul wrote...


9:57 am
Sat 26 Dec

kuba wrote...

I've got samsung omnia hd, and the problem is the 'start/stop' button acts same as 'info' button, hence it does not start the timer unfortunately

4:45 pm
Fri 29 Jan

yahya wrote...

thankyou verygood

2:20 am
Fri 12 Feb

Anbudy wrote...

Thank you, useful app! no need to look for a chrono anymore!

1:34 pm
Sun 14 Feb

paulogazola wrote...

Didn't work in my Nokia 5300. The "PUSH"function (keyboard 5) don't works. Besides that, it's a great chronometer...

8:40 am
Sun 29 Aug

doniano21 wrote...


1:11 pm
Tue 14 Sep

andrea wrote...

Didn't work on nokia 5230. The start/stop button doesn't exist on touch-screen

3:35 pm
Sun 19 Dec

mohammad wrote...


4:14 pm
Sat 25 Dec

horologist wrote...

Nice app, but it's a chronograph, not a chronometer (highly accurate clock or watch).

9:23 pm
Tue 28 Feb

coso wrote...

I can't find a "push" button. SonyEricsson Vivaz (U5).

6:47 am
Thu 1 Mar

houssine wrote...

no remarque

4:27 pm



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