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Fake Messages

• Summary: Fake Messages is a free fake message sending application that allows timed sending of fake SMS messages. SMS messages are handled inside the device, so no network connection is needed, thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge.. Note Download the file, and go to Symbian sig...

Symbian S60

• Arrived: 2008-07-14
• Found under: SMS, messaging, fake, s60,

Symbian Fake Messages freeware

Rating: 3.8/5
Fake Messages Description


Developer: drjukka

Fake Messages is a free fake message sending application that allows timed sending of fake SMS messages. SMS messages are handled inside the device, so no network connection is needed, thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge..


Download the file, and go to Symbian signed. And remember that you'll need to mark following capabilities:

- LocalServices,
- ReadUserData ,
- WriteUserData ,
- UserEnvironment ,
- ReadDeviceData ,
- SWEvent,
- NetworkServices, and
- WriteDeviceData.

the Fake Messages free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Fake Messages direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Mon 14 Jul

shaz wrote...

good question. why would someone want to not send not real messages?

6:13 am
Wed 16 Jul

farhan wrote...

how to download this software anybuddy use this s/w

2:26 am
Wed 16 Jul

Sanjeev wrote...

Very Nice.

8:26 am
Fri 18 Jul

Kineasy wrote...

Excellent. Gets me out of trouble

11:49 am
Sun 20 Jul

Bakaka wrote...

Nice, it's so tricky

2:22 am
Mon 21 Jul

jendol wrote...

how to download this software?

2:53 am
Wed 23 Jul

Kabaliwan wrote...

Its crazy

1:36 am
Thu 24 Jul

maosvaldez wrote...

want to experience it myself and feel it interestingly.

6:28 am
Fri 1 Aug

danny wrote...

it's cool

11:28 am
Sat 2 Aug

miracle wrote...

certificate error?? anybody can help to solve this? thx b4

12:21 am
Mon 11 Aug

Loan Phuong wrote...

i like it

2:05 am
Wed 20 Aug

aguy wrote...

yeah! at least someone think i've got friends too!

1:23 pm
Thu 28 Aug

Jack wrote...

It crash my whole system N95, even after hard reset it still can't get rid of it, have to format my memory 8g drive as well. DOT INTSTALL THIS!

3:48 pm
Thu 25 Sep

ashish wrote...

cool apps thanks

10:19 am
Mon 6 Oct

ashish wrote...

i cant send msg to other no. plz help

9:10 am
Fri 17 Oct

daniel wrote...

it is cool but i lost it

8:18 pm
Wed 10 Dec

Raden wrote...


11:42 am
Thu 18 Dec

cross wrote...

certificate error?? why ?? someone help mee

1:55 am
Fri 26 Dec

francesco wrote...

good,very good

5:31 am
Mon 29 Dec

Goriya Jitendra wrote...

Not download by link. If Any have this file (That is working) then send me at - I also help that person for other tricks. Thanking You

4:09 am
Tue 30 Dec

ferdeinand wrote...

its nice!

3:00 am
Tue 3 Feb

Jonih Arrack wrote...

Nice software,I try to sign it but the symbian signer is not works, why ??

10:19 pm
Wed 25 Mar

Krzysztof wrote...

I've signed it and install with successfull but I can't see that application in aplication folder. How can I start it?

4:17 am
Thu 9 Apr

hilzarla wrote...

same problem here

4:41 am
Sat 2 May

cynthoy wrote...

ok, error certificate because NO certificate... so ... it can do any errors or hack on your system... you have to see if you really want to install it ...

9:19 am
Sat 18 Jul

Dr.Jukka wrote...

Thank you for having descriptions for my application in your site. However, I must to ask you to remove the direct download option, and instead of just provide link to the original site : This application, like other great freewares on my site, are updated regularly, thus to make sure all users are getting latest versions, you must remove the download option and provide the link instead.

8:49 am
Fri 18 Sep

dedi wrote...

why download this appilication???

9:40 am
Tue 10 Nov

zeeshaan wrote...

its a;; waste of time........

8:37 pm
Sun 15 Nov

german wrote...

it's ok

12:32 pm
Sun 20 Dec

shubham wrote...

please tell me how to download this fake message software my id is

6:26 am
Mon 21 Dec

shubha wrote...

please tell me how to download fake message software in my pc my id is

8:15 am
Thu 31 Dec

vish wrote...

outstanding application.... frndzz saying tht their cell is hacked when i use this n fool them.... enjoy...

3:02 am
Fri 8 Jan

bharat patel wrote...

i cant download the software

4:38 am
Sat 24 Apr

HHHJ wrote...

i cant download the software

5:19 am
Fri 7 May

Gondil wrote...


4:18 pm
Wed 28 Jul

محمد التميمي wrote...


3:14 am
Wed 25 Aug

RAVINDRA wrote...


2:35 am
Tue 28 Sep

presto wrote...

Very cool

3:22 am
Thu 25 Nov

khyskm wrote...

the Fake Messages

3:08 pm
Tue 28 Dec

Stanley kasungulu wrote...

I would like to download fake calling and fake messages

7:44 am
Fri 25 Feb

Micxjay wrote...


7:34 am
Mon 18 Apr

zubair wrote...


1:48 pm
Wed 15 Jun

hoailinh99 wrote...


6:07 am
Mon 11 Jul

vvvvvvvvvvvv wrote...

i cant download the software please help me its very importent for me heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp my id:vrojakv

2:50 am
Tue 16 Aug

Rauf wrote...

What the hell problem occured certificate error again and again what should i do

3:55 am
Wed 28 Sep

Ayman Salah wrote...


4:07 am
Fri 25 Nov

boyan86 wrote...


3:58 pm
Fri 23 Dec

Karan wrote...

It is not working dude, nw wat to do?

7:34 pm
Sat 26 May

SHeikh wrote...

i tried but not downloaded, :( what can i do?

12:25 pm



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