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Summary: File and folder explorer for Symbian devices. Features: * in a search, if a directory is found, the right key enters into this folder. * the full path of the files is displayed while browsing the inbox, process and tasks. * A check (with a message) is now performed before copying or...

Symbian s60 3th edition

Arrived: 2009-02-07
Found under: system, explorer, utilities, s60,

Symbian FExplorer freeware

Rating: 3.3/5
FExplorer Description


Developer: Dominique HUGO

File and folder explorer for Symbian devices.


* in a search, if a directory is found, the right key enters into this folder.
* the full path of the files is displayed while browsing the inbox, process and tasks.
* A check (with a message) is now performed before copying or moving files to ensure there is free space enough on the destination drive.
* in the 'tools menu', added a function to directly call the bluetooth manager.
* added a progress dialog with the name of the file being copied.
* in the hex viewer, the keys '3' and '9' can be used as page-up, page-down.
* in the hex viewer, when in full screen mode, the file is displayed on 8 bytes, the ascii characters are displayed at the top, line per line.
* in the hex viewer, with small files, corrected a bug to avoid FE to panic and exit when going down 'too deeply' in the text.
* added a function in the 'edit' menu to invert the selection of the current directory - marked files and dir become un-marked and un-marked become marked.
* it's now possible to mark folders (like the files) and copy/cut/paste them with the files.
* added the latest phones in the phone type list (3230,6680,6681,6682,N70,N90).
* added, in the 'tools' menu, an option to dump (into a log file placed in the root) a list of *all* the installed applications with their UID and their path; this file can then be sended to the pc via bluetooth, infrared; the result is something like this (06/29/2005) :

* when displaying the full path in the 'small scrolling windows (key : [2])', the [1] key copies the full path and filename into the clipboard to be used in the notepad, ....
* after a 'compress memory', the new -free memory- value is displayed in the navigation pane (ie: the screen is refreshed).
* fixed the bug to avoid to use 2 times the 'NO' key on exit.
* the attributes of a file can now be modified.
* it's now possible to save the screenshots either in the phone memory or in the MMC.
* like the processes, the currently running tasks can be displayed, kill

the FExplorer free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download FExplorer direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Mon 9 Oct

arman wrote...

good site.

1:13 am
Sat 2 Dec

Ali shah wrote...

its very nice and cool dear. i like it very much.

5:29 am
Wed 13 Dec

shokat wrote...

download FExplorer

6:57 am
Wed 20 Dec

Sachin Radhe wrote...

This is very important software

12:20 am
Wed 20 Dec

Shankar Rajput wrote...

This is very important software

12:22 am
Tue 9 Jan

daimyo wrote...

does it work with n73 ?

7:36 am
Wed 7 Feb

Chris wrote...

Where i can download FExplorer for my N73 cellphone?

7:41 pm
Wed 28 Feb

sazzad wrote...


8:25 pm
Mon 19 Mar

Sahata situmorang wrote...

My phone nokia 3230 can't to download this file.How to download this with phone

7:42 pm
Sun 15 Apr

makk wrote...

is there an FExplorer that works for N73 music edition? please email me thanx. i badly need it

10:43 am
Fri 20 Apr

Sachin wrote...

is there an FExplorer that works for N73 music edition? please email me thanx.

4:29 am
Mon 14 May

adhizatanun wrote...


6:19 am
Wed 16 May

mitesh wrote...

its good software ...

8:12 am
Wed 23 May

Gitesh wrote...

Where Will I Gate It Free For My Nokia N73? Please Do inform it. If Possiable Get it attached it with the mail reply

8:07 am
Wed 23 May

Gitesh wrote...

Where Will I Gate It Free For My Nokia N73? Please Do inform it. If Possiable Get it attached it with the mail reply

8:07 am
Thu 24 May

sherwan wrote...

bluetooth explorer for mobile

12:11 pm
Mon 28 May

shijin wrote...

juz wanted to save the messages in the gallery.. found out this one to be the best in its category..

8:30 am
Sun 3 Jun

andrew wrote...

Thanks spicial thanks

9:27 am
Sun 3 Jun

andrew wrote...

thanks god with you

6:23 pm
Sun 3 Jun

andrew wrote...

please give me program

6:30 pm
Sun 10 Jun

Abbas wrote...

Hey its guud

12:31 pm
Sun 10 Jun

Hermizal wrote...


8:22 pm
Wed 13 Jun

rahul wrote...

very imp software

12:25 am
Fri 15 Jun

Chchee wrote...

my SonyEricsson P990i cant install FE explorer >.< can u send me the P990i Version(UIQ V3.0) FE explorer?

7:38 am
Sat 16 Jun

mhellan wrote...

nice site... i love it:D

6:37 pm
Sun 24 Jun

mohmmed wrote...


12:31 pm
Wed 4 Jul

DANIE wrote...


2:08 am
Wed 4 Jul

seameans wrote...

downlaod fexplore

4:07 am
Thu 5 Jul

Harmanjit Singh wrote...

Hello Friends

6:30 am
Sun 8 Jul

ZAIN wrote...

i love this utilities verry much

7:21 am
Sun 8 Jul

vakas wrote...

please send me the fe explorer for n73me

12:31 pm
Tue 24 Jul

matoey wrote...

please sen me the fexplorer for n73 me

7:24 am
Wed 25 Jul

yogesh wrote...

hi, We are required the FExplorer or Fileman of N73 Kindly send us same ASAP. Regards, Yogesh

1:10 am
Thu 2 Aug

haitham wrote...

please download it for my nokia N73 for free

12:58 am
Sun 12 Aug

manish wrote...

nice site

6:11 am
Sat 18 Aug

suhieb wrote...


3:52 pm
Sun 19 Aug

Anand wrote...

Hi, all this one looks good

12:22 pm
Wed 22 Aug

baldo wrote...

they're ok to me

5:43 am
Wed 22 Aug

pranz wrote...


12:13 pm
Tue 28 Aug

sami wrote...

yeh gando software hain main nay 3 hours main ja ker doonda hian or woh bhe poorana fuck it

12:47 am
Tue 28 Aug

whosane wrote...


11:06 am
Sat 1 Sep

shenoy wrote...

very good

9:37 am
Mon 3 Sep

Fira wrote...

It's so nice

3:44 pm
Tue 4 Sep

shamsudeen wrote...


1:23 am
Tue 11 Sep

sammed wrote...

hey can anybody send me a fexplorer link for n73 pleaseee it ending wits .sis and my phone dont take it.

5:21 am
Tue 11 Sep

superbaby wrote...

can someone please tell me where i can download fexplorer for my n73??? i need it desperatly thanx in advance.

12:54 pm
Sun 16 Sep

sandy wrote...

any body having f explorer or smart fileman for nokia n95 or n93i please plz plz mail me

12:08 pm
Tue 18 Sep

sandy wrote...

brother n93i kae liye best file man ya fir fexplorer or smartfileman hai?nay body plz tel me

7:23 am
Thu 20 Sep

Ahmad hsn wrote...

Have any one have this software for my Nokia N73 Then please send on my email Please give this software with approved certifcate

12:00 am
Tue 25 Sep

niwre wrote...

i want top hav fexplorer

12:11 am
Tue 25 Sep

Milan Petrovic wrote...


8:08 am
Wed 3 Oct

sanguuuuu wrote...


11:43 am
Thu 4 Oct

ankit wrote...

Hey guys can u pls help whr can i get a fexlorer for N73 Music?? Pls help its urgent..

4:14 am
Sat 6 Oct

vaman wrote...

hey..........sum1 plz send me FE explorer for my N73 music..........i need it desperately.........

4:49 am
Sun 7 Oct

Fitrian/puput 08158312607 wrote...

I like it cause its free.... Adios amigoss..S

1:12 pm
Wed 24 Oct

othman wrote...


9:22 am
Thu 1 Nov

ahmad wrote...

you download windows live mobile N73music in side send to email & tel.+9647504446575 buy 50€ in bank may naem is ahmad i live in danmark

4:15 pm
Thu 1 Nov

ahmad wrote...

you download windows live mobile N73music in side send to email & tel.+9647504446575 buy 50€ in bank may naem is ahmad i live in danmark

4:19 pm
Fri 2 Nov

musa wrote...

dame good

1:01 pm
Fri 2 Nov

mark evangelista wrote...


7:51 pm
Sun 4 Nov

prasad wrote...

very Good

5:39 am
Sun 4 Nov

varun wrote...

is there any1 who has fexplorer or seleq for N73.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz email me

9:55 am
Sun 4 Nov

Alexander1 wrote...

Very good

11:10 pm
Wed 7 Nov

mikesplay wrote...


1:30 am
Fri 9 Nov

mohit wrote...

i think i shud have this sortware on my phone for sure....

11:56 am
Sat 10 Nov

Kuldeep singh wrote...

It should be in ur phone.this is very good software.

8:29 pm
Sat 10 Nov

Pravin wrote...

I want fexplorer

10:18 pm
Tue 13 Nov

Zayd wrote...

Good to hear explorer

4:22 pm
Wed 14 Nov

rick wrote...

very nice and useful software..

1:11 am
Thu 15 Nov

hani wrote...

hi have fun

9:57 am
Fri 16 Nov

Vikas wrote...


10:39 am
Sun 18 Nov

sachin wrote...

i want this software

5:14 am
Mon 19 Nov

Nilesh wrote...

I want this software

5:13 am
Fri 23 Nov

fahmi wrote...

hey can anybody send me a fexplorer link for n73 pleaseee it ending wits .sis and my phone dont take it.

11:33 pm
Sat 24 Nov

adnan_ghlbishi wrote...


12:34 pm
Tue 27 Nov

mido wrote...

it is so good

8:51 am
Thu 29 Nov

sodhi wrote...


12:04 am
Thu 29 Nov

NISHIT wrote...

IT's Too Cool !! Rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:34 am
Sat 1 Dec

Rajkumar wrote...

Hi, Nokia E65 is not supported. Please advise if this is available for E65 as well. If yes, kindly send me a link. Thanks.

9:48 pm
Tue 4 Dec

Dhanus wrote...

Hi... Can u PLEASE send me the Fexplorer version for my N73 music edition asap???

9:21 am
Tue 4 Dec

rgnlwn wrote...


10:19 pm
Sun 9 Dec

eloi wrote...

hi everybody! i wanna a free application FExplorer for my Nokia N73, where i can get it? please help me, and send me that application. Thxs

4:33 pm
Mon 10 Dec

pankaj wrote...

it's gr8

11:18 am
Tue 11 Dec

Maha wrote...

If can anyone get me the site for Fexplore for my N73 mobile pleasee.

8:13 pm
Thu 13 Dec

ayman wrote...

hello every body i found this pro the best one of over hundred pro fo nokia software

2:15 am
Fri 14 Dec

Ryan wrote...


6:10 am
Sat 15 Dec

hidayat wrote...

I like this web

3:11 am
Sat 15 Dec

djinn_19 wrote...

goody man!!!!

7:31 pm
Sat 15 Dec

remo wrote...

very good

8:03 pm
Sat 15 Dec

Mohammad wrote...

For mobile N73

9:46 pm
Tue 18 Dec

shanaba wrote...

good program for nokia

6:00 am
Sun 23 Dec

saad wrote...


1:52 am
Mon 24 Dec

jayson atienza wrote...

for n73

1:46 am
Tue 25 Dec

Zeck wrote...

Please send me fexplorer to n73 me

9:06 am
Wed 26 Dec

akak wrote...

thnks alot 4 this great work pls sent me

7:26 am
Sat 29 Dec

santhoshn73 wrote...

pls send me

10:18 pm
Sun 30 Dec

mayank wrote...


2:07 am
Sun 30 Dec

ken1992 wrote...


7:28 am
Thu 3 Jan

Zecker wrote...

Please send me fexplorer for n73 white

2:44 pm
Tue 8 Jan

Beela wrote...

It's agood software but there are better ones too like ActiveFile N73

1:14 am
Tue 8 Jan

s3nt0d wrote...

symbian applications n73

12:22 pm
Tue 8 Jan

adel wrote...


11:50 pm
Wed 9 Jan

rahul wrote...

its good

5:34 am
Thu 10 Jan

MOHAMAD wrote...


11:43 pm
Fri 11 Jan

Amey wrote...

its gr8!!!!

2:29 am
Sun 13 Jan

srinivas wrote...

Cool stuff!

10:54 pm
Tue 15 Jan

Akshat wrote...

3d artits

12:05 pm
Wed 16 Jan

JATINDER wrote...


1:22 pm
Sat 19 Jan

Abdullah wrote...

saya minta seleq untuk n73

12:41 am
Sun 20 Jan

zarul_karim wrote...


10:02 am
Tue 22 Jan

fdsa wrote...

hi it is very nice

6:44 am
Sat 26 Jan

dfds wrote...


12:22 am
Sat 26 Jan

Adii wrote...

best software

4:56 am
Wed 30 Jan

abdallah hassan wrote...

good program

11:03 am
Sun 3 Feb

mukesh soni wrote...

very fine this software

3:58 am
Wed 6 Feb

Keshav sharma wrote...

Please send me FExplorer for my N73 music addition.

2:32 am
Mon 18 Feb

sham b d wrote...

Please send me FExplorer for my nokia 6110 navigator

6:53 am
Mon 18 Feb

emre wrote...


12:15 pm
Wed 27 Feb

muneer wrote...

its very good

11:03 am
Sat 1 Mar

jbj_85 wrote...

nothing is impossible

6:13 am
Sat 1 Mar

debabrata wrote...

its good and excellent

1:04 pm
Sat 1 Mar

awan wrote...


4:53 pm
Sun 2 Mar

J0sseph wrote...


1:28 pm
Tue 4 Mar

Nasir par wrote...


1:54 pm
Thu 6 Mar

Ryan wrote...


3:36 am
Fri 7 Mar

praveen wrote...

how to download

7:50 pm
Tue 11 Mar

Abhishek wrote...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1:09 pm
Sat 15 Mar

Prabir Kr. Saha wrote...

please send me FEXPLORE for my Nokia N73.

10:11 am
Mon 17 Mar

vijay wrote...

good site

4:22 am
Sun 23 Mar

ishtiaq wrote...


7:54 pm
Tue 25 Mar

Anil wrote...

I want 2 explore d world with it

10:12 am
Thu 27 Mar

Muskaan wrote...

where can i find YUCCA EXPLORER for n73 music edition

1:37 am
Fri 28 Mar

Nitin SuperByte wrote...

I need for my E90 communicator

1:51 am
Fri 28 Mar

shami wrote...

just checking

11:49 pm
Mon 31 Mar

AERO wrote...


2:45 pm
Fri 4 Apr

kisalay wrote...

hello sir, please send me FExplorer for the mobile n-73 music edition. i will be grateful to you.

1:23 pm
Fri 4 Apr

eirene wrote...

hello, kindly send me the FExplorer for my mobile n73. thank you and more power. God bless

9:05 pm
Mon 7 Apr

Amar Narwal wrote...


10:51 am
Tue 8 Apr

fairus wrote...

search other 3660 software

4:35 am
Thu 10 Apr

mohammad wrote...


10:22 am
Thu 10 Apr

mohammad wrote...


10:28 am
Sun 13 Apr

rupesh wrote...

is it work in n 73

4:41 am
Sun 13 Apr

salary wrote...


7:50 am
Tue 15 Apr

RaviShankar wrote...


6:13 am
Tue 15 Apr

vaibhav wrote...


7:23 am
Tue 15 Apr

pritam agrawal wrote...


10:13 am
Tue 15 Apr

perex21 wrote...


3:09 pm
Wed 16 Apr

anup wrote...

plz mail seleq for n73

6:59 am
Wed 16 Apr

aref wrote...

i need this f explorer

5:34 pm
Fri 18 Apr

DRSlin wrote...

I need this FExplorer for my Nokia N73 plzZz mail

3:42 am
Sat 19 Apr

Jack wrote...

I can't download it.

4:37 am
Mon 21 Apr

antonie wrote...

which version is compatible with m phoneNokia N 73

5:43 am
Tue 22 Apr

shalin wrote...


3:22 am
Thu 24 Apr

Endru wrote...

Hi everybody! Where I can app. FExplorer for N73? Please...

11:14 pm
Sat 26 Apr

Rahul Unni wrote...

Its awesome,cut down most of my tedious work

1:39 am
Mon 28 Apr

Jaka Umbaran wrote...

Please send FExplorer to my phone Nokia 6600

5:06 pm
Mon 28 Apr

Jaka Umbaran wrote...

Please send FExplorer to my phone Nokia 6600

5:06 pm
Thu 1 May

neogen wrote...

How can i get this software......Please send it to my mail.....

9:13 am
Fri 2 May

teerawatt wrote...


8:27 pm
Wed 7 May

Amro wrote...

It seems nice and effective, but how to download it

1:46 am
Wed 7 May

klaus wrote...

nice! !

9:44 am
Wed 7 May

Jokiel_sksn wrote...

Hello.send me FExplorer for my mobile nokia n73.thanks for all,

9:24 pm
Thu 8 May

filip0370 wrote...

Hello.send me FExplorer for my mobile nokia n73.thanks for all,

11:48 am
Thu 8 May

muslimmovic wrote...

good stuff

9:24 pm
Thu 8 May

Ebrahem wrote...

Thank u

9:42 pm
Fri 9 May

ntni wrote...

really good

6:47 am
Fri 9 May

magued wrote...

N73 music edition Certificate not supported!!

10:39 am
Sat 10 May

Sorin wrote...


2:09 am
Sat 10 May

angben34 wrote...


3:04 am
Sat 10 May

Pakorn98 wrote...

Cool! Programe

4:28 am
Sat 10 May

hidayat wrote...


10:28 pm
Sun 11 May

wahyu wrote...


11:37 am
Sun 11 May

Sunny wrote...

It is good

9:47 pm
Sun 11 May

Nitin wrote...

I m trying first time

11:28 pm
Mon 12 May

arik wrote...

No Comment yet!!!

4:52 am
Mon 12 May

Lavneesh wrote...


11:28 pm
Tue 13 May

sankalp wrote...

lets see.....

1:01 am
Tue 13 May

chirag wrote...


5:42 am
Tue 13 May

kaasshh wrote...


9:48 am
Fri 16 May

ardi wrote...


2:20 pm
Fri 16 May

mostafa wrote...


9:12 pm
Mon 19 May

Adhie wrote...

very good

9:18 am
Mon 19 May

irfansyach wrote...


5:33 pm
Tue 20 May

ravi wrote...


3:43 am
Thu 22 May

pinu wrote...

please..... N73

12:34 pm
Sat 24 May

Wilson wrote...


11:58 pm
Sun 25 May

nilam wrote...

very good

3:45 am
Wed 28 May

phengvibol wrote...

thank you

12:43 am
Wed 28 May

Prem wrote...


2:13 am
Wed 28 May

biju wrote...

can not install in nokia 6120.showing contact your supplier.what can i do.anybody can help me,please.

1:36 pm
Thu 29 May

Aziz Fathony wrote...

Really good

1:16 am
Thu 29 May

Angka wrote...

I would to get it

3:36 pm
Sat 31 May

Rakesh wrote...

downloading procedure should me made a liitle more simpler.

9:47 am
Sun 1 Jun

vempati satya suryanarayanau wrote...

good utility

3:11 am
Mon 2 Jun

chaeryn wrote...

i need fexplorer for my N95 8 giga. pliszzzz

10:24 am
Thu 5 Jun

paresh wrote...


9:09 am
Tue 10 Jun

Aslam wrote...

very useful site for mobile users.. Thanx a lot..

7:32 pm
Thu 12 Jun

robekia wrote...

hope this will download

4:53 pm
Fri 13 Jun

liem wrote...


2:30 pm
Fri 13 Jun

Daniel wrote...


11:12 pm
Sat 14 Jun

apple wrote...

its not working....

2:17 am
Mon 16 Jun

pejol wrote...

hahaha,very nice.good job.

7:56 am
Mon 16 Jun

Gobind wrote...


1:03 pm
Mon 16 Jun

YUGO wrote...

Fery fery nice

2:10 pm
Mon 16 Jun

YUGO wrote...

It's ok

2:26 pm
Thu 19 Jun

loki wrote...

is there fe explorer for w230

6:37 am
Sat 21 Jun

krish wrote...

hi friends i have n73 i useing lcg xplor any want dis soft. Pls mailme [[

8:10 pm
Mon 23 Jun


F Explorer

5:26 am
Mon 23 Jun

vishal wrote...

its ok

10:30 pm
Mon 23 Jun

Googy wrote...

Does it work with N73? It's unsigned, so no N series will accept the installation. You need to first sign the application

10:43 pm
Sun 29 Jun

wasimraja.m wrote...

it is so useful and goo d to find softwares

1:44 am
Tue 1 Jul

lorin wrote...

very good

10:17 am
Fri 4 Jul

irshad ghani wrote...

i need fe explorer

12:44 am
Sat 5 Jul

Kuloth wrote...


4:23 am
Tue 8 Jul

jeff wrote...

pano i2 idownload help me plz

6:35 pm
Tue 8 Jul

renz wrote...

pwede b sa N6600 i2??

6:40 pm
Fri 11 Jul

boim wrote...

be happy

12:49 pm
Sat 12 Jul

jeto wrote...

nokia e 51 app

10:24 am
Fri 18 Jul

ziks wrote...


4:23 pm
Fri 25 Jul

vinod wrote...

very good

8:55 am
Sat 26 Jul


this softwre very very cooool best soft in n73 603rd aditaion

11:44 am
Mon 28 Jul

lauretta wrote...

verry cool

3:39 am
Mon 28 Jul

Jalal wrote...

Very nice

9:13 pm
Fri 8 Aug

Mark wrote...

great piece of software

8:12 am
Tue 12 Aug

Prasad Nanivadekar wrote...

i need this urgently.

9:25 am
Thu 21 Aug

ahnn wrote...

pls. tell me how can i download Fexplorer

2:51 am
Mon 25 Aug

FDEETK wrote...


6:11 am
Fri 5 Sep

afzal wrote...

very goood

8:06 pm
Fri 5 Sep

Glenn wrote...

how can i download Fexplorer for my N95

10:56 pm
Fri 12 Sep

sudhir wrote...

how can i download for my nokia n73

4:52 am
Sat 13 Sep

gail wrote...

its error! contact tenchnical support..pls help

3:57 am
Fri 19 Sep

ratish wrote...


2:06 pm
Mon 22 Sep

mayur wrote...

please send nokia n73 fexplorer free full versions

2:51 pm
Sun 28 Sep

adityakapoor wrote...


2:36 am
Tue 7 Oct

anup wrote...

let me try but it rockzzzzz

6:00 am
Fri 10 Oct

unlockedz wrote...

guys pls help me..i need a version of FExplore signed also for n82....

7:09 pm
Sun 19 Oct

bhushan wrote...


10:06 pm
Mon 3 Nov

Hellman wrote...

Very good

11:39 am
Thu 6 Nov

ZXXX wrote...

the top of the anak smpn1 jypra

5:56 am
Mon 10 Nov

mandar wrote...


10:40 pm
Wed 19 Nov

prat wrote...

it wrks fr N78??

5:53 am
Mon 24 Nov

Aris wrote...

I want instal exploler for n73

5:50 am
Tue 25 Nov

reeya wrote...

it works for N73?

11:13 pm
Thu 27 Nov

starrynight_0 wrote...

how i wish someone cud send me a signed sis fexplorer for my n73(music edition)coz everytime i attempt to download one it has a certificate of error.hoping someone wud help me as i need this software.thanks

3:01 am
Fri 5 Dec

Nikunj wrote...

good application

11:56 pm
Thu 11 Dec

estella ohio wrote...

what is certificate error?

1:50 pm
Thu 11 Dec

estella ohio wrote...

pls send me Fexplorer for my N73,thanks

1:53 pm
Fri 26 Dec

gagan wrote...


7:21 am
Fri 2 Jan

mohannad wrote...

i need nokia e 66 f explorer

12:04 pm
Wed 7 Jan

Shanti wrote...

Hi honey i have to need fexplorer for my n73

10:27 am
Thu 15 Jan

Amit chaudhary wrote...

Pls fwd me fexplorer

1:41 pm
Sat 17 Jan

ahmed taha wrote...

good & tnks

5:54 am
Sun 25 Jan

adil wrote...

its a great freeware

11:30 pm
Tue 27 Jan

rezza wrote...

its good freeware 7thanks

3:08 am
Tue 27 Jan

barrack wrote...

its good for my nokia 7610 from:president america

3:10 am
Sat 31 Jan

Marlon wrote...

i want system explorer that can set operator logo

4:15 am
Fri 6 Feb

niyaz wrote...

when i tried to install FExplorer it showed Certificate Error.How can i install this?

10:22 pm
Sat 7 Feb

ajesh wrote...

can i download and install fexplorer to directly on my n82?,with out using a pc. Anybody pls help?

8:31 pm
Sat 7 Feb

ajesh wrote...

niyaz you have to change the date settings of ur phone to that of fexplorers releasing date

8:35 pm
Fri 13 Feb

osama wrote...

very good

5:18 am
Fri 13 Feb

rav j wrote...

its very good

10:46 pm
Wed 18 Feb

arsyad wrote...

I can't install fexplore to my nokia n7o the file corrupted,how to solve

1:51 pm
Mon 23 Feb

Jignesh wrote...

How can download fexplorer in nokia5320 Pls. Help me

10:46 am
Mon 23 Feb

ipan wrote...

cara menghapus virus Guardian di Hp Nokia 3230. terima kasih sebelum nya

10:12 pm
Tue 24 Feb

dimaz wrote...

i will download fexplorer,please help

8:59 am
Wed 18 Mar

Sehan wrote...

hey... does thiz software work in Nokia 6680 ... plz.. Inform be by Mail.... Guyz :)

11:45 pm
Sun 22 Mar

praveen wrote...

Its very useful to all nokia users

7:36 am
Fri 27 Mar

natasha wrote...

plz send an fexplorer software for my nokia 6300 to my mail id its urgent dude

3:56 am
Sat 4 Apr

ratan wrote...

its a great good software. plea...... download?

12:20 pm
Sat 16 May

nikunj wrote...

is there an FExplorer that works for N73 music edition? please email me thanx. i badly need it

5:18 am
Sun 17 May

Supri wrote...

Help me please...!!! Cara hapus virus guardian gmn ya. Klo hrs download antivirus guardian/software nya yg free dmn hp: 08127974060. Thanks...!!!

1:54 am
Tue 26 May

elijah wrote...

does the FE Explorer need to register

2:30 am
Fri 5 Jun

Bimal wrote...

in my N73 it dosent work why it

8:30 am
Tue 9 Jun

jayfee wrote...

try to up grade your fexplorer

11:31 pm
Thu 25 Jun

Naren Das wrote...

for personal use of my mobile phone Nokia N73 ME.

12:44 pm
Wed 8 Jul

jess wrote...

how come that everytime i try to install this file on my N70 phone, it says FILE CORRUPTED?

12:39 am
Sun 12 Jul

Gibin wrote...

Its an excellent application to use on n 73

8:55 am
Sun 12 Jul

Prabhakar Rajhuns wrote...

It is very good but I want revised

11:08 am
Wed 22 Jul

vicac wrote...

Kalian jgn bli blackberry deh pasti nyesel coz nga ada 3g nya dan pengoperasiannya susah juga appsnya nga semenarik nokia gw punya blackberry curve 8900. Waduhhh..... Repot....

3:48 pm
Thu 23 Jul

Rajeev Tiwary wrote...

I have listened about this software and I tried in my Nokia N95 but didn't installed. So where to get proper software?

5:47 am
Mon 10 Aug

ricardo wrote...

will it work on an n73?

10:00 am
Sat 22 Aug

kark wrote...

I have formatted my memory card (which was locked by password) using FExplore software which was installed in NOKIA N73 .Now i want to recover the data which was lost due to formatting. I have tried different data recovery software but none of them did not recover a single file. please provide me any sweetable data recovery software,by which I can recover my lost data.

9:15 am
Sat 29 Aug

Mido wrote...

it is very nice

9:57 am
Sat 5 Sep

googdre wrote...


2:22 pm
Sun 13 Sep

anil wrote...

good for any nokia phone

9:39 am
Tue 29 Sep

datdong wrote...

can someone help me install FExplorer on my N79 phone.I can't install .sis files.

7:38 pm
Fri 23 Oct

Thdi wrote...

cool mate

9:13 am
Sat 24 Oct

arnold enciso wrote...

its good to have Fexplorer for my N73

10:20 am
Thu 12 Nov

Rwnirwan wrote...

It nice and power full i love full

5:52 pm
Mon 14 Dec

rome wrote...

it nice and esey to use

3:56 am
Mon 21 Dec

ROHIT wrote...

Great feedback

9:51 am
Thu 7 Jan

navdeep wrote...

very good

6:54 am
Thu 7 Jan

Peter Munee wrote...


10:28 pm
Sun 31 Jan

arei wrote...


3:22 am
Tue 16 Feb

wilb wrote...

ive downloaded the fexplorer and it is working properly on my fone n77, however, i cant open the system file as it states cannot execute file for security reasons pls dom, i need your help.. thank you so much

3:28 am
Tue 16 Feb

wilb wrote...

pls dom i need you help, email me at if u have time.. thank you so much....

3:39 am
Sat 27 Mar

Venkat wrote...

Very good

7:20 pm
Sun 11 Apr

steve wrote...

a real pita beam file trying to beam sis files from htc wing to nokia 3650

2:24 am
Thu 22 Apr

jayson wrote...

cannot work....

7:20 am
Sat 24 Apr

mossy wrote...

i luv fileexplorer and i need it on my phone.

9:55 am
Sat 24 Apr

bijesg wrote...

its too helpfull

11:14 am
Wed 28 Apr

ipox wrote...

very good

6:02 am
Thu 29 Apr

bijesh wrote...

its good

1:34 pm
Mon 10 May

zekinv wrote...


1:43 am
Mon 17 May

George wrote...

very good programm but I can't open the private folder message "Can't do that for security reasons". Can someone of you help me please.

7:59 am
Sun 23 May

sabri wrote...


2:08 pm
Sat 12 Jun

adeen wrote...

it is very helpfull and attrative software

12:32 am
Sun 27 Jun

Thaihoc wrote...


11:57 am
Thu 15 Jul

ajit wrote...


6:51 am
Thu 15 Jul

irfan wrote...


7:03 am
Mon 19 Jul

Abhay007 wrote...

Its so usefull

5:55 pm
Wed 21 Jul

Josin wrote...


8:33 am
Thu 5 Aug

memo wrote...


12:37 pm
Mon 16 Aug

sujan roy wrote...

can someone help me install FExplorer on my N73 phone.I can't install .sis files.

12:24 pm
Mon 23 Aug

girish wrote...

good prog.

7:20 am
Wed 25 Aug

tony wrote...

doesn't work on my n95. All i get is a screen with gobbledigook.

4:21 pm
Sun 29 Aug

sanjeev wadhwa wrote...

it is the best s/w for manupulating files on the mobile phone.

7:24 pm
Sun 29 Aug

Edisu wrote...


8:21 pm
Mon 30 Aug

BALRAJ D wrote...


9:53 am
Fri 3 Sep

strikeland11 wrote...

very nice

4:54 am
Sun 5 Sep

sourabh wrote...

very nice

5:24 am
Tue 7 Sep

ariel javier wrote...

Thanks to give free Fexplorer in my nokia N73

11:09 pm
Tue 14 Sep

Shankar wrote...


9:50 am
Tue 14 Sep

shankar wrote...


10:05 am
Wed 15 Sep

shankar wrote...

dude good

9:57 am
Thu 16 Sep

ubaid wrote...

i want spftware

4:09 am
Sat 18 Sep

endro1nc wrote...


3:07 pm
Thu 23 Sep

Pipittri wrote...


8:37 pm
Sat 25 Sep

mrnomanchy wrote...

I Want to know, how to Install FExflorer, For Nokia N73.I Faced some problems like cartificat error. So help me. Pls End send this soft by this E-Mail...(

4:41 am
Thu 28 Oct

lordwin wrote...

i realy an fexplorer for my n82

11:59 am
Fri 29 Oct

mans wrote...


7:38 pm
Wed 3 Nov

dutchy dohinog wrote...

hellow good day... 0:) i want to know how can i download the FExlorer themes,, pls help me for that problem, coz i want to have ur themes.

4:36 am
Sat 6 Nov

Karan wrote...


11:16 pm
Wed 17 Nov

salman wrote...

thanks for this

9:37 pm
Mon 29 Nov

Sadiya wrote...


2:34 am
Tue 30 Nov


its very good software for n 73

3:54 am
Sat 4 Dec

dory wrote...

please send mi FExplorer for my n73 ( you.!!

8:54 am
Sat 4 Dec

mourad wrote...


3:36 pm
Sat 4 Dec

jinracing wrote...

great apps

6:02 pm
Tue 7 Dec

reza from iran wrote...

good my call 09163344742

12:50 am
Wed 15 Dec

Pankaj wrote...

FUCK!!!!! where is the download link M*C*D

5:32 am
Thu 16 Dec

MOHD AMIR wrote...

vry good apps

12:50 am
Thu 16 Dec

Anis wrote...

please send me this application

8:25 am
Thu 16 Dec

mohd hasim wrote...


9:57 am
Sat 18 Dec

abdo wrote...


3:39 am
Wed 22 Dec

andreea wrote...


10:16 am
Mon 27 Dec

abdul rahman wrote...


1:36 pm
Tue 28 Dec

girishkappar wrote...


6:18 am
Sat 1 Jan

maze ismaeel ghareb wrote...

my nokia 5700

2:24 am
Wed 5 Jan

dennis wrote...

my nokia N95c

5:33 am
Wed 5 Jan

nagarajan wrote...

iam not able to download fexplorer for my nokia 5233,i want to download fexplorer .

8:05 am
Sat 8 Jan

aARİFF wrote...


2:54 am
Mon 10 Jan

samsulis wrote...

system explorer

2:52 am
Thu 13 Jan

zaisha wrote...

good app software

5:50 am
Sun 16 Jan

mohsen wrote...

thank you

1:03 am
Mon 17 Jan

samra wrote...

can i download it in nokia 6300 or samsumg GT-S5233w? please help me i want it urgently!!!!

6:18 pm
Sun 6 Feb

nick wrote...

dfkjsdfjs;lfdkl;asfl;skflskfl;skflkfl laskfjsakfjkasjfklasf fsadlkfjasklfjlaskfj dsfkjsfkjsfk

12:06 am
Tue 8 Feb

eric wrote...


8:11 am
Wed 16 Feb

rinol wrote...


11:38 am
Sun 20 Feb

Frandi Avi wrote...

Fexplorer for n73

2:11 am
Mon 21 Feb

Temple silas wrote...

Real good

3:34 pm
Thu 24 Feb

marc wrote...


9:42 pm
Mon 28 Feb

harish wrote...

real very good

12:44 am
Fri 18 Mar

micocassata wrote...


5:58 pm
Fri 18 Mar

yoip pn wrote...

please give driver Fexplorer...

11:25 pm
Sat 26 Mar

Tony wrote...

Pls send the download link

6:26 am
Sat 26 Mar

sohaib.haroon wrote...

good luck

7:31 am
Tue 29 Mar

yogesh wrote...

nothing is imposible...

7:25 pm
Wed 6 Apr

samy wrote...

thank you very much

10:43 am
Fri 15 Apr

achi memo wrote...

help me, Ma sd card ws lockup n i dn't wnt to format dis. If cn jst help me

1:48 pm
Fri 22 Apr

yasin wrote...

how can i recover my deleted SMS?plz help me

2:05 am
Sun 1 May

sajil wrote...


5:57 am
Wed 4 May

Akhona wrote...

Its a cool app

10:17 am
Wed 4 May

tony wrote...

god maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

11:00 am
Fri 20 May

Yogi wrote...


3:29 am
Mon 23 May

ibrahim samson wrote...

is gd

8:32 pm
Thu 26 May

Eddkung13 wrote...

3m13 t.Ngao 57160

4:35 pm
Mon 6 Jun

Gatot Prasetyo wrote...


3:16 pm
Wed 8 Jun

buyung wrote...


10:31 am
Thu 30 Jun

eric abrasado wrote...


8:13 am
Sat 2 Jul

Lil wizzy wrote...

I need my locked mmc password

3:39 am
Sun 17 Jul

sushil naik wrote...

how to use

4:16 am
Thu 21 Jul

ismail wrote...

very good

3:31 pm
Mon 1 Aug

avinash wrote...


5:57 am
Fri 5 Aug

Jairam wrote...

Not good

10:25 am
Wed 10 Aug

martins wrote...

please give me some software

4:10 pm
Wed 10 Aug

martins wrote...

please give me some software

4:11 pm
Sat 13 Aug

sharan wrote...

send me free fexplorer

10:20 am
Sun 28 Aug

Vladimir wrote...

Certificate is not signed. Please contact me to sort it out. I can pay via paypal for your real help

12:16 pm
Sat 10 Sep

Saneesh wrote...

Its very nice

12:55 am
Sun 11 Sep

Karan wrote...


12:47 pm
Mon 19 Sep

ohhhhhhh my god wrote...

09175142350 call meeeeee iran boy

2:05 am
Tue 18 Oct

Sendrimond wrote...

No good

9:41 am
Thu 20 Oct

amir wrote...


10:38 pm
Sun 6 Nov

binil wrote...

nice dear

10:49 am
Wed 21 Dec

Sreejith wrote...


11:17 am
Sun 25 Dec

john wrote...


11:37 am
Tue 3 Jan

Devjeet Das wrote...


6:10 am
Tue 17 Jan

Deepak Bhange wrote...


11:51 am
Wed 25 Jan

LALIT PATIL wrote...

its too goog

1:36 pm
Thu 26 Jan

Zubin simamora wrote...

Iya aja dah

11:49 am
Tue 31 Jan

Moshiur wrote...

i hop it will be good so....

9:43 pm
Thu 2 Feb

farbod wrote...


12:16 am
Mon 13 Feb

yasir wrote...


12:37 pm
Wed 15 Feb

arfai wrote...

sms restore

2:11 pm
Sun 19 Feb

nawalo wrote...


9:15 am
Thu 23 Feb

Esosa wrote...

Its a good file

2:44 pm
Sat 25 Feb

Nasir wrote...


5:50 am
Sat 25 Feb

Nasir wrote...


5:50 am
Wed 29 Feb

shailesh wrote...

my nokia n73 certificate expire pl. new certificate send me how ?

7:28 am
Thu 8 Mar

Subhash wrote...


3:20 am
Fri 23 Mar

mustafa wrote...


11:40 am
Tue 10 Apr

Pedro wrote...


10:19 am
Fri 27 Apr

dawood wrote...

very nice

8:28 am
Fri 25 May

abhijeet wrote...

like this

9:03 pm
Sat 16 Jun

harry wrote...

download of explorer

7:09 pm
Wed 4 Jul

nhedzfar jumadil wrote...

i wan this 2 i shared my file to my friends,

9:30 am
Mon 23 Jul

amit wrote...

i require this excellent thing

5:29 am
Thu 26 Jul

sahab wrote...


11:29 am
Sun 12 Aug

bn sahoo wrote...


3:36 am
Thu 6 Sep

anand wrote...

its ve4ry gud

10:31 pm
Wed 3 Oct

paras wrote...


4:00 am
Thu 11 Oct

Vijendra963 wrote...


1:40 am
Thu 1 Nov

Qaiser wrote...


1:48 am
Sat 3 Nov

ralph mehta wrote...

how to download 'Fexplore' ?

10:15 am
Mon 5 Nov

mamoonleema wrote...

download beautiful games

7:02 am
Fri 21 Dec

Chamd wrote...

Tn download

1:32 pm



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