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» Flash Lite 2.1

• Summary: Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 for Symbian s60 allows mobile developers to create Flash Lite applications and content for supported Nokia Symbian S60 devices.

Symbian OS S60

• Arrived: 2020-02-03
• Found under: flash, player, s60, adobe, lite,

Symbian Flash Lite 2.1 freeware

Rating: 0.0/5
» Flash Lite 2.1 Description


Developer: Adobe

Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 for Symbian s60 allows mobile developers to create Flash Lite applications and content for supported Nokia Symbian S60 devices. Mobile developers can now benefit from cross-platform development since Flash Lite 2.1 is also available for BREW and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. This allows repurposing of content and applications with minimal changes for another platform.

This standalone version of the Flash Lite 2.1 player for Symbian devices is free and allows developers to test their Flash Lite applications and content before actual handsets start shipping with Flash Lite 2.1 pre-installed. This version is also available to end users who want to play back Flash Lite content and applications on Symbian devices.

Flash Lite 2.1 is based on the Flash 7 standard for content and contains the following features:

  • XML Sockets
  • Inline text support
  • Dynamic XML data
  • Device video playback
  • Persistent data
  • Powerful and dynamic media
  • Text enhancements
  • Action Script 2.0 support
  • Synchronized device sound
  • Compressed SWFs

  • It is no longer required for you to provide your IMEI number for downloading the Flash Lite 2.1 player for Symbian devices.

the Flash Lite 2.1 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Flash Lite 2.1 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Sun 10 Dec

Harri Mδenpδδ wrote...


5:22 am
Wed 13 Dec

hasan wrote...

i need this softwere

11:01 am
Sun 17 Dec

warui wrote...

Need to test the software in my mobile Sony Ericksson P910i phone

4:48 am
Sat 30 Dec

Rocky wrote...

I want it for my p910i but I found it nowhere :/

1:12 am
Sat 30 Dec

Krishnendu wrote...

I want FM Radio for my Nokia 6600. But I could not find it. Please tell me where I find it.

9:38 am
Sun 31 Dec

guebla labidi wrote...

is very good application

3:00 pm
Thu 4 Jan

mihai wrote...


2:59 pm
Tue 9 Jan

robi wrote...

i dont know coz i cant download it from this

7:13 am
Sun 14 Jan

Glenn wrote...

I need a help... plss.. can you download flash lite 2.1 player for symbian, and then send it to my mail.. I can't download it from from here Thx

9:09 pm
Tue 16 Jan

Johnnomads wrote...

Can't try, adobe site down for last 3 weeks

3:06 pm
Fri 26 Jan

Dhayanidhi wrote...


11:28 pm
Fri 16 Feb

Tito wrote...


10:07 am
Wed 28 Feb

Just Muslim wrote...

Thanks BUT R this run on N70? R there limits in it? Hint! Why u dont have a copy of it on ur site instide of Adobe site??

6:45 am
Tue 3 Apr

RUBEL wrote...

I want to download flashlite for nokia6600

12:49 pm
Wed 4 Apr

leke wrote...

i need a flash player for nokia 9300 communicator.will the regular flash llite work for it?

3:21 am
Mon 9 Apr

ekel wrote...

anyone know where to download flash player for nokia 9300

9:34 pm
Thu 12 Apr

Mihir wrote...

Adobes has got a hopeless website!!Its immposible to download anythng from thr and so is nokia,a company selling mobiles for 17000 and cant give a quality video player or an anti virus software.Hopeless!!

12:23 pm
Thu 19 Apr

aassgg wrote...


5:46 am
Thu 19 Apr


than you for download

2:01 pm
Fri 27 Apr

Kere wrote...

I tried to download the flash lite player to my nokia 6600 but it's so difficult, why?!

8:36 am
Fri 4 May

mahmoud wrote...

i need it to use it with my n70

2:48 pm
Sat 5 May

cfdf wrote...

dfccf fnrr good

6:03 am
Tue 8 May

buddy wrote...


1:38 am
Tue 8 May

Aditya wrote...

I want to download flash player for my n70. So how could I download flash player and if u guys could send me flash player then I'll be so glad.

8:11 am
Sat 12 May

mariuzaky wrote...

it is a good aplication

7:35 am
Sun 20 May

shovon wrote...

software wanted

4:29 am
Wed 23 May

daniel wrote...

flash 2.1 is amazng

4:32 am
Thu 24 May

herus wrote...

oke deh/

10:46 am
Wed 30 May

capablanca wrote...

is it really free?!!!

7:17 am
Thu 31 May

alireza wrote...

alirezaajksflja gfgfgfjfjj fjgjgffffffffffffffffffffffffffff gfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

4:19 am
Mon 4 Jun

Pardeep wrote...

Adobe membership is tricy, but it works if you could solve the puzzle. Go to page: 1) On the page enter any of your working email ID in the first field. 2) Check against NO (I will create on) and click on "Continue" button. 3) Fill up the form with all the necessary information. You will be lead to the download(s) page finally. Most Nokia devices are supported. Alas... my device P990i is not supported though :(. Good luck to rest of the guys

9:19 am
Sat 9 Jun

ramy wrote...

thank you

12:58 pm
Thu 14 Jun

arman wrote...


3:46 pm
Mon 18 Jun

mudubad jukiked wrote...

ananos device

10:36 pm
Thu 5 Jul

ashrafuc wrote...

I need it

3:14 am
Thu 5 Jul

chalee wrote...

Flash player

7:18 pm
Fri 6 Jul

mohammad wrote...

I need it

4:46 am
Fri 13 Jul

Pathman wrote...

Will it work on Nokia 3230

6:45 am
Sun 15 Jul

nickname wrote...

and how do i download it?

1:07 pm
Wed 18 Jul

enki wrote...


7:14 am
Thu 19 Jul

daniel wrote...


5:37 pm
Fri 20 Jul

rajesh wrote...


11:09 am
Fri 27 Jul

arun wrote...

i want flash player for my n70...please send me via id,,

3:47 am
Sat 28 Jul

rahumathan wrote...


9:23 am
Mon 30 Jul

rogodigo wrote...

A need!!!

1:50 pm
Thu 2 Aug

Branko wrote...

Great thing!!

5:48 pm
Fri 3 Aug

Ali Majeed wrote...

Very goooood

4:39 pm
Fri 3 Aug

Ali Majeed wrote...

Very goooood

4:41 pm
Fri 3 Aug

Ali Majeed wrote...

Very goooood

4:42 pm
Fri 10 Aug

thambutta wrote...


3:50 am
Wed 15 Aug

dennis wrote...

tnx will it work on my n70?

7:35 am
Wed 15 Aug

arnaud wrote...


8:31 am
Thu 16 Aug

nbnb wrote...


4:31 am
Fri 17 Aug

esimwolf wrote...

I want to download FlashLie 2.1 /Symbian version/. But I can`t. Pls send me via my mail this program / Tnx!

10:27 pm
Sat 18 Aug

linh wrote...


3:34 am
Sat 18 Aug

Peter wrote...

I can't download Flash lite 2.1 either, don't know why...can anybody send it to me? my Cell Phone is a Nokia N73

5:02 am
Sat 18 Aug

Peter wrote...

my add. thanks Peter

5:21 am
Mon 20 Aug

Anthony wrote...

I would like to try this application frist! :)

9:15 pm
Thu 23 Aug

sack wrote...

i want flash player for my p990i...please send me via mail

6:50 pm
Sat 25 Aug

tacone wrote...

need FLASHLITE 2.1 for my n6600 desktop

11:38 pm
Sun 26 Aug

tarun wrote...

any one who is having any version of flash lite plz post me on my id

7:12 am
Mon 3 Sep

VIMAL wrote...


7:35 am
Mon 3 Sep

hgjhgjhg wrote...


8:15 am
Thu 13 Sep

fasil wrote...

nice player

9:57 am
Sat 29 Sep

Maciek wrote...

very nice

4:02 am
Sat 29 Sep

masud wrote...


11:15 pm
Fri 5 Oct

usama wrote...

need FLASHLITE 2.1 for my n6600

6:33 am
Mon 15 Oct

rean wrote...

test my phone

7:47 pm
Tue 23 Oct

zdnet wrote...

hay i have nokia n70 and want this software ......... i m unable to download this from here and adobe site ... so anybody or tell me other method or please send me on my mail.... very very thanks for help...

11:39 am
Wed 24 Oct

ahmed wrote...


7:21 am
Mon 29 Oct

anupam wrote...


4:12 am
Mon 29 Oct

Rohan wrote...

Hey guys i cud download it from Adobe site but they ve loong registration process dats it

6:11 am
Wed 31 Oct

Sham wrote...

Tell me how 2 download pls,or send it to my email.

6:05 am
Wed 31 Oct

Nicu wrote...

Nice player but the reg on adobe kill's me could you please send it on my e-mail i have a nokia 6600

5:06 pm
Sat 3 Nov

blue_sam wrote...

i hope this works on my N70

11:46 am
Tue 6 Nov

aldrin wrote...

i need it

10:38 pm
Sat 10 Nov

manny wrote...


8:10 pm
Sat 17 Nov

ajay wrote...

it is very good

8:38 am
Wed 21 Nov

taju wrote...

i need this soft.but how can i get thi and use this soft in my cell phone nokia n70.

7:56 pm
Wed 21 Nov

johnny wrote...

i need flash lite to my phone

8:35 pm
Thu 22 Nov

sabari wrote...


10:05 pm
Thu 22 Nov

artiyst wrote...


11:34 pm
Wed 28 Nov

laxman wrote...


2:49 am
Wed 28 Nov

rahul wrote...


10:30 pm
Thu 29 Nov

abawzzz wrote...

i need flash player for my nokia 9300.. pls send me a link to download it.. thx b4.. my e mail

4:31 pm
Mon 3 Dec

Vicky wrote...

i need flash games as many as possible. If anyonme have please forward me. Thanx.

3:27 am
Tue 4 Dec

rzlut wrote...

thank more...

6:30 pm
Wed 5 Dec

adil wrote...


1:01 pm
Fri 7 Dec

hachibukai wrote...

I need this software. Thx

8:58 am
Sun 9 Dec

Aghan wrote...


5:41 am
Mon 10 Dec

dean mccall wrote...


5:47 am
Tue 11 Dec

javier wrote...


1:05 pm
Wed 12 Dec

ajay wrote...

difficult to download a software

12:25 am
Sat 15 Dec

taittaja wrote...

need to test

3:34 am
Sun 16 Dec

Rahul wrote...

i need this Flash Lite 2.1

12:28 am
Wed 19 Dec

Mava Mzizi wrote...

This is good

11:22 pm
Fri 21 Dec

phil wrote...

needed to get this program

4:31 am
Mon 24 Dec

sujan wrote...

best option

7:56 am
Tue 25 Dec

Paul-Louis Schopf wrote...


2:30 am
Thu 27 Dec

Goendhoel wrote...

I need this software for my nokia n73 but i can't login at adobe so i really confuse!? Pls send me to my email?!

6:53 am
Thu 3 Jan

vanl tan wrote...

dfsda d dfs

11:17 pm
Sun 6 Jan

PeeWee wrote...

Need flash lite for UIQ3, mine M600i. Please send me it at

8:42 pm
Tue 8 Jan

sharv wrote...


11:28 am
Tue 8 Jan

Kitkat wrote...

How to download it??

11:56 pm
Thu 10 Jan

luka wrote...


12:45 pm
Fri 11 Jan

dodi wrote...


7:40 pm
Thu 17 Jan

nklzvkvc wrote...


3:49 am
Thu 17 Jan

Dodi wrote...


8:01 am
Sat 19 Jan

tzeuwzhuwer wrote...


7:18 am
Sat 19 Jan

shankar wrote...

i have a n70 and i cant download a flash lite 2.1 or flash player . So pls send this link to my id -

8:39 am
Sun 20 Jan

paijo wrote...

nice site

12:55 am
Mon 21 Jan

kostas wrote...

hi!i have some animation themes but they can't move when i install them.I have N73!I think i have to update the flash player..some help please...

8:32 am
Tue 22 Jan

Mithlesh wrote...


11:45 pm
Thu 24 Jan

Pt armasa wrote...

Please send me flash player this for n70-1 to leeconkz@gmail.Com... Thank you

12:10 am
Thu 24 Jan

DIlan wrote...

Its good to have the Flash lite Software

8:16 pm
Fri 25 Jan

gunald1 wrote...

can all of you send the flash lite 2.1 to my email

12:14 am
Fri 25 Jan

PeTo wrote...


2:50 am
Tue 29 Jan

Rene wrote...

Muy Bueno

2:21 pm
Wed 30 Jan

kostas wrote...


12:15 am
Wed 30 Jan

Abhay wrote...

Please send me flash lite 2.1 for N70 my email Id is

3:35 am
Sat 2 Feb

bilal wrote...

software download

2:13 am
Sun 3 Feb

shyam wrote...


1:54 am
Sun 3 Feb

Agnelo wrote...

Need flash lite for nokia 5610

7:43 am
Sat 9 Feb

Navjeet wrote...

Send of flash lite for my nokia n 73

5:39 pm
Thu 14 Feb

easter wrote...


3:24 pm
Mon 18 Feb

martin wrote...

i hope its good

5:26 pm
Mon 25 Feb

steve wrote...

.... hope its works

9:12 am
Tue 26 Feb

ayman wrote...

good website

7:06 am
Sun 2 Mar

Dhiraj wrote...


4:16 am
Wed 5 Mar

steve wrote...

cant wait to download

8:35 am
Wed 5 Mar

IvoDzoic wrote...

whata lite player

10:30 am
Thu 13 Mar

Mark66609 wrote...

big up

11:21 am
Sat 15 Mar

dfbfdbfd wrote...


7:36 am
Sat 15 Mar

trung wrote...

want to get more information

7:59 am
Thu 20 Mar

ranjit wrote...

itz needed

7:16 am
Mon 24 Mar

SAURABH wrote...

its good

3:11 pm
Tue 25 Mar

Rajesh wrote...

i want to make my nokia 6600 as a windows mobile

6:58 am
Wed 26 Mar

Ryan wrote...


10:08 am
Sat 29 Mar

Psycomatis wrote...


12:00 pm
Mon 31 Mar

PRANNTO wrote...


9:53 am
Wed 2 Apr

Beco wrote...

i cant download this thing :(

12:40 pm
Wed 2 Apr

Beco wrote...

i cant download this thing :(

12:40 pm
Wed 2 Apr

yaser wrote...


2:35 pm
Sat 5 Apr

chupa wrote...


6:23 am
Tue 15 Apr

moakhirul wrote...

It's good.

7:23 am
Thu 17 Apr

Akhtar wrote...

cook app

5:27 pm
Mon 21 Apr

gjgjg wrote...

need this thanks

5:39 pm
Tue 22 Apr

denni wrote...

help me please... to give me download software adobe flash for my symbian 2004 sony ericsonn P910i. becouse i try & try register in adobe flash, i can not???. thanks before!

12:30 pm
Wed 30 Apr

Sajid Ali wrote...

I want to download flash lite 2.1 on my nokia 6120

5:00 am
Wed 30 Apr

Luna wrote...

I want to free download flash lite 2.1 in my nokia N70-1

1:54 pm
Thu 1 May

Make wrote...

i want download this

5:53 am
Thu 1 May

jaiji wrote...

for my N72

12:33 pm
Fri 2 May

shavon wrote...

i want thas for my nokia 6600 can any one help me out please send it to me

1:13 pm
Wed 7 May

Hilton wrote...

How do you download

2:22 am
Sun 11 May

bui_viet wrote...

i need flash lite for SonyEricson P1i.please send it to me: thank a lot!!!

3:29 am
Fri 16 May

sahil wrote...

great software

12:04 am
Fri 16 May

kekeman wrote...

hmm, lets see

6:40 am
Sat 17 May

rotimi wrote...

Good stuff

11:39 am
Sun 18 May

John wrote...


1:40 am
Wed 21 May

Hardeep wrote...

Pls send this software for nokia6600 to my mb. no. 9417167534. I will glad to you

7:50 am
Fri 23 May

Caio v campox wrote...

Thanks a lot

7:53 am
Sat 31 May

enkhbat wrote...


5:36 am
Sun 1 Jun

Vhean wrote...

N6600 can't do it? Why? Flash lite v2.1 n6600 please, i want cypher vista. :( in youtube, n6600 can do it, Q_VREQ@YAHOO.COM

12:12 am
Sun 1 Jun

hoanganhgla wrote...

very good

11:31 pm
Thu 5 Jun

arifandi haroen wrote...


4:51 am
Thu 5 Jun

haseeb wrote...

i need flash lite

12:46 pm
Fri 6 Jun

deancbradley wrote...


4:02 am
Thu 12 Jun

vban wrote...


8:47 am
Mon 16 Jun

hai66lt wrote...

I don't understand. How to download it

8:01 pm
Fri 27 Jun

Mesa wrote...

This program is very useful for me and very good

3:11 am
Sun 29 Jun

quoc wrote...

i can'n down this soft please help me ????

9:11 am
Wed 2 Jul

mubashir wrote...


8:13 am
Fri 4 Jul

Harish wrote...

I need this ware

4:02 am
Fri 4 Jul

Vahn wrote...

Flash Lite 2.1 Rocks..!!

10:35 pm
Sun 6 Jul

Karunya wrote...

I really want to try it

11:52 pm
Thu 10 Jul

Dendi wrote...

More Freewares for S60 V3

5:32 am
Sat 12 Jul

r hutchins wrote...


10:14 am
Sat 12 Jul

cnc2000 wrote...


11:06 am
Wed 16 Jul

Gokhan wrote...

Wonderful. .

4:40 am
Sun 27 Jul

Dinesh wrote...

Need to check and post opinion but flashlite is a very good platform.

5:22 am
Mon 11 Aug

edmore wrote...

Not downloading on my n70-1

2:47 pm
Tue 12 Aug

huyhihi wrote...


10:19 pm
Mon 18 Aug

arun wrote...

i want download flash lite 2.1 for my nokia n70

10:24 am
Mon 25 Aug

iuiy wrote...


3:19 pm
Tue 2 Sep

keerthi wrote...

i want flash lite for nokia 6600 send me to

3:36 pm
Tue 2 Sep

keerthi wrote...

i want flash lite for nokia 6600 send me to

3:38 pm
Thu 11 Sep

jeff wrote...

pls send me flash lite for s60 2nd ed. Tnx!

9:48 pm
Sat 13 Sep

mo rahman wrote...

can i get copy

10:27 am
Sun 21 Sep

salman wrote...

i dont know

12:56 am
Tue 23 Sep

hamed wrote...


2:16 am
Tue 30 Sep

ayush wrote...


10:46 pm
Wed 1 Oct

Gilles wrote...


1:15 pm
Tue 7 Oct

ghetto wrote...

i nedd the account for adobe please

10:18 am
Wed 15 Oct

ata ur rahman wrote...

it is realy very best for the existing user.

4:42 am
Sat 18 Oct

Barry wrote...

Need flash player for my sonyericsson p990i

8:30 am
Sat 18 Oct

Harrison ogboin wrote...

Download this flash player please

3:23 pm
Thu 23 Oct

electrun_NG wrote...

need flashlite for 6630 and n80.thanks

5:13 am
Mon 3 Nov

sitebyle wrote...

need flash player for SONYERICSSON P990I plss. is thre any development?

1:55 am
Thu 6 Nov

tuukka wrote...


11:16 am
Wed 19 Nov

Rallye wrote...

thank you

3:12 pm
Fri 21 Nov

yusup_akbar wrote...

thank you

1:05 am
Sat 6 Dec

Savage wrote...

I need this one.

12:18 pm
Sun 14 Dec

David Alfaro wrote...

please send this to me!!!!

7:19 am
Wed 21 Jan

Chatnick wrote...


1:20 pm
Sun 25 Jan

soko wrote...

I need flash player for nokia n70

12:28 pm
Sun 25 Jan

rajaa wrote...

i hv already a vista cypher theme but dis theme doesn't work. this theme saw problem with content 3plzz help me if any dude use nokia 6600 and install dis vista sypher and flashlite plzzzz send me this .sis file in my id

1:24 pm
Mon 26 Jan

Bambang wrote...

Please me flash lite 2.1 for HP nokia 6120 classic

3:02 pm
Sun 1 Feb

Amit anand wrote...

very good

2:12 am
Sun 1 Feb

santosh Malaker wrote...

It is easy to uses.please arrange to free download me

2:28 am
Sun 8 Feb

namdar wrote...

i need Flash Player for my P990i pl. send me via email thanks

1:20 am
Sat 25 Apr

punit wrote...

is dere a flash player which can play flv files on my N70??

7:42 am
Wed 13 May

ankzzzz wrote...

pretty cool stuff.

2:17 am
Thu 2 Jul

Your GOD wrote...

so here it is for people of all nations :)

2:30 am
Sat 22 Aug

nguyen van quang wrote...

I want flash player for my nokia n73. Please send me via email. My email is: .Thanks!!!

1:42 am
Sun 30 Aug

Surind wrote...

I need FM radio for nokia 6600.Where can I find it.

1:11 am
Wed 2 Sep

Mido wrote...


2:22 pm
Wed 9 Sep

aakash kataria wrote...

really nice

9:26 am
Sun 27 Sep

dreamer wrote...

please, i cant download! Can anyone send it to my mail? I want it for my n79 nokia. Address: dream.catcher35 at Thanks a lot!

3:54 pm
Fri 13 Nov

amil lucky wrote...


10:01 pm
Wed 18 Nov

yoker wrote...

is there a flash player for nokia 5800??????

8:53 am
Wed 25 Nov

wKpham wrote...

thanks :)

7:51 pm
Sun 29 Nov

koko sumardiko wrote...

ok, god bless you

8:14 am
Mon 30 Nov

Ikram wrote...

Very good software

1:45 pm
Thu 10 Dec

rubel0155 wrote...


4:16 pm
Mon 14 Dec

jali wrote...

is there a flash player for nokia n70

8:17 am
Tue 5 Jan

jakir wrote...

for nokia n96

1:19 pm
Mon 22 Feb

Greg wrote...

Trying to find a flashplayer download for Nokia E71x mobile phone

6:31 pm
Wed 3 Mar

dagons wrote...

vry good

10:51 pm
Wed 10 Mar

Captain wrote...

Is it worth it downloading flashplayer 2.1 for a nokia 5800 express music phone??

3:36 pm
Fri 19 Mar

aloha wrote...


10:25 am
Sun 21 Mar

i need help wrote...

how can i download it ?! ... can somebody send it to my mail please? my e-mail is ... please :)

12:37 pm
Sat 3 Apr

hossein tabassi wrote...

hi thanks for your soft and free download for evry body

4:26 am
Thu 15 Apr

akash wrote...

Hi i want a radio and flash player for my p910i mobile i tried a lot to download it but it is not working so plzz help me

5:09 am
Wed 5 May

yacine wrote...


9:30 am
Sat 22 May

dodism wrote...

make easier life!

2:09 am
Wed 26 May

Sercan wrote...


9:04 am
Sat 3 Jul

Sainu wrote...

Flash lite is a nice software

9:55 pm
Mon 5 Jul

bourhan wrote...

very good

2:14 am
Mon 5 Jul

fucku wrote...

fking good

9:08 pm
Sat 17 Jul

Kamlesh wrote...

Very nice software

12:32 pm
Mon 19 Jul

juzar para wrote...

i want it for p990i, please send me on email :

10:53 am
Mon 26 Jul

larie wrote...

good software

6:13 am
Fri 20 Aug

jeffrey delos santos wrote...

pano ko yan makukuha ala nmn download d2

8:14 am
Tue 31 Aug

Dr.Kavi Kumar wrote...

I want adobe flashplayer freeware download for my nokia 6600. Help kavi

12:43 pm
Sat 11 Sep

priya wrote...

i have some flash themes in my Nokia n73 ,bt when i installs it doesnt shows flash content.please help me

2:28 am
Sun 26 Sep

Daniel Puplampu wrote...

I tried but could not download free flash player on to my Blackberry Bold 9700. Pls send it to my mail:

8:18 am
Thu 30 Sep

joshyslo wrote...

i want it for NOKIA 5800XM, please send me on email :

9:35 am
Sun 3 Oct

Praveen wrote...

Thnk u

10:51 am
Sun 10 Oct

syafril wrote...


9:08 am
Fri 15 Oct

batots wrote...

does this works? how to download this?

5:52 am
Wed 20 Oct

kartik ns wrote...

vvvvvv gggggoood

9:57 pm
Sat 23 Oct

vladimir wrote...

nokia e72

1:18 pm
Mon 25 Oct

ravindra wrote...

flash lite player 2.1

12:19 am
Mon 25 Oct

ravindra wrote...

flash lite player 2.1

12:19 am
Mon 25 Oct

Ryan wrote...

Flash player

2:27 pm
Thu 4 Nov

jhonclaire wrote...

Please send me flash player or any compatible player that can play audio and video streaming to my mobile phone nokia 6120c.Hope u will help me.Thank you very much!

6:41 pm
Sat 6 Nov

Rekhachandran wrote...


2:05 am
Mon 8 Nov

Kema Imrith wrote...

I want it for n6680,please send me on email:

3:36 am
Tue 9 Nov

sprraj wrote...


10:37 pm
Wed 17 Nov

arda wrote...

very nice

6:41 pm
Mon 22 Nov

Vikas vikram wrote...

Please give me flash player

1:09 am
Tue 30 Nov

bala wrote...

very useful

2:16 am
Tue 30 Nov

tanjayasri wrote...


8:09 am
Wed 1 Dec

vijay wrote...


2:05 pm
Mon 3 Jan

anisjankhan wrote...

i like this so swet

12:57 pm
Fri 14 Jan

Mfasilp wrote...


9:23 pm
Sat 15 Jan

speed wrote...


1:54 pm
Wed 19 Jan

Jafer Menza wrote...

it's intresting application please send to me!

8:47 am
Sun 23 Jan

ankur rajput wrote...

thank you so mmmuuuuuucchh i love ur site

6:33 am
Wed 26 Jan

shamim wrote...

bro.i have nokia n97 mobile but need flash lite soft bcoz my not solved video.sometimes youtube video problem thats not show my device!! so please send this application for device..........

2:13 am
Fri 4 Feb

good do wrote...

Adobe 2.1 lite do not work with S60 nokia N series mobile i have N72 Downloaded many time but useless

12:42 am
Fri 4 Feb

haig wrote...


1:22 pm
Sun 6 Feb

Apees wrote...

Hey i need this flash lite very much , but i don't know how or where to download it , please help me ~ email me , hafizz_liverpool@hotmail.Com

10:26 am
Sun 6 Feb

Apees wrote...

My phone is nokia n70

10:30 am
Sat 12 Feb

amadeus_969 wrote...


4:06 am
Fri 25 Feb

anas wrote...

hank you so much i love ur site

4:13 am
Tue 8 Mar

Starturn wrote...

Where 2 download adobe flash player direct 2 my phone I useing n70

10:21 pm
Thu 17 Mar

Mayank wrote...

i don t know

11:26 pm
Tue 29 Mar

divakar wrote...

i want adobe flashplayer for nokia5230 plese send to my mail

10:01 pm
Sat 2 Apr

tarig anwar wrote...

this soft ware is z besu

6:08 am
Sat 2 Apr

tarig anwar wrote...

this soft ware is z besu

6:10 am
Sat 2 Apr

tarig anwar wrote...

tjatka gjmv neja pg.ak md

6:15 am
Wed 6 Apr

nadine wrote...


9:25 am
Thu 7 Apr

hesting wrote...

I want flash player

1:10 am
Mon 11 Apr

chrisolvent wrote...

symbiam applications

11:06 pm
Tue 12 Apr

midoo wrote...


5:15 am
Sat 16 Apr

rijin wrote...


9:47 pm
Sun 24 Apr

Dave wrote...

I want it on my M600i!!!!!! Plz email me!!!!!

7:18 am
Sun 8 May

cardo wrote...

ths is jst bul shit.

10:33 pm
Sun 29 May

mehrdad akradi wrote...

very baaaaaaad.

5:32 pm
Tue 14 Jun

Beny wrote...

pls i need this software for my n70 .pls send me download link

6:50 am
Sat 18 Jun

flem wrote...


3:59 am
Thu 23 Jun

Joe Ann wrote...

Plz. . . Sana pu mgkaroon ng flash player s nokia n70? Tnx pu

10:26 am
Thu 23 Jun

zeest wrote...

hi i want to download this adobe .if its work i would thank the owner

8:36 pm
Sat 2 Jul

pear wrote...


5:20 am
Tue 5 Jul

abdus samad wrote...

everyone wants this software why?some must help them...may God help.

3:07 am
Sun 31 Jul

ezekiel wrote...

c cool ca peu aller

6:26 pm
Sun 31 Jul

ezekiel wrote...

c cool ca peu aller

6:26 pm
Mon 1 Aug

bantu chauhan wrote...

ajtjtgjtpjtpjtjajpgdm ajgjtpjtpjt

4:23 am
Sun 21 Aug

ajmadj wrote...


9:49 pm
Sat 27 Aug

firat sener wrote...


7:46 pm
Sun 28 Aug

ali bakir wrote...

thank you.

9:48 pm
Sun 11 Sep

Mirza Sona Miah wrote...


5:23 am
Tue 13 Sep

mayank laghate wrote...

I have a question...will this work on my Nokia N79

11:40 pm
Thu 22 Sep

umarhayt wrote...


7:06 am
Fri 23 Sep

biswa wrote...


2:32 am
Sun 25 Sep

Jatinder wrote...


1:07 am
Tue 27 Sep

Fiaz wrote...


6:51 am
Fri 30 Sep

Lamou wrote...

cool, I'm gona try it

3:16 am
Fri 30 Sep

satamp343 wrote...


9:01 pm
Sat 8 Oct

jewell wrote...


8:32 pm
Sat 15 Oct

rodel wrote...


6:48 am
Fri 21 Oct

mohamed wrote...

i like it so much nice

11:58 pm
Sat 22 Oct

mohamed wrote...

i like it

12:00 am
Mon 24 Oct

vipin wrote...

help me sir send me flash lite 2.1 my phone n70

8:03 am
Mon 24 Oct

vipin wrote...

help me sir flash lite 2.1 my n70 mail id

8:07 am
Mon 24 Oct

vipin wrote...

help me sir flash lite 2.1 n70 help me help me help

8:10 am
Tue 25 Oct

Timmy wrote... It is the direct link.It is in zip format.

12:20 am
Tue 1 Nov

ayub wrote...

sir plz help me flash lite i dont no whose my phone nokia n97 virsion

2:48 pm
Tue 8 Nov

hans wrote...

yes mΓ€n

3:39 am
Thu 17 Nov

ayub khan wrote...

need help adobe flash lite 3.1 is not download please send my email address

2:59 pm
Tue 29 Nov

kfns wrote...


7:15 pm
Sun 4 Dec

dadi wrote...


2:42 pm
Tue 6 Dec

RajeshRavi wrote...

i have E71 nokia but icant download flash lite player me please ..send to me link

8:20 pm
Thu 15 Dec

gergΕ‘ wrote...


1:37 pm
Thu 15 Dec

arafat wrote...


8:59 pm
Wed 21 Dec

T vusimbe wrote...

I want flashlite 2.1 for my n70-1 phone.Pliz help or sent it to my email.

3:36 am
Sun 25 Dec

mody wrote...


11:41 am
Tue 27 Dec

prabhu wrote...


9:41 pm
Sun 15 Jan

john george wrote...

nice... thanks

1:11 pm
Thu 19 Jan

kapil wrote...

i need that s/w

3:53 am
Sun 22 Jan

Rajendra wrote...


1:47 am
Mon 6 Feb

Hassan wrote...

I Need this flash lite

12:40 pm
Tue 7 Feb

Npuyen van quang wrote...

It's good

3:45 am
Sun 19 Feb

Goodlife wrote...

I just need a flash player

4:17 am
Sun 19 Feb

sofia wrote...


2:58 pm
Sat 25 Feb

sunit wrote...

how can i download

12:36 pm
Thu 1 Mar

ayman wrote...


6:45 am
Thu 1 Mar

ayman wrote...


6:53 am
Fri 2 Mar

Stanley wrote...

I need flashlite v2.1

4:52 am
Sun 11 Mar

Majid wrote...

Nokia Flash player

5:41 pm
Fri 23 Mar

ferdi wrote...


12:47 pm
Sun 25 Mar

gia huy wrote...

phan mem that tuyet

4:30 am
Thu 12 Apr

awad wrote...

Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 for Symbian s60

8:59 am
Thu 12 Apr

awad wrote...

9:06 am
Thu 26 Apr

haras wrote...

need flash player for SONYERICSSON P990I please.send to my email

3:41 am
Sat 12 May

ershad wrote...

i need adobe flash player

1:09 am
Fri 18 May

ho0os4m wrote...


9:58 am
Sun 3 Jun

angel wrote...

great app.thanks

4:50 pm
Wed 11 Jul

ghali wrote...


5:23 pm
Mon 13 Aug

yavuz wrote...

thank you.

4:16 pm
Tue 21 Aug

zafer46 wrote...


7:47 am
Sat 1 Sep

kamalakar wrote...

verry good

10:03 pm
Thu 6 Sep

quangvanduong wrote...

i need flash player for Nokia C7-00 please send to my email. my Imei 358261043657523.thank

7:15 am
Tue 2 Oct

jksle wrote...

what get up

2:42 pm
Tue 6 Nov

le quoc viet wrote...

i need it

4:17 am
Thu 6 Dec

minδ ite wrote...

i need it

8:59 am



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