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FlashSMS 1.0

Summary: FlashSMS is the first Symbian Series 60 software able to send flash-sms without needing of any additional service. Nothing to configure, just write your sms and select the recipient....

Series 60 2nd Edition

Arrived: 2006-09-10
Found under: sms, utilities, symbian, s60, s60v2,

Symbian FlashSMS 1.0 freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
FlashSMS 1.0 Description


Developer: Marco Bellino

FlashSMS is the first Symbian Series 60 software able to send flash-sms without needing of any additional service.
Nothing to configure, just write your sms and select the recipient.

the FlashSMS 1.0 free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Wed 18 Oct

Elliott wrote...

this is great !

6:29 am
Wed 25 Oct

Darren wrote...

I really don't see the point of this app. sorry! is it meant to be flash - faster? who knows. no explanation.

10:34 am
Sun 12 Nov

rudi wrote...


8:49 am
Fri 17 Nov

dewey wrote...


10:37 pm
Thu 28 Dec

hossein wrote...

This is weery good

1:15 am
Thu 29 Mar

abdul wrote...

i want flash sms full version

3:41 am
Thu 5 Apr

dicky wrote...


9:16 am
Mon 16 Apr

andy wrote...


7:36 pm
Mon 30 Apr

amruth wrote...

plz donate code for flash sms.. my request code s y6DKqZMo.

12:01 am
Sat 5 May

mehran wrote...


2:11 am
Mon 14 May

renz wrote...

can someone donate for my flash sms? my request code is w6MGyFKj.. i badly need it.. thank you!!!

5:54 pm
Thu 24 May

bvcv wrote...


1:23 am
Thu 24 May

karan bassi wrote...

my request code is y3CGLvmN

8:07 pm
Tue 5 Jun

Alvin wrote...

what they mean by flash?? dont we need any money to send sms??? anyone plz tell me

2:01 am
Thu 21 Jun

blen wrote...

flash.. it means when u view the sms in s40 phones u;ll see flashing text.. like blinking and stuffs

11:02 pm
Sat 7 Jul

desmon wrote...


11:18 am
Sat 7 Jul

LeLe' wrote...

ratna dewi (8887)

11:23 am
Fri 20 Jul

asep wrote...

I searcing for blok sms...

7:44 am
Tue 21 Aug

homa wrote...


6:27 am
Tue 21 Aug

Amaan wrote...

guys tell me how 2 enter donation code.... email me at thx!

8:19 am
Sat 25 Aug

hafiz shakir wrote...

plz send me this software

10:17 am
Sun 30 Sep

dodillo wrote...

u try at p910i?

2:10 pm
Tue 23 Oct

chetan wrote...

My mobile is nokia n72 Pl. donation code on

7:34 am
Wed 26 Dec

yaden wrote...

it is greaat

3:50 am
Wed 2 Jan

sdjdjd wrote...


12:24 pm
Sat 12 Jan

TeachU-for those who don't know wrote...

A Flash SMS appears directly on the phone's screen, instead of the 'Inbox'. Its an useful alternative to normal SMS when you want to catch the recipients attention immediately. The recipient has the option of 'Saving' the Flash SMS to his 'Inbox'.

7:39 am
Sun 20 Jan

sathish wrote...

hi my mob model is 3230 and if any one can send tat donation code plssssssssssss?

6:22 am
Thu 14 Feb

Pouria wrote...

Dera Friends, My Request Code is: w5sRD!EM plz help me and give Doination Code ThanX

1:07 am
Thu 14 Feb

PREMNATH wrote...

Pls give me flash sms

7:49 am
Sat 16 Feb

Usman wrote...

good site

10:44 pm
Tue 26 Feb

ngoccam wrote...

I have a project send and receive flash message on mobile but I don't have code to finish this project. So Can you share some source code flash SMS message in j2me for me? Thanks much

2:14 am
Tue 26 Feb

purwa wrote...


7:16 am
Fri 29 Feb

Gumis wrote...

Friends, My Request Code is: x7DKiZsU plz help me and give Doination Code ThanX send:

7:24 pm
Thu 3 Apr

tsikos wrote...


1:55 am
Wed 9 Apr

panha wrote...

this web is great it make me easy to find a lot

8:37 am
Thu 24 Apr

ramesh wrote...

i have n 72 while downloading it says my mob can not read the file. Can i get this software work on my mob. Pl suggest

2:43 am
Mon 28 Apr

Edwin wrote...

i was searching this s/w for the past three months ,, i got only today... thanku...

11:31 pm
Tue 29 Apr

alex wrote...

i cant open in p990 why ? can i open this .

1:53 pm
Wed 7 May

Chan wrote...

Donate code not found

3:37 am
Tue 20 May

mobutt wrote...


4:30 pm
Tue 5 Aug

raja wrote...

what is the donation code of flash sms my requiest code is 36ci4A4W ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

11:41 am
Thu 14 Aug

suraj wrote...

what is the donation code of flash sms my requiest code is 36ci4A4W

9:34 am
Sun 17 Aug

Yasar wrote...


8:21 pm
Wed 27 Aug

rachka wrote...

waht is my donation :10yCBv2V

10:23 am
Mon 1 Sep

kabir wrote...

get a cracked version of FlashSMS at

2:34 pm
Sun 21 Sep

Robin wrote...

what is my donation code as my request cod is : z1D#dQAK

12:48 am
Tue 23 Sep

Antox wrote...

Saya sangat senang dgn prgram ini

8:43 am
Tue 23 Sep

antox wrote...

oke sekali ni program

9:04 am
Fri 3 Oct

Samsul Arefin wrote...


7:39 am
Tue 2 Dec

jayakumar wrote...

i need flash sms from phone to phone

7:02 am
Wed 24 Dec

tahar wrote...

i mean it is so simple yes??

6:05 am
Sun 28 Dec

vaibhav wrote...

i need flash sms code

8:15 am
Wed 28 Jan

james wrote...

will it work for nokia 9300? please tell me

12:50 am
Mon 16 Feb

kingvicky5 wrote...

i want full version of flash sms

12:57 am
Thu 2 Apr

Kamlesh sheth wrote...

Verry good

12:12 pm
Sat 29 Aug

bhuvanesh wrote...

nice soft, please give me a donation code. my request code is 4ygozA!K

1:52 pm
Tue 1 Sep

yusuf wrote...

pls help me send the donation code to my email so that i can activate it to full version. pls i need it so quick. it is a nice application and it is working well

11:06 am
Tue 1 Sep

yusuf wrote...

my request code is y7z@qc@f. pls i need it quick

11:09 am
Fri 25 Sep

Hari wrote...

Plz anybody send me flashsms donation code. request code is w6MS*AoW MY email id: vharirajasekhar@gmail.Com

4:54 am
Sun 4 Oct

Ambi wrote...

can any one send me the donate code for this flash sms pls... 52BXr8#Z is my request code

5:05 am
Tue 6 Oct

Owais-09906578114 wrote...

Good software frndz download it now

9:05 pm
Thu 22 Oct


flashSMS 1.0 freeware is not compatible for nokia e 63. Please send me the download link.

12:54 pm
Fri 29 Jan

sonia wrote...

x78JBM2n send me donate code on my email id

11:00 am
Sun 7 Feb

karthick wrote...

i need donate code to active my flash sms my request code is 34962

9:04 am
Mon 8 Feb

sohaib wrote...

plz send me donation code. tell us me how can group no. send

1:40 pm
Sat 20 Feb

vincent wrote...

hello guys can u pls. help me wat is the donation code for this request code,, 11Bfm9@j

10:10 am
Fri 26 Feb

Kabore michel wrote...

C'est une bonne application mais jaimerai avoir ce logiciel pr mn nokia n73

10:36 am
Sun 21 Mar

tejas wrote...

can u find me flash sms for my n86 plz

4:32 am
Sat 1 May

awhts5 wrote...

you rock my world tahnks more power

8:43 am
Sat 10 Jul

Sandeep wrote...

Its great

3:23 am
Sun 11 Jul

Sandeep wrote...

It's nice

12:16 pm
Wed 14 Jul

rahul wrote...

its good

5:30 am
Thu 15 Jul

mitesh wrote...

very good software yaar

5:39 am
Thu 15 Jul

Sadia wrote...

Sir i have Nokia N73 this is not sported Piz help me " tell me corect Softwear Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzz any one........

2:51 pm
Thu 19 Aug

Kaushal wrote...

Hello Sir, I Rqst Plz Send Me Donation Code For 4xw3PKk0 Thank You.,

10:15 pm
Thu 19 Aug

KAUSHAL wrote...

Hello Sir, I Rqst Plz Send Me Donation Code For "4xw3PLk0" Thank You, Email- Kshlprata@Gmail.Com

10:25 pm
Tue 21 Sep

Dinesh Lingesh wrote...

X3CiHtGd i ve downloaded it juz nw plz snd me my donate code asap plz itz a request...

7:26 am
Mon 18 Oct

rahul wrote...

flash sms

11:35 pm
Sun 31 Oct

ashok00001 wrote...

flash sms

4:31 am
Fri 12 Nov

mdsauffi wrote...


11:02 am
Mon 3 Jan

ashish wrote...


4:25 am
Mon 31 Jan

Faisal wrote...

hi...flash sms does not support 3rd version symbians..plz give me for 3rd version plz...thanks..

12:13 am
Mon 21 Feb

ravi wrote...

my no 9958

10:42 am
Sat 19 Mar

LoveBeats!! wrote...

Hey Sweet Girls... wanna friendship with me??? if u wont like then just try. 9860964910

3:29 pm
Mon 4 Apr

vijay wrote...

send free unlimited 444 char sms via for and more surf ...............................

6:38 am
Mon 9 May

vijay wrote...

Hi Friends provide free sms code for your site Its Good News For Us Surf try 300 character in one sms unlimited in a day

2:20 am
Sat 14 May

vijay wrote...

Hi friends has A new service For you . your website can send free sms 300 char long sms bulk sms free of cost no hidden charges free sms code

1:09 am
Fri 27 May

JAVED AHMED wrote...


2:02 pm
Mon 6 Jun

chinnu wrote...

i want to send flash sms to other mobiles

6:35 am
Wed 6 Jul

Defa anggara wrote...


6:54 pm
Tue 13 Dec

mumu wrote...

its very simple guys..... copy the donate code & paste the same code below the space and enjoy it

5:07 am
Tue 31 Jan

Bablu wrote...


2:09 am
Sun 4 Mar

James wrote...

10SWHtmt send @

11:47 am
Sat 26 May

Perwaiz Ali wrote...

i like flash msg very much

1:54 am



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