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FotoJive - Photo and Video

Summary: FotoJive is a one-click photo and video upload solution for camera phone users - easier and cheaper to use than MMS

Arrived: 2006-02-13
Found under: fotojive, photo, video,

Symbian FotoJive - Photo and Video freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
FotoJive - Photo and Video Description


Ever tried to get photos or video clips off of your camera phone? MMS is expensive, email is slow and synching with your PC is too much of a hassle. Instead, FotoJive! lets you simply send your image files over gprs to your FotoJive online album in one click. Once in your album, you can view your photos and play your videos as well as sharing them with friends over the web. Best of all the whole package is free! All you need to do is make sure you have Internet GPRS with your mobile operator. Download and install the app to your phone. Open the app and register for your free account then use the same registration details to login to your web account. (username and password are case sensitive, no spaces). Images will appear in you album a few minutes after they're sent (depends on wireless network traffic) Benefits: - One click photo and video uploads - Advanced online multimedia file management - free 100MB online account - video streaming online (no reliance on local media player) - easily share photos or video files without emailing the files anywhere Try it!

the FotoJive - Photo and Video free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Sat 18 Nov

A.Jurik wrote...

Photojive-photo an

7:48 am
Thu 7 Dec

kamal wrote...

very good

11:56 am
Wed 12 Dec

muhdali wrote...

Very good

10:55 pm
Fri 30 Jan

jasbeer wrote...

for nokia6600 softwares

1:58 am
Tue 15 Feb

rajeev kumar wrote...


9:00 pm
Tue 15 Feb

rajeev kumar wrote...


9:02 pm
Mon 12 Sep

Hessy wrote...

You got to push it-this esseniatl info that is!

7:13 am
Sat 5 Nov

Anthony M. Silva wrote...

Step aside hollywood the tape is rolling

2:39 pm
Wed 25 Jul

Maikon wrote...

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8:07 am
Fri 19 Oct

Shawn wrote...

It's image analysis, pefcertly possible on a number of other smart phones. Cool software though. Be great if my phone recognised that my 2 year old daughter was using it and locked out dialing.

10:44 am
Tue 30 Oct

Jhenal wrote...

o unico ponto fraco dele continua sendo a falta de sutproe a legendas, ponto para o smartmovie que segue vitorioso so perdendo para o core player que por sinal ja deveria dar sutproe as legendas

12:16 am



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