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» Free iSMS

• Summary: Free-iSMS v 1.02 is an iPhone-style sms chat software for S60 3rd&5th.

Symbian s60 3th or 5th edition

• Arrived: 2009-04-23
• Found under: utilities, sms, manager, s60,

Symbian Free iSMS freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
» Free iSMS Description


Developer: junnikokuki

Free-iSMS is an iPhone-style sms chat software for S60 3rd&5th.
Version 1.02 is a stable version for public. It fixes bugs of version 1.00 and v1.01 and adds some more new functions.
Free-iSMS displays your messages in threads, it can schedule your messages, and it can send fake messages to your inbox too. The fake messaging option of Free-iSMS works much better than Fake Messages and ActiveFile.

the Free iSMS free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Fri 24 Apr

eric wrote...

thank for sharing

8:09 am
Thu 30 Apr

bash wrote...

does not work on my n5800.. says certificate not valid

9:43 pm
Thu 7 May

Marcos wrote...

This app not install in E71. Unsing app. How to install?

11:37 am
Thu 14 May

nicepal wrote...

Tried on E71. display Certificate Error.

10:30 am
Fri 22 May

Sunilyadava wrote...

Its fantastic. Update with latest versions.

6:47 am
Fri 22 May

Tom Pendleton wrote...

7Zip unpacked. Tried on N78. Got Certificate Error. ???

7:43 pm
Sun 24 May

ndol wrote...

not suported on n82

7:34 am
Wed 10 Jun

daughn wrote...

hi! i've downloaded this and tried to install it. but it says "Certificate Error". i tried using FreeSigner. i tried Sign, Self Sign and Remove Sign. but halfway thru the installation, it would stop and say "Cannot install application from untrusted developer (or something like that)... what do i do? i have 5800XM, firmware v.11.0.08 thanks!

10:10 pm
Sat 13 Jun

helpme wrote...

cannot sign lar any ideal how to do it, can send me step by step guide

3:23 am
Wed 17 Jun

paul wrote...

N86 - display Certificate Error

8:58 am
Tue 23 Jun

z030005 wrote...

samsung i7110 same error.

3:07 am
Tue 7 Jul

wayne wrote...

E66, doesnt work either...pity, was looking forward to it...

3:17 am
Thu 13 Aug

pablo wrote...

you have to "signed" the aplication, to certificate

8:03 pm
Sun 16 Aug

Mike M wrote...

You need to get a certificate and sign the app; then it works

4:39 pm
Tue 25 Aug

z00t wrote...

Could you explain how you "get a certificate" and sign it and so forth? That sounds like you take a certificate from a working program but I don't know if that makes sense and I'm not sure I follow what you're saying.

9:40 am
Tue 8 Sep

Tiope wrote...

This soft is unsgined,so I can't install. I find a similar signed soft, it seems to be better:

2:36 am
Tue 8 Sep

Alcides wrote...

when I try to download the sentence: not allowed appears.

3:05 pm
Thu 10 Sep

naughty wrote...

thanxs alot for sharing...hope it works

1:26 pm
Wed 23 Sep

gauravvalecha wrote...

Superb app

11:52 pm
Tue 13 Oct

elli wrote...

when click on the download link, a message appears "NOT SUPPORTED" on my Nokia 6120 classic

5:03 am
Mon 26 Oct

Todd wrote...

Mike M wrote... You need to get a certificate and sign the app; then it works How on earth do you do this? The app sounds lovely, I want a go!

8:01 am
Wed 25 Nov

darwhill wrote...

THX bro!!!

10:13 am
Fri 18 Dec

donb wrote...

looked liked a nice app too bad there's this cert error on my n97.

11:17 pm
Fri 1 Jan

matt cunningham wrote...

Here is a guide to signing apps which is what you will to do to get this application to work on your device:

9:50 pm
Fri 1 Jan

matt cunningham wrote...

9:51 pm
Tue 19 Jan

hira wrote...

not working.give error,file not supported in my n97 nokia

4:47 pm
Mon 25 Jan

Jegan vij wrote...

send me ur unsigned sis file,then i will signed it :D

2:50 pm
Sun 31 Jan

Stephen wrote...

Thanks matt, that site helped me to get this to work. LOVE IT

2:09 am
Sun 7 Feb

james wrote...

'Not Compatible' error on e63

7:33 pm
Wed 7 Apr

Aftab wrote...

OK here goes guys. Ive just installed it and it is FANTASTIC so far. Cannot beleive nokia do not provide this service originally whilst others do. You need to go to and read it all. Follow the instructions. The isms there gives you version 1.01 but there is a newer one called 1.03. This is what ive got, you can get new one by going to this page and following instructions. OPDA will give you the new version when search software from its website. Its well worth it

7:01 am
Fri 16 Apr

Technomage wrote...

Works great on my Samsung i8910HD! There where 2 things I liked from an iPhone. 1. this SMS 2. the browser. I found SkyFire working really fast but is beta with minor bugs. Testing OperaMobile10.

6:04 pm
Mon 10 May

mark wrote...

Thanks for this application

10:57 am
Wed 12 May

sharon wrote...

say error when installing on e72....

3:07 am
Thu 27 May

dema wrote...

what the hell. Buddy just get away.

1:10 pm
Thu 3 Jun

coolnessp wrote...

certificate errors follow this link. you will never have probs with certificate or any game app download,23866.0.html

10:48 pm
Mon 7 Jun

odie wrote...

ada gak free isms buat symbian V80?!.. mohon bantuannya.

6:15 am
Thu 8 Jul

sammie wrote...

i need free isms

12:01 am
Tue 13 Jul

david wrote...

on Nokia 6120 classic, it takes you to a Google sites page where you click here and it comes up with Not Supported

12:24 pm
Wed 21 Jul

GyjY wrote...

I like This

11:42 pm
Fri 23 Jul

helen wrote...

can any one help: i downloaded the app on phone and when it downloaded it said go to download folder, went to folder clicked it to open and it says: file type not supported cannot open can anything be done or not as i was realy wanting this app :(

5:06 pm
Thu 29 Jul

OStorm wrote...

I have a question. Do I still get charged by my provider with each message I received and sent? Or is it free?

10:28 am
Mon 2 Aug

raquel wrote...

E71 - Certificate Error! :(

4:42 pm
Mon 9 Aug

allstar wrote...

you need a certificate made for ur phone get 1 at Then set up free signer with ur cert and sign the app it will work great app better than thream sms

5:44 am
Thu 12 Aug

karen porto wrote...


11:43 am
Wed 25 Aug

TechnoMage wrote...

Using it since april and it works perfect. Only thing I miss is a build in touch keyboard, on my Samsung i8910HD it switches to the samsung keyboard (full landscape mode). Don't like the switching. For a good browser I recommend OperaMobile 10.

7:01 am
Sun 29 Aug

ikmal hamka wrote...

certificate error!!!!! how? idea please

1:01 am
Thu 2 Sep

Dean wrote...

Hi, this is an excellent app, and have been using it for the last couple of months. Couple of days ago however, it stopped showing me my sent messsages.. when the message was sending it said 'suspended'.. the recipient got the txt i just can see it.. I continually have to go to settings in isms and sync messages to see my sent items.. is there someway to get it working properly again?? Thanks

5:52 am
Fri 17 Sep

vendha_91 wrote...

e63 cert error

9:35 am
Sun 19 Sep

dhany_msc wrote...

i want to try firstly,,

7:05 am
Mon 20 Sep

Nate wrote...

Could this Nokia E71 be any more annoying? My $10 Nokia phone was much easier and more intuitive. I want isms, but i have to jump through all kinds of hoops, signatures, certificates, errors, blah blah blah. THIS PHONE SUCKS and so does all the BS associated with downloading stuff to it! Smart phone, not! Stupid phone!

8:50 pm
Sat 2 Oct

joseph wrote...

E63 - display Certificate Error

8:28 pm
Sat 2 Oct

gusti wrote...

all nokia please register here first to get certkey

8:44 pm
Sun 10 Oct

wleng wrote...

works beautifully. for those with certification error, just follow link given by matt cunningham on 1 Jan: Thank you Matt!

10:46 pm
Sun 7 Nov

jm damasco wrote...

i just want 2 3y it..

10:05 am
Wed 17 Nov

dodol wrote...

doesn't work on my n82..

11:45 pm
Mon 22 Nov

kitt wrote...


9:09 am
Mon 22 Nov

Airly wrote...

it's good,

9:43 am
Mon 22 Nov

Hansi wrote...

thanks for sharing

4:21 pm
Wed 24 Nov

arief wrote...

not supported for e66

11:48 pm
Sun 28 Nov

hery wrote...

tnkzzz soobb

11:27 pm
Tue 30 Nov

donbosco wrote...

i like this style

8:04 am
Sun 12 Dec

heongok wrote...

moj nguoj uj mjnh mun down free isms cho may N92 thj lam tnao? Down hoaj k dc. Hjx. Chj mjng voj.

9:13 pm
Thu 16 Dec

ukyo gianti wrote...

download free i sms

6:15 pm
Thu 30 Dec

Jean claude wrote...


12:16 pm
Mon 3 Jan

Jarvz wrote...

This ISMS is not working on my E63.. After i download it its giving an error about the certificate... can anyone please help me???

6:46 pm
Mon 3 Jan

aaaaa sdgf wrote...


6:54 pm
Tue 11 Jan

ithrees wrote...


8:11 pm
Wed 19 Jan

Rajiv Vij wrote...

it is working fine in my nokia E63. the procedure to get it installed is very simple. get the application signed from opda and run it on ur phone

3:16 am
Wed 19 Jan

Rajiv Vij wrote...

Hey Jarvz , send me ur mail id , i'll foward the signed application on it

3:19 am
Wed 19 Jan

Rajiv Vij wrote...

my mail id is

3:21 am
Tue 25 Jan

Loulou wrote...

Pouvez vous me dire toutes les ιtapes intermediaire pour pouvoir l'installer. J'ai un samsung player star 2. Je suis chez SFR. Merci d'avance

11:39 am
Fri 28 Jan

hery kurniawan wrote...

pt gudang garam kediri

4:02 pm
Fri 28 Jan

Tomy wrote...

so good...

11:48 pm
Sun 13 Feb

armha wrote...

i Like it

8:05 pm
Thu 17 Feb

cuong wrote...


8:48 pm
Sat 19 Feb

jeane abigael bunga wrote...


1:03 am
Sun 20 Feb

bikonk wrote...

hi! i've downloaded this and tried to install it. but it says "Certificate Error". i tried using FreeSigner. i tried Sign, Self Sign and Remove Sign. but halfway thru the installation, it would stop and say "Cannot install application from untrusted developer (or something like that)... what do i do? i have e63, thanks!

2:11 am
Wed 23 Feb

Illusionist wrote...

I need i-sms for symbian s60 2rd

2:51 am
Fri 25 Feb

yosef wrote...

E63 - display Certificate Error

4:50 am
Sat 26 Feb

th3king wrote...

There is also a singed version of this software go get it ...

5:44 am
Sun 27 Feb

cuong wrote...


8:28 pm
Mon 28 Feb

aang wrote...


7:13 am
Tue 1 Mar

tifuk91 wrote...

ask?? how to register code for this i-sms?? thx

9:40 pm
Mon 7 Mar

liza mayasari wrote...

gimana cara downloadnya ne?

10:19 am
Tue 15 Mar

hendra wrote...

gimna cara na download??

1:24 am
Fri 18 Mar

Prasanth wrote...


4:46 pm
Fri 1 Apr

yaseen wrote...

ok g very well

10:03 am
Tue 5 Apr

tarine wrote...


7:57 pm
Fri 22 Apr

afan wrote...

is there any software sms like this for symbian s60v2 ???? it seems my N70 doesn't match with it...

5:29 pm
Mon 2 May

shawon wrote...

it seems my 5800 xprees Music

1:15 am
Wed 4 May

Fidrawadi.efexs wrote...


5:50 am
Sat 14 May

Icool wrote...

I like app

6:33 am
Mon 6 Jun

hugsnilola wrote...

cant download on my x6...always certificate error......haisstttttt!

11:09 am
Thu 9 Jun

djmanoj wrote...


9:15 am
Thu 9 Jun

fandi wrote...

free i-sms is the best

6:24 pm
Thu 9 Jun

bhattvijay wrote...


10:32 pm
Sun 12 Jun

malika wrote...

salamo alikom

6:11 am
Sat 25 Jun

shqiprim wrote...


2:17 pm
Mon 27 Jun

bhattvijay wrote...


5:05 am
Mon 4 Jul

juni wrote...

saya pengguna E63..ini di download tidak bisa...trus harus bagaimana ini supaya saya bisa ambil ni aplikasi

9:59 am
Sat 16 Jul

fasgasg wrote...


12:50 pm
Sun 24 Jul

trung wrote...


4:38 am
Thu 28 Jul

clifford king wrote...


6:20 am
Sun 31 Jul

prem wrote...

Dear i wont the application of Isms many site search but i cat got so provite to me for nokia E63

12:49 am
Wed 3 Aug

bhattvijay98 wrote...


7:32 am
Wed 3 Aug

bhattvijay98 wrote...


7:32 am
Fri 5 Aug

rakibraj wrote...


6:23 am
Fri 5 Aug

rakibraj wrote...


6:27 am
Mon 8 Aug

Nash wrote...

Last time when i was downloaded it on my E63, i was amaze because its working on my phone,. My phone that time was hack by cer. & key.. i got those code frm But unfortunately, last few days i found a new software for my phone,it says that it was the latest version for my phone so, i used to upgrade my phone. But the twist is that all my files will be deleted and re-format my phone.. Thats why, iwant to install again th i-sms aplication,but it doesnt work anymore..,certificate error??haist...

10:03 am
Wed 10 Aug

Daniel wrote...

Nash, you need to have it signed again.

5:52 pm
Tue 6 Sep

dudi wrote...

mohon bantunnya

3:42 am
Tue 13 Sep

Poupay wrote...


1:05 am
Sat 17 Sep

robic wrote...


1:15 am
Sun 18 Sep

Alian julianor wrote...

Mauk buhan kam ni hp ja trus yg di picik

6:18 am
Fri 7 Oct

andre wrote...


11:05 am
Thu 20 Oct

naveen wrote...

not supporting for nokia c6-00

11:34 am
Sat 22 Oct

brey wrote...

what the fuck

3:27 pm
Fri 4 Nov

rukan wrote...


12:49 am
Fri 4 Nov

prasath wrote...


1:46 am
Fri 4 Nov

sriram wrote...


5:34 am
Fri 4 Nov

rekha wrote...

don't forget to visit my blog i'm from indonesia

9:33 am
Sun 6 Nov

Jamiltarik wrote...


6:59 pm
Mon 12 Dec

ramil wrote...

need isms

8:20 am
Fri 16 Dec

vero wrote...

good :)

2:39 am
Sun 18 Dec

junai wrote...

kada bagus

9:10 pm
Sun 25 Dec

Rahul wrote...

if u hav an certificate signing issue... goto and get your certificate... then goto and follow instructions to get the app signed

6:24 am
Sun 25 Dec

adi manurung wrote...

apaan ni?

7:48 pm
Thu 5 Jan

sonny wrote...


5:12 am
Tue 17 Jan

Nagesh wrote...

Pls dwnld

10:21 pm
Thu 19 Jan

sabir wrote...

ashgdgbhcv asgbasg gbnasfhafg gnsdhnasdioadhfn njnafbrnf nan afufndsbfusd

4:55 am
Thu 19 Jan

sabir wrote...


4:59 am
Sat 4 Feb

Vivek wrote...

you can get signed version from

5:18 am
Sun 19 Feb

Karla wrote...

Hello Julius!Much lkoiong forward to seeing you at Oxford again soon.Your KARNEUS date on 16 OCt is missing from your schedule trust you're on for that!!Peter & Fiona xx

12:10 am
Mon 20 Feb

slamet wrote...

gmn crny neh

10:15 am
Wed 22 Feb

liyan wrote...


3:03 pm
Fri 2 Mar

m.nawir wrote...

dont stop komandan

8:40 am
Mon 19 Mar

kryzia wrote...

try using 'qute' it works perfectly for my nokia e63 :) it's a threaded sms also.

10:41 am
Fri 23 Mar

Seren wrote...

Thank you Malak. And I would like to take that opportunity to ask you if you wish to ask or read about any issue that is not vlaiaable on our site, just ask and I shall reply as soon as possible and I shall also publish as a post.

3:16 am
Mon 16 Apr

ezaviscount wrote...

wah gk bisa kebuka om,ada tulisan eror certificate !!mohon bantuannya kk

8:52 am
Tue 1 May

silver wrote...


2:44 am
Sat 12 May

Dian angrainy wrote...


9:40 pm
Wed 13 Jun

putraku wrote...

i like its

11:33 pm
Mon 18 Jun

livie wrote...

asekkk aja deh

9:22 am
Sun 8 Jul

nur sahid wrote...

isms is good

3:16 am
Tue 24 Jul

wahyu wrote...

good free i sms

1:14 am
Tue 7 Aug

rhannieyy wrote...

i'm can't log in. why??

11:35 pm
Wed 8 Aug

Yero wrote...

use my nokia 6710 navigator easily

6:59 pm
Tue 28 Aug

achmad safroni wrote...

thank's you isms

11:34 am
Mon 3 Sep

sugeng wrote...


5:43 am
Tue 4 Sep

Amanda wrote...

does it cost any money? Cause when i'm looking how much money i got left, the money disappere.. Or maybe it's because i got comviq amigo and i dont know if there is any free sms or something..

8:41 pm
Fri 14 Sep

human wrote...

২০১২.০৮.০৯ ২০:০৫ ম্যাডাম আমার তো ঘর বাড়ি নেই ৷আমি কোথায় তালা ....

7:58 am
Sun 16 Sep

dhika wrote...

its good

6:26 pm



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