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Freeflight 3D Flight Simulator

Summary: Freeflight is a 3D flight simulator for JAVA (j2me) compatible mobile phones. It will give you a chance to fly with four different aircrafts over many landscapes. The 3d graphics are taking alot of the phone resources, thats why you need some powerfull Symbian phone to have it running smoothly....

Symbian OS with JAVA

Arrived: 2007-09-11
Found under: game, simulator, flight,

Symbian Freeflight 3D Flight Simulator freeware

Rating: 2.9/5
Freeflight 3D Flight Simulator Description


Freeflight is a 3D flight simulator for JAVA (j2me) compatible mobile phones. It will give you a chance to fly with four different aircrafts over many landscapes. The 3d graphics are taking alot of the phone resources, thats why you need some powerfull Symbian phone to have it running smoothly.

the Freeflight 3D Flight Simulator free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Wed 12 Sep

chikezie wrote...


12:31 am
Wed 12 Sep

lalit wrote...


9:51 am
Wed 12 Sep

adama wrote...


12:26 pm
Sun 16 Sep

deivid wrote...

How can I install it on my mobile?Please help me!!

10:40 am
Sun 16 Sep

noor wrote...

Very Nice...

1:36 pm
Tue 18 Sep

anil kumar wrote...

how can i install this product

7:56 pm
Sat 29 Sep

narcis wrote...


2:38 am
Fri 19 Oct

mark wrote...


8:03 pm
Sat 24 Nov

Cam180 wrote...

Thanx !!

1:51 am
Sun 25 Nov

Jitendra wrote...

Its a world's Best simulator for Nokia 6600

7:50 pm
Fri 14 Dec

karth wrote...


2:48 am
Tue 25 Dec

Mani wrote...


5:48 pm
Sun 30 Dec

Renjith wrote...

i m gonna test tat first

9:31 am
Mon 7 Jan

saer wrote...

Very Good

6:48 pm
Wed 23 Jan

aniket wrote...

the game free flight simulation does not work on my nokia 6600 handset.

9:39 am
Tue 29 Jan

erkan wrote...

ı want this game what can ı do

6:54 am
Thu 7 Feb

Benny wrote...

Where is the file to download, pls?

2:15 am
Thu 7 Feb

sunny wrote...


7:15 am
Fri 8 Feb

stayros wrote...

thenxs einai best

9:39 am
Tue 19 Feb

schmid wrote...


2:05 pm
Fri 7 Mar

JERIN wrote...

I love this game

6:39 am
Mon 10 Mar

zinAR wrote...


9:10 pm
Sat 15 Mar

brittalpona wrote...

nice game

2:32 pm
Thu 27 Mar

Hans wrote...


2:10 pm
Wed 9 Apr

Krisna wrote...

can i instal this game in symbian s60 phone?

2:54 am
Sat 19 Apr

vishal wrote...


6:56 am
Sat 19 Apr

femi wrote...


1:42 pm
Sat 17 May

Ronald wrote...


12:47 am
Tue 3 Jun

uzairullah wrote...

want to see this game

3:06 am
Sun 29 Jun

gaju wrote...

hello how ru

2:25 pm
Thu 31 Jul

Rohinton G. Appoo. wrote...

How to download on Nokia N73. By reviews seems to be a good game.

2:47 am
Mon 6 Oct

Echo wrote...

How can i install for n-gage-qd??

8:25 pm
Sat 11 Oct

ajaz hyder wrote...

how to instal flight si,ulator on N95 thanks

4:31 pm
Fri 7 Nov

swedjet wrote...

Does it work on P1i?

9:11 am
Wed 4 Feb

pilot wrote...

when i install it on my Nokia 7610, it says "Unable to InstaLL, invaLid versi0n" why

9:31 am
Wed 15 Apr

rajesh wrote...

how to install Freeflight 3D Flight Simulator on my Nokia N72.

4:09 am
Mon 7 Dec

jannu wrote...

i need this game on my mobile a925

6:28 am
Sat 19 Dec

Raj kumar.K wrote...

Jitender how did u instald 3D flyt smltr on N6600?As its saying "invalid version" while installing.

1:22 pm
Fri 1 Jan

Paramjit Singh wrote...

It is an interesting game for those who like to become pilot.It is an adventurous game.

1:07 am
Wed 1 Sep

witte reus wrote...

Looks great,thanks

7:59 am
Thu 16 Sep

kaps wrote...

1st download to computer then unzip then transfer file to your phones downloads. then from there install game.

8:26 pm
Wed 17 Nov

alilove603g wrote...


5:26 pm
Sun 30 Jan

Joseph wrote...

Need tha game on nokia c3 plz help

4:23 am
Thu 24 Mar

jdgajmana wrote...

well done

10:50 am
Mon 18 Apr

cris9051 wrote...

Thank alot!.:)) i can practice landing everyday!..

8:36 am
Sat 11 Jun

babusathya wrote...

hi i like this software

6:17 am
Mon 8 Aug


viery niace

4:06 am
Mon 26 Sep

crazylady10189 wrote...

If you know author make freelight please say for me, i want ask about landscape author were make. If you know please reply for me, with my email. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

5:25 am
Wed 2 Nov

Mohammad wrote...

Good! it's good but not for a a pilot like me!I can't control the rudder!Rudder is very important to control the plane! Thank you company!

2:29 am
Fri 25 Nov

Abcd wrote...


4:19 am
Fri 25 Nov

كرم wrote...


8:51 am
Tue 3 Jan

Mwahs wrote...


3:23 am
Sat 3 Mar

Jagathees wrote...


5:45 pm



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