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Summary: GDesk is a free, customizable and extendable desktop system.

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th 3dition

Arrived: 2010-04-19
Found under: gdesk, desktop, extendable, menu, icons, s60, 3rd, 5th,

Symbian GDesk freeware

Rating: 2.9/5
GDesk Description


Developer: FiendSoft

GDesk is a customizable and extendable desktop system.

Icons can be placed on the desktop representing applications, page links and plug-ins; these can then be launched by tapping them.

Plug-ins can be added at any time and as required; further plug-in functionality will be provided over time.

Version 0.34 updates:
* Color dialog for landscape mode fix
* Missed call action for S60 3rd fix
* Menu color options added (menu, menu outline, menu highlight, menu hightlight outline)
* InfoView more font sizes added
* Bitmapped digital clock updates fix
* Dialer app launch on S60 5th fix
* Fullscreen landscape mode fix
* Selection will be set off from icon after tapping on it (or using hotkey). Menu option added to disable new behaviour (Settings->Keep selection).
* Green key is available for hot-key selection again
* Disabled periodic updates of non-visible plugin icons
* Disabled periodic updates of all plugin icons, if GDesk in background
* Option "Settings->Orientation", to chose and fix desired orientation mode
* "Larger Size" option now correctly updates and save it's state
* Crash on activating "Call type" shortcut fix
* Alias shown in to: field instead of number
* Autorotation craches fix
* Dialog crashes, when on-screen keyboard orientation not the same as current GDesk's fix ('Set caption', for example)
* Non-fulscreen status pane corrupted with extra icons on GDesk startup fix
* Plugin updates, which located on the top of screen in non-fulscreen mode fix
* Plugin menu crash fix (taskmanager, for example) with 'Keep selection' option unchecked
* "Discard changes" glitch fix (when this action selected on scrolled page)
* Transparency option added in all color selection dialogs (it's just above ok/cancel buttons)
* Correct outline for digital bitmapped clock, when selecting/dragging
* "Vertical align" option in notepad
* "Clear text" option in notepad
* Notepad, AgnView plugin change: Transparency can be set from standard dialog now (No more separate menu option)
* '1'/'7' keys can now be used in Color dialog to change transparency
* "Export Desktop" option now functions properly. No more missed icons/design parts in gdd file (designers should re-export their designs).
* "Missed calls" indicator in InfoView (if bitmapped - 10 segments max). Caps version only.
* "Current profile" indicator. Caps version only. In text mode - '*' is added to the name of profile to indicate, that profile is in silent mode. Custom icon could be set - it should have 7 segments (first 6 for every standard profile, and the 7th for all custom). when tapped - shows list of profiles to chose from.
* "Messages" indicator action (shows incoming folder)
* "Missed calls" indicator action (shows missed calls log)

the GDesk free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download GDesk direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Sun 16 Sep

hakan wrote...

very god site

2:28 am
Tue 11 Dec

pete wrote...


6:50 am
Tue 22 Dec

joni wrote...

verry good

6:26 am
Tue 20 Apr

stefan wrote...

not suported with n97...

8:44 am
Tue 27 Apr

bharat wrote...

very best

6:27 pm
Tue 27 Jul

naval wrote...

is it compatible with nokia5233??

12:38 pm
Thu 23 Sep

arty wrote...

difficult to setting program

6:04 am
Thu 11 Nov

uzair wrote...

gr8 app

2:37 am
Wed 17 Nov

yudit wrote...

g desk is the best

11:55 pm
Tue 7 Dec

kazikd wrote...

I think gdesk is amazing and currently the best where to change your layout I'm working on a version which I could flash as a software platform then change theme without defeating functionality possibley adapting the c6 flash as a building block. Anyone who want to collaborate plz get in touch :-)

10:24 am
Wed 8 Dec

nazrul wrote...

work on nokia 5800xm or not?

11:43 pm
Thu 30 Dec

krishna wrote...

naku ta mau la chanta

8:39 am
Wed 5 Jan

jahrine wrote...

very good

7:55 am
Sat 22 Jan

aakash wrote...

looking varri good

4:50 am
Sat 29 Jan

amit wrote...

download gdesk

11:19 am
Sat 29 Jan

amit wrote...


11:22 am
Sat 12 Feb

Sazzad wrote...

Thank you

5:52 am
Sat 12 Feb

sazzad wrote...

i also like

11:02 am
Mon 14 Feb

jaydee wrote...

how in heavens name do we install this?

7:48 am
Sat 19 Feb

13shazia13 wrote...

yes i have

11:00 am
Mon 14 Mar

wwesea wrote...


10:18 am
Mon 30 May

maaiyong wrote...

is it work for nokia 5800?

10:30 am
Tue 11 Oct

jay prakash chaurasiya wrote...

how use for nokia5230

11:42 am
Thu 20 Oct

laoana wrote...

need to test. thanks

2:18 am
Tue 1 Nov

Christoph wrote...


2:51 pm
Sun 20 Nov

B chavan wrote...

Very super

4:50 am
Sun 20 Nov

Gopalbotta wrote...


11:39 pm
Tue 22 Nov

Noor wrote...


12:19 pm
Thu 22 Dec

vishal rao wrote...

fantastic app.

12:32 pm
Thu 5 Jan

myanmar wrote...


9:47 pm
Fri 20 Jan

RAJIB wrote...


3:57 am
Wed 1 Feb

Emmax6 wrote...

Pls i want a site were i can download Gdesk!pls hlp me

3:50 pm
Mon 27 Feb

nishu wrote...

i want latest theams for nokia 5233

7:06 am
Sat 3 Mar

aravinth wrote...

this very good web site

11:05 am
Mon 9 Apr

taqi wrote...


12:29 pm
Wed 18 Apr

sagars wrote...

i have downloaded the gdesk 0.34 version but i cant find the skin in it, that above picture is showing. and can anyone tell me how to use it to look like an android phone.

9:42 am
Thu 3 May

Anshu wrote...

Adj jtmgp

10:34 am
Mon 14 May

blen wrote...

I installed as per the direction you had given above.. but when i open gdesk then use system then tr is no c6

7:57 am
Mon 28 May

iamnutkub wrote...


12:06 pm
Fri 1 Jun

paong wrote...

i want it..

12:34 am
Tue 3 Jul

Nuwan wrote...

I wont gdesk

9:35 pm
Sat 7 Jul

usman ibrahim wrote...

good and affordable

3:40 pm
Sun 23 Sep

nurrohman wrote...

it is work 5233

10:03 am
Wed 14 Nov

Irfan shahzad khan wrote...


12:24 am
Tue 18 Dec

wasim wrote...


1:23 pm



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