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» Gmail app

• Summary: Gmail app basically has most of the features like the web-based, including write email, search email and even report spam.

Symbian OS

• Arrived: 2007-10-03
• Found under: mail, gmail, google,

Symbian Gmail app freeware

Rating: 2.8/5
» Gmail app Description


Developer: Google

Gmail app basically has most of the features like the web-based, including write email, search email and even report spam.

Recently, Google has released an email client for mobile phone called GMail Application for Mobile. It is a Java-based application and it runs on many mobile phones (not only S60 phones).

Since it is a Java-based application, the start-up is a little bit slow (compared to native applications). It also consumes relatively high amount of memory.

it also require a free registration from GMail

the Gmail app free for Symbian OS

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Download Gmail app direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Thu 4 Oct

Michel wrote...


6:20 pm
Wed 21 Nov

phil wrote...

ok good soft

1:34 pm
Wed 21 Nov

phil wrote...

ok good soft

1:34 pm
Wed 26 Dec

jemal wrote...

thanks for ....

7:41 am
Thu 27 Dec

srikanth wrote...

thanks for

1:42 am
Sun 20 Jan

Nikhil wrote...


2:12 am
Fri 4 Apr

sanjib wrote...

cant download this. is it a broken link?

5:18 am
Thu 17 Jul

Ramswaroop Srivastava wrote...


1:51 pm
Thu 21 Aug

abcd wrote...


3:46 am
Wed 1 Oct

ujjwal wrote...


6:07 am
Fri 21 Nov

Raka wrote...

Downloadnya bagaimana?

10:43 pm
Fri 26 Dec

mohiddin wrote...

good to use

3:30 am
Thu 12 Feb

rahul wrote...

its quite good

3:38 pm
Fri 14 Aug

anwar khan wrote...

i love symbian sites

7:47 am
Tue 25 Aug

pratik wrote...


12:40 pm
Wed 6 Oct

redman wrote...

Downloads outta download the same for all phones

8:21 am
Tue 30 Nov

manish wrote...

this is very cool sw

10:29 pm
Sat 12 Feb

shabi wrote...

anybody has gmail application for symbian 5th edition?its looking smaller in my screen

1:39 am
Fri 22 Apr

Visoth wrote...

the gmail for

4:43 pm
Sat 25 Jun

sinu wrote...


5:47 pm
Wed 29 Jun

Mohammad asef wrote...


12:58 pm
Fri 15 Jul

Aleksandar Nikic wrote...


4:31 am
Tue 8 Nov

will wrote...


11:05 am
Wed 14 Dec

suga wrote...


6:09 pm
Fri 20 Jan

manish wrote...

manish verma India

5:15 am
Sat 21 Jan

Jap gore wrote...

Hopes it works.

11:04 am
Sun 29 Jan

gerald makuyana wrote...

gmail application has been so efficient and fun since a year back. It has now become a need!

1:07 am
Tue 31 Jan

Murugesh Arumugam wrote...


10:27 am
Thu 2 Feb

anjanroy wrote...

how to downlode

11:55 am
Wed 15 Feb

Gulie wrote...

I like the application

1:32 pm
Sun 19 Feb

Aligufran wrote...

I like gmail

4:14 am
Sun 19 Feb

Aligufran wrote...

I like gmail

4:15 am
Mon 20 Feb

Akash wrote...

I like gmail

11:07 pm
Mon 20 Feb

Akash wrote...

I like gmail

11:08 pm
Wed 22 Feb

arvin prajapati wrote...


11:53 am
Wed 22 Feb

arvin prajapati wrote...


11:53 am
Sat 3 Mar

janu wrote...


12:45 am
Wed 28 Mar

britt foster wrote...

Want apps downloaded to phone

9:04 am
Sat 31 Mar

vineet wrote...

download gmail on mobile

3:01 pm
Tue 3 Apr

gnanam wrote...

hi gmail

10:59 am
Sat 7 Apr

deepak wrote...


3:25 am
Fri 20 Apr

AntΓ³nio TomΓ© wrote...

Is any an good app, one of the way to be conneted with friend and family...

6:14 am
Fri 11 May

mohsen wrote...


5:03 am
Thu 24 May

osundeanthony wrote...

Gmail is awesome!

6:10 am
Thu 24 May

osundeanthony wrote...

Gmail is awesome!

6:10 am
Wed 6 Jun

venugobaljayaseelan wrote...


3:41 am
Wed 27 Jun

pankajsaikia wrote...

gmail access

2:51 am
Sun 1 Jul

rohit wrote...


10:56 am
Mon 9 Jul

Ramkumar wrote...


5:30 am
Wed 18 Jul

Ali.kaka wrote...

Gooooooooood app

6:58 pm
Sat 21 Jul

Manish wrote...

Good sait

2:28 pm
Mon 30 Jul

rajarajan wrote...

pls gmail apps downlod for sympian os

2:27 am
Mon 10 Sep

sugiyama18 wrote...


2:09 am
Wed 19 Sep

satish karn wrote...

please download gmail application

11:47 am
Thu 4 Oct

Nimin wrote...

Gud soft

10:51 am
Wed 14 Nov

Anurag wrote...

Gud software

8:57 pm
Thu 15 Nov

Shailesh Patel wrote...

Very Good.....i love it.......

11:44 am
Sat 24 Nov

soumalya bhattacharya wrote...

Get gmail

3:40 am
Tue 18 Dec

Atul barman wrote...

i love this apps very nice Gmail for symbian

4:47 am
Fri 28 Dec

Cley wrote...

I like it

11:09 am



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