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Google maps

Summary: Google Maps for Mobile is the mobile version of the popular Google Maps.

Symbian OS

Arrived: 2010-04-28
Found under: map, google, navigation, search, voice, s60, 3rd, 5th,

Symbian Google maps freeware

Rating: 2.8/5
Google maps Description


Developer: Google

The version 4.1 of Google maps mobile version has been released!
It includes a Search by Voice command! Search by voice lets you easily search for anything by simply speaking your search terms instead of typing them. The other addition in this version is the redesigned settings page with Search by voice language choices.

The version 4.0 adds a "Post and view real-time messages & photos at places around the world" function - Google Buzz.
For the moment, Buzz is just implemented as another Layer in Google Maps for Symbian existing system.

The version 3.2.0, adds a 'Layers' feature which helps organise the information displayed on top of the map (including the existing Latitude, Driving Directions and Traffic functionality).

The layers functionality can be accessed from the Options menu (or pressing '2'). The initial screen allows you to see and control the active layers, as well as reload a recently viewed layers.

The version 3.0 ads google latitude

Google NOW updated with support of build in GPS

Maps for Mobile is the mobile version of the popular Google Maps. To download Google Maps for Mobile, launch Web browser on your S60 phones and then visit If you are asked which version to download, just select high-end phones version because all S60 phones can be categorized as high-end phones.

the Google maps free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Google maps direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Thu 4 Oct

claudio Rozante wrote...

I didn't find the link to the sis or java version of this software..... Can someone help me?

9:26 am
Fri 5 Oct

baksanir wrote...

Hello Claudio, you just need to point your phone's browser to and you will be able to download Google Maps Mobile

12:09 am
Fri 5 Oct

claudio Rozante wrote...

I did it, but just 3 options appears to download. 1 to Windows Mobile, another to Palm and Blackberry..... No options to Simbian..

6:33 am
Fri 12 Oct

sheitan wrote...

Try again and be sure to use the default Symbian browser

1:06 pm
Tue 23 Oct

goried wrote...

a very interested site

7:45 pm
Sat 1 Dec

Manoj wrote...

great !

9:40 pm
Tue 25 Dec

prince wrote...

i like this software

11:18 pm
Sun 27 Jan

Joker-DK wrote...

No problem! going to the adress, it regonized my phone as a Nokia E65 speaking danish - and so it did to me - nothing could be smarter!

3:46 pm
Thu 31 Jan

yoga teguh arifirmasnyah wrote...

This a good freeware

6:48 pm
Sat 2 Feb

GEORGE wrote...

very goood

4:26 pm
Tue 5 Feb

farook wrote...

very good

9:30 pm
Fri 22 Feb

alexis wrote...


3:59 pm
Wed 27 Feb

Mann wrote...


4:33 am
Wed 27 Feb

KeitelDOG wrote...

I downloaded the .jad on my nokia 9500 via, but when I run I get KERN EXE blablabla... ERROR. Does some of you have jar file? Mail me at

2:14 pm
Mon 17 Mar

gio022 wrote...

i want to download system of nokia n73, please help me.

2:57 pm
Sun 4 May

budhi wrote...

i need more application for my mobile phone nokia n 95..thank's

8:07 am
Wed 23 Jul

GipeN wrote...

pls is htere a way how to get maps to phone without any net connection?? i mean if is there way how to download maps to pc and then to phone...?!!

12:42 pm
Tue 5 Aug

ahmed wrote...

good programe

5:03 pm
Tue 19 Aug

manhal wrote...

i want google earth software bfor my n95

3:46 pm
Mon 25 Aug

Themis wrote...


4:19 am
Tue 7 Oct

Mohamad wrote...

Hi... My mobail 7610...Nokia/i havnt sowftware of ebook..I have badtime now for this problem..Please show me or give me or say me that,what am i doing..Thank you very much.

3:15 pm
Thu 16 Oct

yusuf wrote...

very good , Thank you

10:47 am
Tue 28 Oct

edo orng INDONESIA wrote...

very useful, great Hi chandra jgn cm nmpang lwat lgsg gb

11:02 pm
Sun 21 Dec

Mitesh wrote... software site.

12:23 am
Mon 9 Feb

vimal wrote...

itz good but slow in phones

5:19 pm
Thu 26 Feb

henry w wrote...

great freeware. i really enjoy it

10:37 am
Sat 18 Apr

safki wrote...

By using the software by Nokia N70 you cannot find the location where you are (Software tell you that you cant use that property by your phone) :( Other way sw is really nice :)

6:55 am
Tue 14 Jul

roozbeh wrote...

I can not download the maps from the mobile conection can I download the map from the pc then transfer to the phone?

8:10 am
Tue 21 Jul

sami wrote...

hi.I can't active gps and street view realy i want it

11:21 am
Thu 13 Aug

george kirk wrote...

excellent works really well in omnia i8910 hd thankyou:)

6:18 am
Wed 30 Sep

massAKa wrote...

7:14 am
Tue 6 Oct

Dabblu wrote...

Nokia n73 google earth softwer

2:13 am
Thu 5 Nov

almateen009 wrote...

i have nokia 5800xm.but my nobile did not instal google maps.after downloading msg shows that"file corrupted"please help.waht i do that maps instal in my mobile

10:48 pm
Sun 29 Nov

pete wrote...

it looks to be very good on my nokia E72, will use it tomorrow...but so far works well, i am happy

3:01 pm
Sun 6 Dec

lagerweij wrote...


5:14 am
Thu 31 Dec

booBot wrote...

Is it for the Symbian S60 v2? (Nokia 6680)

4:54 pm
Mon 15 Feb

faraz wrote...

thanks a lot to all who work for this

11:15 pm
Tue 16 Feb

vimalkumar wrote...

the google maps 4.0 is not work on my nokia 85

8:53 am
Sat 27 Feb

abayan wrote...

i have google map for my nokia n97

4:45 pm
Mon 1 Mar

manan wrote...


12:00 pm
Wed 31 Mar

tendar wrote...

its very good

10:58 pm
Sat 10 Apr

Tana wrote...

i have google map on my iphone

5:44 am
Mon 12 Apr

bhagwat sarje wrote...

i see my home

7:01 am
Wed 21 Apr

midodentist wrote...


4:48 am
Wed 21 Apr

dangtai wrote...

i need software used my phone

5:00 am
Mon 10 May

mozil wrote...

i have a question, this is a free software to download, but does this application will charge to our phone line if we use it???

8:38 pm
Mon 31 May

Moniruzzaman wrote...


8:33 pm
Thu 3 Jun

avinash wrote...

ok downloa it

8:20 am
Mon 21 Jun

Ricky wrote...

GPS only on Windows devices...

6:50 pm
Wed 30 Jun

Jukay wrote...

very good

12:31 pm
Sat 10 Jul

gameel wrote...

thanks alot

10:13 am
Sun 11 Jul

mohammed wrote...


12:27 am
Fri 23 Jul

Sasi wrote...

i need this software for my mobile..........

12:42 am
Sun 1 Aug

Pete wrote...

Does Google Maps not have spoken directions? I have the Sony Ericcson Satio, and I cannot hear any directions only a layer that writes it on the map...Is there a version where they will tell you when to turn left?

4:35 am
Tue 3 Aug

SaVa wrote...

To use Google maps on Nokie E72, do we need to downlosd Googla maps every time & need a GPRS connection for the same OR it is like OVI maps where the maps are downloaded once & can be used without an active GPRS connection...

5:47 am
Wed 11 Aug

shan wrote...

insert google map

1:24 am
Fri 27 Aug

alMohha wrote...

Have you experience how to do and get updated Google Maps to Samsung GT-I7110? Samsung GT-I7110 has inbuilt (pre-installed) Google Maps ( but that don't have Latitude. I got the error "Unable to install. Componet is buildin." when I proved to install Google Maps with Latitude 4.1.1 updated. I picked up that "Phones with pre-installed versions of Google Maps for mobile may not be able to be upgraded to newer versions at this time" but this actually don't help me. Can someone help me and other with same problem, please?

4:36 am
Sat 9 Oct

yvz yvuz wrote...

telefon iste

11:31 am
Mon 8 Nov

Jaaloo Ibrahim wrote...

download & innisttel updated google earth map for nokia n70 know

10:50 am
Wed 10 Nov

sumit wrote...


9:43 am
Tue 23 Nov

Krishna wrote...

Its very useful..

12:06 am
Mon 29 Nov

Ignatio Julian wrote...

Sometimes i don't understand.... hehhe ^_^

10:00 pm
Fri 10 Dec

HA-HD wrote...

tanks for this software

7:50 pm
Fri 17 Dec

bolans wrote...

best site for downloads

10:45 am
Fri 17 Dec

bolans wrote...

best site for downloads

10:45 am
Sat 25 Dec

heri wrote...

google map not work my nokia n70

7:21 am
Mon 27 Dec

ashu wrote...

kya chij hai

6:56 am
Tue 28 Dec

rakesh wrote...

google map

11:03 am
Sun 9 Jan

N.M.Thilakarathna wrote...

Google map 3.0

11:17 pm
Tue 18 Jan

mnour wrote...

nokia 6120c

11:35 am
Mon 31 Jan

Alihasn wrote...


5:56 pm
Thu 3 Feb

Dipu wrote...

Lovely google map

7:19 pm
Wed 9 Feb

manzoor wrote...

free downlod

7:16 am
Wed 9 Feb

saeed anwar wrote...

Google Map for Nokia E72-1

8:21 am
Sat 12 Feb

ali jimbo wrote...

hello.i can not download google map for nokia n95. Plase send it to my e-mail.tanks.

3:55 pm
Mon 14 Feb

zabihullah _hk wrote...

it is good

2:56 am
Mon 14 Feb

zabihullah _hk wrote...

it is good

3:11 am
Fri 25 Feb

suresh wrote...

it is very good for me

5:16 am
Sat 5 Mar

Varun wrote...


7:55 pm
Mon 21 Mar

shaban wrote...

I've tried 2 install google map on my n70 bt it daznt work why?

9:14 am
Mon 4 Apr

mohamed frikech wrote...

thank's for google maps very much

6:47 am
Fri 8 Apr

Farid wrote...

How to install latest maps

12:00 pm
Sun 10 Apr

jatinder wrote...

google map

2:09 am
Sun 17 Apr

Ajay wrote...

googal map

5:07 pm
Fri 22 Apr

bunhak wrote...

i'm so sorry that i can't donload it for nokia n97 mini.

10:04 am
Mon 25 Apr

mazdak wrote...


3:36 pm
Sun 1 May

tharindu wrote...


1:41 am
Wed 4 May

fardin wrote...


4:24 pm
Thu 12 May

Raeed wrote...


4:14 am
Tue 24 May

deepak wrote...


8:01 pm
Wed 1 Jun

aavesh bhadoria wrote...


8:34 am
Wed 1 Jun

aavesh bhadoria wrote...


8:35 am
Sun 5 Jun

teransetran wrote...

thanks vali besaz maro ke x6 darim..

7:08 am
Tue 14 Jun

amal rudhan wrote...

i ha cmpltd ma journy tvm to chennai and chennai to tvm with d help of google map... thanks google map

10:55 pm
Sat 16 Jul

chetan wrote...

wrote... thanks vali besaz maro ke x6 darim..

10:18 am
Sun 17 Jul

mehmet wrote...


9:24 am
Mon 18 Jul

Gobu wrote...

Thi is wonderful

7:41 am
Tue 19 Jul

rufus wrote...


12:38 pm
Fri 22 Jul

Nilesh wrote...

Google map is best.

4:42 pm
Mon 8 Aug

Shubhrantghosh wrote...

.awesome application i like it very much.

5:12 am
Wed 17 Aug

kostas wrote...


4:40 pm
Sun 28 Aug

rachid wrote...

ok ca marche bien

8:22 pm
Wed 31 Aug

Budy wrote...

I'm/verry happy

4:41 pm
Sun 4 Sep

field gwenzi wrote...

download google map

2:49 am
Mon 12 Sep

faza wrote...


11:32 pm
Tue 27 Sep

Manish singh wrote...

Need to bee google earth my mobile

7:52 am
Fri 30 Sep

raja wrote...

it is very use

9:54 am
Sat 1 Oct

ratesh wrote...


2:50 am
Sun 2 Oct

samith wrote...

its a good software

9:56 am
Mon 3 Oct

malikjan wrote...


3:46 am
Wed 5 Oct

Razzaq wrote...

I want google map how can download

6:24 am
Wed 5 Oct

Razzaq wrote...

I want google map how can download

6:24 am
Wed 5 Oct

Razzaq wrote...

I want google map how can download

6:26 am
Thu 6 Oct

rahul wrote...

2:27 pm
Fri 7 Oct

seraj wrote...


9:31 pm
Tue 11 Oct

hammeem wrote...

kasdfhush ahfdsdhf osah safhoashd uohdfshnklashj

1:24 am
Mon 17 Oct

Achu wrote...

to find out my location

6:57 am
Fri 28 Oct

Akash kumar nayak wrote...

To find my location in the world

7:11 am
Wed 2 Nov

adnan waris wrote...

v nice

2:46 am
Fri 4 Nov

ano-lm wrote...


6:38 pm
Sun 20 Nov

jesus wrote...

Yo quiero eso

6:40 pm
Sun 4 Dec

demir wrote...


10:06 am
Wed 14 Dec

Sanjay kumar wrote...

Very good

3:18 am
Sat 31 Dec

Bharat ubale wrote...


3:17 am
Thu 5 Jan

Raushan ranjan wrote...

for checking the ways

1:03 am
Thu 5 Jan

mikey annia wrote...

dyin to try it out

6:12 pm
Tue 10 Jan

jith wrote...

very good google map

10:15 am
Mon 16 Jan

Derek wrote...

Goods 4 me

9:07 am
Thu 19 Jan

Muhammad wrote...


5:31 am
Thu 19 Jan

moussa wrote...

google earthe

12:35 pm
Sun 22 Jan

ehsan wrote...


12:28 pm
Sat 28 Jan

mohsen wrote...


1:27 am
Sun 12 Feb

gdb yekwb ye wrote...

dhehj huf d jsjwirih

3:14 am
Wed 15 Feb

maksud wrote...


4:13 am
Thu 16 Feb

mansoor wrote...


7:20 am
Tue 13 Mar

jack wrote...


3:20 am
Fri 23 Mar

Anil wrote...


3:21 am
Sun 1 Apr

pranay wrote...


1:10 am
Fri 6 Apr

lokmn wrote...


1:09 pm
Sun 8 Apr

Harpreet mann wrote...

Nokia n73 google maps

3:48 am
Wed 11 Apr

Abdulwahid wrote...

I like googlemaps how can I download

10:04 am
Wed 11 Apr

Rumon Ahmed wrote...

google maps download

4:20 pm
Tue 22 May

ankur wrote...


11:30 pm
Thu 7 Jun

mokhtar wrote...


7:44 am
Thu 21 Jun

Mehran wrote...

Google maps

7:16 am
Sun 8 Jul

naveed wrote...


2:04 am
Fri 17 Aug

hojat wrote...


2:00 am
Wed 5 Sep

mukesh wrote...


1:13 am
Sun 30 Sep

anandhan.s wrote...


12:36 am
Mon 1 Oct

mboumteke wrote...


12:31 am
Mon 12 Nov

java wrote...

please tel me suitable version of google map for my nokia 5233 mobile

9:53 pm
Mon 24 Dec

jabmor wrote...


6:02 pm
Thu 27 Dec

rgnath wrote...

I like Google Maps.It is very good & useful for me. Best Regards. Rgnath.

8:43 am
Sun 30 Dec

Rameshb wrote...


2:00 am



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