Symbian freeware i-nigma barcode reader v1.26

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» i-nigma barcode reader v1.26

• Summary: Download i-nigma barcode reader and discover the coolest way to get content on your mobile.

Camera enabled phone

• Arrived: 2007-11-07
• Found under: barcode, reader, utilities, smartcode,

Symbian i-nigma barcode reader v1.26 freeware

Rating: 4.1/5
» i-nigma barcode reader v1.26 Description


Developer: i-nigma

Download i-nigma barcode reader and discover the coolest way to get content on your mobile. With the i-nigma reader installed on your mobile, you’ll be ready to decode smartcodes and connect direct to the mobile internet.

Try these sample smartcode

point your camera over the sample barcode while running the i-nigma barcode reader application on your camera enabled Symbian device !

check supported devices

the i-nigma barcode reader v1.26 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download i-nigma barcode reader v1.26 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Mon 12 Nov

selvanathan wrote...

Not bad

1:20 am
Wed 14 Nov

Doris wrote...

Wow .... finally something that does work (and cost nothing).

6:24 am
Wed 14 Nov

Lukus wrote...


7:28 pm
Wed 14 Nov

Lukus wrote...


7:29 pm
Thu 15 Nov

zoran wrote...

very good

3:06 pm
Thu 22 Nov

Anton wrote...


9:23 am
Sat 24 Nov

Ernest wrote...

How do I install it on my HTC?

7:19 am
Sun 25 Nov

stanley choi wrote...

I would love to try this out

9:17 am
Mon 10 Dec

nuju wrote...

dos this work for samsung sync(a707/SGH-707)or samsung a737/SGH-737)

10:57 am
Sat 15 Dec

alimohmd wrote...


3:55 pm
Thu 27 Dec

harold wrote...


12:47 am
Thu 10 Jan

bombomjr wrote...

i'll try it

7:05 am
Tue 12 Feb

Rafal wrote...

Wewre is the Sony Ericsson K550i and other SE?

11:55 am
Tue 4 Mar

Arun wrote...

nice software///

5:53 pm
Tue 18 Mar

Rumesh wrote...


1:14 pm
Tue 18 Mar

Rumesh wrote...


1:17 pm
Thu 20 Mar

Khurram Choudri wrote...

good job mate

3:34 pm
Fri 23 May

Alexander Lehmann wrote...

I wrote a (free) BarReader for N95, N93, N82 which will recognise UPC and EAN codes. You can get the program at:

8:16 am
Sun 24 Aug

masse wrote...


1:58 pm
Sun 7 Sep

fuchu wrote...

this is is a must for all parents

2:43 am
Mon 15 Sep

charlles wrote...

5:05 pm
Tue 8 Dec

charlles wrote...

Shit Dont work

4:23 pm
Sat 29 May

Ramon wrote...

Thanks alot for this... finally i have a scanner on my Vivaz :D

8:39 am
Thu 19 Jan

hemangshu wrote...


10:44 pm
Fri 3 Feb

vicky wrote...

very well

4:51 am
Wed 2 May

Minto wrote...


11:05 pm
Fri 21 Sep

Shay wrote...

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1:29 pm
Mon 1 Oct

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9:32 pm



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