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» LightSaber for Nokia N95

• Summary: This applications uses the N95 accelerometer API to create a lightsaber sounds for the Nokia N95.

Nokia N95

• Arrived: 2020-02-03
• Found under: n65, Accelerometer, lightsaber,

Symbian LightSaber for Nokia N95 freeware

Rating: 0.0/5
» LightSaber for Nokia N95 Description


Developer: Graham Oldfield

This applications uses the N95 accelerometer API to create a lightsaber sounds for the Nokia N95.

Install the app (**Must install on the phones internal memory, NOT the memory card**)

If you cant get the app to start, uninstall it, and try installing the Accelerometer API before installing the app.
download the Accelerometer API plugin

the LightSaber for Nokia N95 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download LightSaber for Nokia N95 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Mon 12 Nov

Truck Nutta wrote...

Works well on my N95, Next we need the tipping beer glass. Thanks

6:49 pm
Mon 12 Nov

Miguel wrote...

It doesn't work in my N95...any idea to make it work?? Regards Miguel

7:32 pm
Tue 13 Nov

Cilla Fernum wrote...

IΒ΄m a wellknown starwars fan among my friends and iΒ΄m very pleased! :-D

3:36 am
Tue 13 Nov

kilogram wrote...

I have no sound, what is wrong??

8:55 am
Tue 13 Nov

Truck Nutta wrote...

To make it work you need to push your middle key, This turns it on and off.

3:29 pm
Wed 14 Nov

Symbian Freeware wrote...

A new version has been released and the download link is updated now !

8:15 am
Fri 16 Nov

deanmarsh3333 wrote...

g8 site but watever i dload (including this) opens in2 a pg of tx!how do i install it pls?

1:38 pm
Sun 18 Nov

garry wrote...

very good thank you

2:02 pm
Sat 24 Nov

fdsaewvds wrote...


12:53 pm
Thu 29 Nov

rhys wrote...

some other people seem to have the same problem as me. Whenever i download a .sis file on my n95, it dls and installs fine, when i open a .sisx file however, it is recognised as a plain text file and opens as a load of binary garbage in note viewer. Does anyone know the solution to this problem? How does one change default app for a given extension that would allow me to open and install a .sisx file like the one above? I need to be a lightsaber wielding padwan!

2:06 am
Thu 29 Nov

macmulong wrote...


8:29 am
Sun 2 Dec

stuart wrote...

great more binary for my note pad moblie friendly download anyone?

11:05 am
Tue 4 Dec

kevin marti wrote...

Thank you

3:21 pm
Sun 9 Dec

Galooluk wrote...

It s good

9:49 am
Thu 13 Dec

robbo wrote...

May th force be with you!excellant.

6:29 am
Sun 6 Jan

walid wrote...

Its not working n my N95 8gb any idea plz thx

10:52 am
Wed 9 Jan

sahal wrote...


11:19 am
Wed 9 Jan

Lisasaxo wrote...

Can someone please tell me how i install the Accelerometer API on my phone? do i ectract all the bits direct to my phone or should i save them on my PC somewhere first?

2:52 pm
Wed 9 Jan

logic wrote...


4:50 pm
Sat 12 Jan

You Muppet!!!! wrote...

Doesn't work on my N95 either, installs fine, but when you click the middle button to make it work, it doesn't, therefor, it doesn't work!

3:42 am
Sat 12 Jan

You Muppet!!!! wrote...

For those whom it doesn't work, Remove the App, then download then re-install the lightsabre app! It works!

3:50 am
Mon 14 Jan

nash wrote...

hello i need help, 1- do i sign in first and then install it or the other way round? 2- were do i sign it on the pc and then put it on my fone? or do i jus sign it on ma fone ????

6:57 am
Tue 29 Jan

Suzanne wrote...

I cant get it to install, not sure what Im doing with it can anyone help?

12:37 pm
Mon 4 Feb

m1m1nk wrote...

couldn't get it working. Rotateme and movingball are working fine, a little hand over here please, anyone?

2:08 am
Tue 5 Feb

m1m1nk wrote...

Young Padawan didn't have a clue with installing lightsaber, shuld have install it on phone memory, not on memory card. Time to beat some empire ass!

7:00 pm
Sat 23 Feb wrote...

idiotic sia

11:17 pm
Mon 3 Mar

RajW wrote...

Does this work on the N82?

7:26 pm
Tue 25 Mar

john wrote...


10:05 am
Wed 16 Apr

Raed Albuluwi wrote...

willt see

10:12 pm
Tue 13 May

Christopher wrote...

sound thanks

11:31 am
Tue 13 May

bill wrote...

this is great

11:33 am
Fri 16 May

kalu wrote...

i love to be here

2:12 pm
Fri 16 May

kalu wrote...

i lov to be here

2:28 pm
Mon 30 Jun

pelle wrote...


1:16 am
Fri 15 Aug

Nabil wrote...

Very cool! everyone I've shown it to loves it.

6:09 pm
Tue 2 Sep

OsoMarron wrote...

as nervous as it makes me to wave around my n95 8gb, i gave it a try. nice

2:54 pm
Wed 19 Nov

Chaz wrote...

It doesn't work me it says expired certificate...Help Please

3:26 am
Sat 29 Nov

k-man wrote...

i'm getting an expired certificate msg as well. Wat do i do?

8:29 am
Thu 4 Dec

archie wrote...

i have n95 8GB with N95_RD_Accelerometer installed and installed this sabre (telephone memmory) and it does not work, so any clues?

6:48 am
Thu 11 Dec

mario wrote...

archie wrote... i have n95 8GB with N95_RD_Accelerometer installed and installed this sabre (telephone memmory) and it does not work, so any clues? same problem here have an icon that is in the shape of a box with flaps. is thsi right?

6:20 pm
Wed 24 Dec

patrick wrote...

I can install it, get lovely colours...just no sound? Anyone with a cluestick?

8:09 am
Sat 3 Jan

Dany wrote...

I can't get it to work either. I installed the lightsaber after the accelerometer, and an icon of a blue box appears in my applications, but when I select it and try to open it, nothing happens... is there something else I need to do? I installed the Accelerometer pluggin (only the sis file... do I have to install the .h .lib and other files, as it says in the README.txt?

1:44 pm
Sat 10 Jan

David wrote...


6:47 am
Sat 31 Jan

andrew wrote...

het guys this app rules! a ha major problem with the expired thing but thanx to david its all ok now thaaaanx david!

2:52 am
Thu 26 Feb

LinxLinx wrote...


3:10 am
Tue 28 Apr

faizan wrote...

thanx david it worked....!

12:45 am
Fri 19 Jun

itesla wrote...

I'm having the same problem as Danny. Installed good...see the lightsaber icon, when i click it nothing! I changed the date and still it doesnt. Please help!

3:03 am
Fri 19 Jun

itesla wrote...

Well, there's no option to ask me to install the lightsaber on the phone, when i click it it just asks to be installed...shoudl i copy the file to the phone memory first?

3:05 am
Fri 19 Jun

itesla wrote...

NM about my last comment.

3:07 am
Sun 22 Nov

Roger wrote...

You CLOWN, at least put a real mask!

2:30 pm
Fri 29 Jan

khalid_waleed38 wrote...

thank you very very much

6:50 am
Mon 8 Mar

dibyam baral wrote...

it works in my phone but i ddn't understood what should i do with this software???????????????

12:47 am
Tue 8 Jun

ankan wrote...

hi, the application certificate seems to be expired..what needs sto be done? i have changed date to 10-10-2008 and it doesn't work :(

3:04 pm
Mon 28 Jun

sfx_ns wrote...

Changing dates WORKED!!! thanks David!!! May the force be with you!!! :D

2:10 pm
Tue 10 Aug

shwaa wrote...

certificate expired??

7:45 am
Tue 21 Sep

CSM21 wrote...

I had installed the accelerometer plugin and the lightsaber but when i checked the phone i just cant find the file. I could find the accelerometer plugin but there seemed to be no trace of the lightsaber... I am just new in this stuff

9:40 am
Thu 4 Nov

govant1 wrote...

In case of an "expired certificate" error, just google for sign4ever, validate ur app with it, and yall should be good.

9:24 pm
Fri 7 Jan

makiliod wrote...

certifica experΓ© ????????

3:00 am
Thu 20 Jan

abdul wrote...


6:08 pm
Mon 2 May

taha wrote...

nokia n95

1:38 am
Wed 24 Aug

Aqua wrote...

How can we know the OS Symbain version of the N95? Is there any code to request? Kindly if you have any idea, share/ send to the below email: Thanks a lot..

1:15 pm
Sat 28 Apr

hulk wrote...

how do you ''hit'' with this app ?and where is the number key??

2:28 pm
Mon 13 Aug

Shobha wrote...

ONE IMPORTANT THING!If you want portrait mode you need to CLOSE YOUR KEYBOARD after you have hold ctrl+shift+o or tppead the top of the screen options>setting>enable rotation.

4:42 pm



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