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• Summary: MobiGenie is one of the most valuable utilities for any mobile phone user. With MobiGenie, you can manage your mobile phone world by a lot of integrated features, such as (answer machine, caller locator, SMS auto-reply, caller block,... etc).

Symbian OS s60 3.0

• Arrived: 2007-10-02
• Found under: s60, utilities, call, block, sms, replay,

Symbian MobiGenie freeware

Rating: 3.5/5
MobiGenie Description


MobiGenie is one of the most valuable utilities for any mobile phone user. With MobiGenie, you can manage your mobile phone world by a lot of integrated features, such as (answer machine, caller locator, SMS auto-reply, caller block,... etc).

the MobiGenie free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Wed 3 Oct

satya wrote...


12:24 pm
Wed 3 Oct

rahmat hidayat wrote...

This Program is a good app for s60 thanks i'd love it

9:58 pm
Thu 4 Oct

patrick wrote...

mobiegenie has a bug. it activates the speaker even when in silent mode. anyone has the same problem?

11:09 am
Thu 4 Oct

patrick wrote...

mobiegenie has a bug. it activates the speaker even when in silent mode. anyone has the same problem?

11:09 am
Tue 16 Oct

inder mirchandani wrote...

is mobigenie can be used for sony k550i. if yes plz reply me.

6:20 am
Wed 17 Oct

bobby wrote...

It can't block an incoming call. And same as Patric, it activates the speaker... Anyone can help, pls...?

12:04 am
Wed 17 Oct

Adeel wrote...

It should be nice

8:40 am
Tue 13 Nov

rajinibokka wrote...


1:49 am
Sat 15 Dec

amir wrote...

thank you

7:32 am
Fri 21 Dec

edyw wrote...


9:41 am
Sun 23 Dec

andre wrote...


10:49 pm
Mon 24 Dec

Indy wrote...

Does any body know if Mobigenie service cost any money...???

8:17 pm
Fri 11 Jan

Thomas Chin wrote...


1:43 am
Tue 15 Jan

bareticlub wrote...


2:45 am
Tue 15 Jan

manuyi wrote...


2:58 am
Thu 24 Jan

murugesh wrote...


6:30 pm
Fri 25 Jan

krithi wrote...

Where is the download link to download this app. Thanks kirthi

11:21 pm
Mon 28 Jan

Sridip Pramanik wrote...

It can't block an incoming call. plz help me

10:29 pm
Mon 3 Mar

Francisco wrote...

Nice software

8:53 am
Tue 4 Mar

Rohan Fernando wrote...

looks good

5:16 am
Thu 6 Mar

joker wrote...


9:41 am
Thu 13 Mar

Rasha wrote...

thank u thats great

7:35 pm
Sun 16 Mar

Francisco wrote...

Nice software.Tank you

6:59 am
Tue 18 Mar

joshua wrote...

Great thank you very much

6:12 pm
Wed 19 Mar

diiva wrote...

i like

1:37 am
Sat 5 Apr

pino wrote...

very useful and simple to use! thanks MobiGenie, thanks Nokia

6:05 pm
Sun 6 Apr

Sunny wrote...

Hi frindz.....i hv N70 ME....wanna ths Mobi Genie (The Answer machine)....Need YOUR HELP FRIENDS....

12:01 pm
Mon 7 Apr

Manu wrote...

How to activate black list block? Thanks

8:16 am
Tue 8 Apr

qwer wrote...


12:48 am
Tue 8 Apr

ramcel wrote...

i try

8:53 pm
Sat 12 Apr

Budi wrote...

I try

9:57 pm
Wed 16 Apr

Ulisses wrote...

Funcionou perfeitamente no meu N82

8:17 am
Thu 1 May

siddh wrote...

hey this really works. a perfect communication software for especially n95.

1:53 am
Fri 2 May

lea N. wrote...

ok banget

4:44 am
Fri 2 May

rajec wrote...

m not able to download the software,,,can any one help me by providing the link... Thank u...

9:40 am
Wed 7 May

enbhie wrote...

cannot download the software

12:59 am
Wed 14 May

indiana wrote...


2:53 pm
Tue 20 May

imran wrote...

love it

2:05 am
Sun 25 May

santanu das wrote...

i love it

7:03 am
Tue 27 May

Aditya Varun wrote...


11:26 am
Wed 28 May

xubi wrote...

cant download =(

12:50 pm
Sun 1 Jun

peeri wrote...

I like it,

10:53 am
Sun 1 Jun

miranda wrote...


6:54 pm
Mon 9 Jun

jemjow wrote...


2:01 am
Mon 9 Jun

sompong wrote...


1:21 pm
Sun 15 Jun

Mjxaja wrote...


5:31 pm
Tue 17 Jun

alan wrote...


6:42 am
Fri 20 Jun

sameer wrote...


1:50 am
Tue 24 Jun

Christelle wrote...

Have to be try..

7:18 am
Wed 2 Jul

Cyber wrote...

will see

12:11 pm
Sun 6 Jul

Deathangel wrote...

Excellent thanks

11:29 am
Fri 8 Aug

tarek wrote...

it is very good for N95

10:35 pm
Fri 8 Aug

weiwei wrote...

Can't block incoming call. How to activate the blacklist???

11:24 pm
Tue 12 Aug

robertobusacca wrote...


7:31 am
Tue 19 Aug

weiwei wrote...

Can someone advise me how to activate the caller block function?

4:58 am
Wed 3 Sep

eyad wrote...


6:57 pm
Thu 11 Sep

vkrusia wrote...

good one

9:35 am
Wed 17 Sep

tamerhegazy65 wrote...

very nice

9:47 am
Mon 29 Sep

benj wrote...

nice application

7:21 am
Sun 26 Oct

langah wrote...

seems good

8:21 am
Thu 20 Nov

Arpit wrote...

Yes good application works on my N82. But can anyone tell me why it activates the loudspeaker when recording the call and how to disable that feature

11:18 am
Sun 21 Dec

fuad wrote...


12:19 am
Thu 22 Jan

Eyal wrote...

Very good one

10:42 am
Wed 18 Feb

Shahzaib wrote...

for downloading "save target as" the download link "download"

3:20 am
Fri 19 Jun

RoVic wrote...

Thanks, this is one really great program, and the best thing is it's 100% free .... Excellent !

11:39 am
Mon 13 Jul

Roberto Velรกzquez wrote...


8:24 pm
Fri 21 Aug

jimmy wallace wrote...

thanks awesome

4:56 pm
Fri 11 Sep

Mr. Lou Da Ojha wrote...

Hi Guys, I installed in in my nokia! Yes it activates your loudspeaker. This is then recorded using the phone's recorder (Application > Recorder). This is the concept behind this. Not a very conventional Voice Mail huh? Regards, Ojha

8:35 am
Fri 11 Sep

Mr. Lou Da Ojha wrote... Ojha here. Please use the above link! Regards, Ojha

8:50 am
Tue 15 Sep

mahmoud wrote...

i cant dscrib how much this program is great

7:36 am
Mon 28 Sep

zour wrote...


11:28 pm
Wed 30 Sep

The Courier wrote...

When blocking a call does it give the caller the busy tone ? Also is there a version available for the Nokia 6500 Slide ? If not its going on the N95...

2:59 am
Wed 30 Sep

doniv wrote...

i cant download this file on my PC and on E71. When i click on download link its goes to new window with Nokia Terms and Policy and not show the i accept radio button.

3:43 am
Wed 30 Sep

Alpha wrote...

Mobigenie is an indispensable tool for smart phone users. Shortcomings: A blacklisted caller hears the phone ring for one or two seconds

6:29 pm
Sat 31 Oct

Gokul wrote...

It should be nice.

10:37 am
Fri 4 Dec

mbah charles wrote...

simply the best

5:24 am
Fri 4 Dec

hamlaoui wrote...


7:29 am
Mon 28 Dec

yaseen wrote...

to block unwanted calls

12:23 pm
Mon 15 Feb

Cyrus wrote...

What a ridiculous app. Not worth the download. The block feature doesn't work. The answering machine turns the loudspeaker on (can't turn it off), and automatically answers the phone for you, allowing the caller to hear you, even if you don't want them to. I don't understand all these one word comments praising the product; it was a total waste of time.

11:53 am
Tue 16 Feb

Brent wrote...

it's aight

3:09 pm
Sun 9 May

Ahmad Expert wrote...

Cyrus, is is totally stupid application....and everybody first try the software then comment on it , as it gives wrong conception to new user....

3:29 am
Tue 11 May

galang wrote...

the best aplikasi

11:10 am
Sun 16 May

wael wrote...

thanks for the great app

7:55 am
Sun 6 Jun

Arshadil wrote...

Enormous things !!!!!!!

2:46 pm
Mon 28 Jun

Heinsler wrote...

This is complete crap. Not working on N95, sets the speaker on and nothing. Such a stupid thing. Seems that there are no answering machine application out there. This should be standard in a phone like N95. Too bad Nokia.

7:45 am
Tue 21 Sep

Donni wrote...


2:29 pm
Sat 9 Oct

iah_97 wrote...

nice one! hope it'll work on my N5800 xm :) cheers!

7:24 am
Wed 13 Oct

Mojtaba wrote...

Damet garm

3:09 am
Sat 16 Oct

z williams wrote...

Car deterl

7:19 pm
Mon 1 Nov

Pankaj wrote...

Excellent freeware bro !! thanks a ton God bless.. cheers !!

11:20 pm
Mon 15 Nov

anonymous wrote...

good looking program. still have to test it. thanks! ^_^

1:07 am
Thu 6 Jan

Richard wrote...

Does any one know if there is an answering machine software for my Motorola A810 smartphone which works with Linux OS. Thanks, Richard

3:40 pm
Sat 21 May

Youssef wrote...

Mobi genie

4:50 pm
Mon 12 Sep

Maribeth wrote...

That saves me. Thanks for being so snesible!

9:12 am
Tue 18 Oct

saam wrote...

i wante mobigenie for nokia 6630 and n86

4:31 pm
Sun 23 Oct

syedbasha wrote...

thank u hero

2:18 pm
Tue 22 Nov

arig wrote...


1:45 pm
Thu 1 Dec

Sajad derikvandi wrote...

Very veryyyyyy goooooood thanks!!!

2:26 pm
Tue 14 Feb

irfan wrote...

Incoming calls block

12:29 am
Sat 7 Jul

SUNIL wrote...


1:05 am
Thu 1 Nov

Bobb wrote...

"Interactive voice call master" has features real close to mobie genie... This app comes in different versions for different phones. There's a lot of it in the web. Just google it.

1:57 am
Thu 1 Nov

Bobb wrote...

Oh, i almost forgot this app isn't free. Send me a mail if you want to ask something. bobv510@yahoo.Com

2:01 am
Tue 27 Nov

raj dusane wrote...


11:44 am
Sat 22 Dec

rahman wrote...


12:11 am



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