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• Summary: MobiTubia is Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices.

Symbian s60 3th edition

• Arrived: 2020-02-04
• Found under: youtube, flash, video, save, play, mobitubia,

Symbian MobiTubia freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
MobiTubia Description


Updated version 1.8

MobiTubia is Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices. The User interface was neatly designed to be luxurious look. More than YouTube client application you will get. I am so pleased to give you the new experience of symbian application. Enjoy it! Note that if you want to save videos from YouTube for offline view a different kind of apps are needed.

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Comments and Reviews

Mon 18 Feb

Chippan wrote...

Will it work with Nokia N95 8GB?? Can you watch videos from other sites?

4:29 am
Sun 30 Mar

Bongsoller wrote...

Genius! Love it.

9:12 am
Sat 19 Apr

Abyfirman wrote...

So nice and very cool...

8:56 am
Fri 20 Jun

Rajesh wrote...

Knocks realplayer on its ass! Brilliant job!

12:24 pm
Mon 4 Aug

Dzon wrote...

It is realy great! Works very nice; I rader use this than emTube.

6:32 pm
Sat 30 Aug

Karun wrote...

Hi very nice work

6:40 am
Mon 22 Sep

Modi wrote...

when i try to install it on my new N95, it says (on the phone display): "expired certificate". whats the issue? I use PC-Suite.

7:18 am
Fri 7 Nov

Vishal wrote...

Really very good

1:33 pm
Mon 1 Dec

rodney wrote...

hi,also tried to install it on my e71 but showed certificate expired?? How do i solve this?

11:01 pm
Fri 13 Feb

vilas wrote...

very good

1:16 pm
Sun 15 Feb

Espiemovic wrote...

To avoid certificate expired, set your date 1 year earlier,

8:10 am
Mon 2 Mar

Edwin wrote...

I have the same problem but it doesn't work even after I set a year back

1:00 pm
Fri 6 Mar

nordan777 wrote...'s ok if you spend money for internet connection to youtube case I download a .flv video clip, nokia doesn't allow to save the clip ! How the hell can Mobitubia work, then ? It is unable to find a flv clip in the unsaved messages..and you cant't save it in no other folder !!! :-(((( CertExpired Users; put back the date of your mobiles back to 2008 or even 2007 and try install again. Dont forget to set current time again.

6:04 am
Sat 7 Mar

sajidsixtyseven wrote...

very good

6:59 am
Sun 15 Mar

Nadeemsaifi wrote...

S60 3rd edition Flv player

8:51 am
Tue 24 Mar

andy79 wrote...

am un sony ericsson p1i si as vrea sa ii instalez mwniul in limba romana.

8:29 pm
Mon 6 Apr

ooxoo wrote...

RAJESH who is on the top Knocks realplayer on its ass! Brilliant job! go and lick real player ass

9:51 am
Mon 13 Apr

Naushad Alam, India wrote...

great app. I've been using this for a year. Installation Suggest-set the phone date to 20/8/2008

2:25 pm
Sun 7 Jun

sam king wrote...

greatest app i have ever seen

7:17 am
Sun 28 Jun

Jijo francis wrote...

Good application

2:08 am
Sat 4 Jul

ramesh wrote...

hi this is very nice

10:24 am
Sat 4 Jul

ramesh wrote...

it this is very nice

10:47 am
Sat 22 Aug

Ikram wrote...


7:28 am
Sat 12 Sep

vishal wrote...

you people are doing great work.. Hatt off!

8:03 am
Mon 28 Sep

joseissac wrote...

when i try 2 watch in my n85 it says file not suported. It was working few days ago.

12:16 am
Sun 11 Oct

faisy wrote...

nw not more working this applictn file not sported

1:49 pm
Tue 20 Oct

abdul aziz wrote...

can it work proper on N95 8GB? Thanks

6:31 pm
Tue 20 Oct

abdul aziz wrote...

how can i make it work proper on my N95 8GB, if could tried to wachted, they cld tell me file not surported. B bless

6:48 pm
Wed 21 Oct

reno wrote...

shit ! File not supported. Video not found.

12:18 am
Tue 15 Dec

akademiks wrote...

very good

1:16 am
Fri 18 Dec

aslam m ar wrote...

installs without problems but when trying to view vids on my e71, it says file not supported wat to do

12:18 pm
Sun 3 Jan

Swapnil wrote...

Does this application works in sony ericsson w705 pl repli

3:38 am
Fri 15 Jan

Boopathi wrote...

Hai friends. I am boopathi. I have nokia n73. Expired certificate problem but i set my phone date 1year later.

8:02 am
Wed 20 Jan

Ciolo wrote...

Add more dow

7:38 am
Mon 1 Feb

Rakesh wrote...

Dear i used this software in my n73 its work but when i trying to veiw video it says file not supported so anybody plse help about this problem

1:02 pm
Sun 7 Mar

naqeeb wrote...


1:32 am
Wed 31 Mar

Niyasudheenmk wrote...


10:42 pm
Sat 24 Apr

papu wrote...


1:44 pm
Fri 4 Jun

lecun hand made wrote...


1:35 pm
Tue 8 Jun

NewComer wrote...

I install this in my Nokia 5230 S60 5th edition. All I got is a screen with logo. Any idea?

10:35 am
Wed 9 Jun

Imran wrote...

Very good site thanks u

3:32 pm
Thu 17 Jun

Shiv wrote...


10:04 am
Wed 23 Jun

sbhadani wrote...

good site

9:19 am
Sat 26 Jun

narayan wrote...

wat r u guys doing.....promising a good app we download it install it and when we open it it says file not supported wat the heck man ....i am frustrated .........plzzz help me out...anybody

7:57 am
Tue 29 Jun

Tafazul wrote...

Nice and good

11:36 pm
Mon 5 Jul

yousufkhan wrote...


11:49 am
Tue 6 Jul

Jyaa wrote...

@narayan - What mobile do you have? This app works only for Symbian 3rd edition mobiles.

12:23 pm
Sun 29 Aug

ravi wrote...

it' great site

8:36 am
Sun 5 Sep

vigma wrote...

what a superb app for my phone

4:45 am
Sun 26 Sep

shivaram5 wrote...


5:52 am
Fri 8 Oct

alok wrote...

mine is nokia 5320 exp music s60 v3. This is able to search intended files. Bt cant play. It says file nt supported plz help.

4:49 am
Tue 19 Oct

erlina wrote...

when install this software shown certificate error???

8:15 pm
Sun 24 Oct

binod wrote...


4:39 pm
Sat 6 Nov

rdavidm wrote...

nokia E71x all videos not supported, please help

7:58 am
Sat 6 Nov

rdavidm wrote...

when I go to load the video Please wait informs me, video is buffering, Paused, after a long time to tell me some videos not supported or Video File is not found. please try again. please include help topics thanks. Nokia E71x

8:12 am
Tue 16 Nov

neo123 wrote...

coool one

6:03 am
Wed 1 Dec

jegoj43 wrote...

it's super website

6:04 pm
Wed 1 Dec

jegoj43 wrote...

it's super website

6:06 pm
Sat 11 Dec

wjahsama wrote...

kaym chj kdna tjmda waln

1:19 pm
Sun 19 Dec

sadiq wrote...


11:15 am
Sun 26 Dec

kamal sulaiman wrote...

very good

11:23 am
Fri 21 Jan

LONEWOLF wrote...

does not work with n97 mini

1:17 am
Sun 23 Jan

shahidkamran95 wrote...

very good

11:21 am
Mon 18 Apr

Gnokom wrote...

All they say file or video n0t same 2 to make it work for my n73.

8:23 pm
Wed 27 Apr

Rashid wrote...

I install mobtubia search time diplayed file not supported in nokia e63

2:28 am
Fri 27 May

mozartbahi wrote...

jรก baxei nรฃo funciona

11:40 am
Fri 27 May

moya wrote...

what the hell is wrong with u people...only murmering 'great', 'very good' like lame ducks without replying to queries. Have u ever tried it? Nokia E71 doesnt support the playback files! I think u guys should try to help us out. And if ur asking if it's a symbian 3rd edition mobile, the answer is definitely yes!

12:26 pm
Sat 2 Jul

sohel wrote...


1:42 pm
Mon 25 Jul

vlada wrote...

does not work on n95 8gb, i installed it but cant open any clip from youtube :( it says file not supported.

5:15 am
Mon 1 Aug

sammy aglipay wrote...

how to fix 'file not supported' problem: ..mobitubia can only play flv videos encoded with h.263 (if you right click on your flv file and the media info says it's not h.263 then there's the problem) .. if your video file is encoded with none other than h.263 and most likely AVC (advanced video code) then it could not be played .. however there's a work around it .. there's a free flv converter by KOYOTE .. use this to convert your flv file encoded differently and convert to an flv file as well but now encoded with h.263 .. then you can play your converted file in your mobile phone .. mobitubia is an awesome mobile flv player and could be more awesome if it can play all flv file regardless of how the video was encoded .. good luck

10:12 pm
Sat 20 Aug

andersde wrote...

great Good Beautiful

4:16 am
Mon 17 Oct

imwa wrote...

I have installed mobitubia and emtube both in my E61i but these app can not play flv and video on youtube. It show ''file not support'' why?

2:16 pm
Thu 20 Oct

jyotiranjan behera wrote...

please give me mobitubia s60v5 software

12:12 pm
Fri 18 Nov

john wrote...


7:31 pm
Thu 24 Nov

kalpesh patel wrote...

dear frands i have n79/ s60 v3 this softare working but i cant play video. There war eror not support so pls help me..

9:14 am
Wed 4 Jan

chandan wrote...


10:39 am
Wed 4 Jan

Sinan wrote...

E 71

11:29 am
Wed 4 Jan

Sinan wrote...

Nokฤฑa e 71

11:44 am
Mon 9 Jan

vineesh wrote...


2:04 am
Wed 29 Feb

Sohag wrote...


12:23 am
Wed 2 May

shifaw wrote...

it is really good application

2:49 pm
Thu 16 Aug

indra wrote...

i will see this software

1:50 pm
Tue 4 Sep

anarosh wrote...

is it will work with G999 G_tide

6:06 pm
Tue 23 Oct

Rasel khan wrote...

Hi, i useing this software in my nokia N73. But it not show any vedio, when i go to chace vedio no vedio show.

2:43 am
Sun 23 Dec

rehanakhatoon wrote...

best all best

6:10 am



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