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» nAlertMe

• Summary: nAlertMe is an accelerometer-based freeware application that sounds a loud alarm when any movement is detected.

Symbian OS
Phone with accelerometer

• Arrived: 2008-11-10
• Found under: alarm, alert, movement, accelerometer,

Symbian nAlertMe freeware

Rating: 3.6/5
» nAlertMe Description


nAlertMe is an accelerometer-based freeware application that sounds a loud alarm when any movement is detected.

Press Options -> Activate alarm.
Then you have few seconds to drop your phone before alarm activation.

To deactivate alarm you must put your phone in defined positions sequences.

This is a second beta and it need some improvements like:

* User defined deactivation sequence
* User defined alarm sound
* Disable phone switch-off

the nAlertMe free for Symbian OS

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Download nAlertMe direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Thu 20 Nov

cooper wrote...

there's a certificate error that keeps popping up. Any way to get round this?

10:17 am
Thu 27 Nov

PANOS wrote...


7:57 am
Thu 27 Nov

Stef wrote...

Hello, How i set my mobile year at 2007? Thanks for the information.. Stef

2:02 pm
Wed 18 Feb

rkad wrote...

hello < i have n95 i really need thats swftware thanks

3:13 pm
Tue 26 May

hafiz wrote...

why nAlertMe application certificate error..please give me others application

7:52 am
Sun 14 Jun

melckman3d wrote...


1:11 am
Fri 26 Jun

chris wrote...

why is it the certificate is error? Wat will i do to download it no errors? Can u help me? Pls! Tnx.

1:00 pm
Tue 24 Nov

elias abi hanna wrote...

doesn't work :)

10:44 am
Tue 2 Mar

duke wrote...

you could tag this with 'proximity sensor' so it shows up in the search. thanks.

6:26 am
Tue 27 Apr

2PeteShakur wrote...

pretty useless app, even tho its free,,,

9:34 am
Tue 6 Jul

SMAr2wo wrote...

wow...nice app! is working but...howww can i turn this alarm offfff!!! is 2:am in the morninngg! :)) ahh :))... i really don't understand the exactly 3 positions to turn it doesn't work like in the application images installed on the smartphone (n958gb)..ok :|...battery out!

5:27 pm
Tue 6 Jul

SMAr2wo wrote...

for melckman3d... for N95 and n95 8gb "certificate error" : some of app. will not work if you change the this will help you, and you will forget once for all about "certificate error" ;) enter here : do not forget to make all the stept in the right order, and pay attention to every detail ;)

6:02 pm
Fri 17 Feb

Justin wrote...

Not open suroce anymore?Why did you turn away from the users?Are you saying that Symbian ^ 3 will be an open platform and we'll make it for myself for the better.

8:55 am
Mon 20 Feb

Ersin Bubektaş wrote...

Cok GΓΌzel

8:53 am
Tue 4 Dec

Gusty wrote...

Barbara, Thank you so much for sharing these phtoos, my eyes were tearing up because of the groom tearing up .sooo nice and your daughter looked beautiful and soo happy!!!! You looked fabulous as always. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures!!!!! Looks like everyone had a great time Thanks again for sharing xoxo

1:41 am



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