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nokia barcode reader

Summary: Nokia Barcode Reader.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-03-11
Found under: barcode, reader, utilities,

Symbian nokia barcode reader freeware

Rating: 2.8/5
nokia barcode reader Description


Nokia barcode includes an optical reader that uses mobile phones devices to add any electronic information or system to printed products and to electronic information on screens.

nokia barcode reader Screenshots

Nokia Barcode Reader. Nokia Barcode Reader.

the nokia barcode reader free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download nokia barcode reader direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Sat 13 Mar

sebastian wrote...

I like symbian very much

9:10 pm
Thu 18 Mar

sebastian wrote...

thanks, your app. is very cool

10:49 pm
Sun 28 Mar

Dipendra wrote...

Its best place...

9:36 pm
Sun 4 Apr

Souheil wrote...

Amazing application Many thanks .

5:41 am
Wed 14 Jul

neko wrote...


1:27 am
Wed 14 Jul

neko wrote...


1:29 am
Wed 28 Jul

Afzal wrote...

Its great.

7:28 am
Tue 10 Aug

The Marching Morons wrote...

+1 for symbian

3:17 am
Mon 4 Oct

phoenix wrote...


10:42 pm
Tue 9 Nov

rajj wrote...

its fck al & a waste.does nt wrk at al.pls dnt buy ths aplication.

1:16 am
Wed 10 Nov

Mahel wrote...

Good app

8:22 am
Thu 9 Dec

Ajinkya kamble wrote...

Plz.......plz.......give this software in ".JAR" Format............plz

8:52 pm
Mon 3 Jan

nitin wrote...

its not work in n5233.

6:35 am
Mon 7 Feb

Wulia0 wrote...

works gr8 on my nokia x5-01, thanks

9:29 am
Tue 8 Feb

smooch wrote...

i'ts a waste of youre time and memory

11:25 am
Sun 13 Mar

suraj vitekar wrote...

coooool app....

4:10 am
Fri 25 Mar

hasan wrote...


6:08 pm
Wed 20 Apr

thesailor wrote...

كيف أحمل البرنامج؟

7:24 pm
Fri 26 Aug

Blake wrote...

not that bad

4:56 am
Sat 1 Oct

harshana wrote...

download fail, please try again later, plz help me

12:04 am
Sun 30 Oct

salih wrote...


3:26 pm
Sat 5 Nov

Kr shekhar wrote...


4:45 am
Sun 15 Jan

Ankit wrote...

It is nice

5:57 am
Sat 28 Jan

Amit wrote...

Lock for n97 latest

11:27 am
Thu 2 Feb

TANVEER wrote...

Very useful software

5:39 am
Sun 4 Mar

fabrizio wrote...


7:08 am
Tue 10 Apr

Bibi wrote...

Nice app

8:33 am
Tue 10 Apr

Bibi wrote...

Nice app

8:33 am
Sun 6 May

claire hooley wrote...

best app

1:53 am
Sun 13 May

srprakash wrote...


8:42 am
Wed 6 Jun

znguray wrote...

البرنامج مفيد جدا جزاكم الله خيرا

3:07 pm
Wed 11 Jul

knoxxio wrote...

Cannot download so no idea

7:11 am
Wed 11 Jul

knoxxio wrote...

Cannot download so no idea

7:12 am
Thu 26 Jul

jtjtgjg wrote...


1:42 am
Fri 21 Sep

Harold wrote...

Gosh, I wish I would have had that information ealirer!

12:13 pm
Sat 29 Sep

Jorge wrote...

The combination of strpeis that comprises the bar codemeans nothing to the gadget that reads it,which is merely a light source and a light sensor.The strpeis are similar in some ways (but very different in others)to the data pits and lands on a CD or DVD.The light reflected from the pattern is converted to electrical pulses,which then must be recognized by a programmed microprocessor,which may be in a computer, or built into a handheld barcode datacollection device (frequently seen being used by personnel in storesto track inventory and generate orders for more merchandise).There are several different protocols used for different barcode systems,so you would need software or a data collector matched tothe specific type of barcode you wanted to read.In any case, it is most likely that the barcode on your school IDcontains nothing more than your student ID number,which may also be printed in ordinary digits above or below the bars.Sorry to figuratively pop your balloon

6:26 am
Sat 20 Oct

ajesh wrote...


6:37 am



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