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» Nokia Mobile dictionary

• Summary: Mobile dictionary is a dictionary application for translating words from one language to another. In addition to pre-installed language(s) you may download additional dictionary languages from this page. The dictionary application allows you to have English and two user-defined languages on your d...

Symbian S60 3rd edition

• Arrived: 2008-09-25
• Found under: ping, network, tools, internet,

Symbian Nokia Mobile dictionary freeware

Rating: 2.7/5
» Nokia Mobile dictionary Description


Developer: Pradeep Kumar Paijwar

Mobile dictionary is a dictionary application for translating words from one language to another. In addition to pre-installed language(s) you may download additional dictionary languages from this page.

The dictionary application allows you to have English and two user-defined languages on your device at the same time. You may freely change the two languages according to your needs. The dictionary application asks you to remove some languages if the total number of three languages is exceed.

the Nokia Mobile dictionary free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Nokia Mobile dictionary direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Thu 25 Sep

Sylvas wrote...

Only for Nokia E66, E71, 5320 XpressMusic, 6210 Navigator, and 6220 classic...

9:38 am
Fri 26 Sep

Ruggiero Riefolo wrote...


2:22 am
Fri 26 Sep

leovacie wrote...

it doesn't work on my express music,,, the dictionary stuff i mean it says my phone doesn't support SIS stuff, though it says it's compatible!!!!!!!!!

10:47 am
Fri 26 Sep

sithet wrote...

Thank god , this is the new best soft

11:17 am
Sat 27 Sep

Lartiste wrote...

Bad News, no link to download Nokia Mobile dictionary for S60, just the langage packs, nothing else. I would wait a few days !

4:32 pm
Sat 27 Sep

paulo wrote...


6:56 pm
Mon 29 Sep

marto wrote...

u r right, no link. did anyone have download it and could mail it?

8:32 am
Wed 1 Oct

swingerman wrote...

The One, who Posted this "App" here should check first the developers page. Now we think this is a downloadable app. It's not downloadable it comes with specific phone models only!!!!

12:32 pm
Thu 2 Oct

Fahim wrote...


9:00 am
Mon 27 Oct

saqi wrote...


10:00 am
Thu 30 Oct

Step Jonedi wrote...

Bad news always stop every start download dictionari to my mobile Nokia E61i

2:14 am
Wed 12 Nov

renu wrote...

Hi dis is vry good site

12:41 am
Fri 21 Nov

phea wrote...


12:59 am
Sat 29 Nov

faisal wrote...

its really help to understand better english and we can learn new words from this

6:45 pm
Sun 30 Nov

Djselwan wrote...

So cool

3:24 am
Mon 22 Dec

hung wrote...


9:57 pm
Mon 19 Jan

mirza wrote...

i need a dictionary for my Nokia N96

9:58 am
Wed 4 Feb

toni wrote...

me gusta este diccionario

3:06 pm
Mon 23 Feb

Michal wrote...

How installed to nokia E-51?

5:31 am
Thu 16 Apr

Aida wrote...

I also need a dictionary for Nokia N96. I failed to find any (free one)... :( Help.

8:54 am
Tue 26 May

sushil wrote...

dictionary is necessary for us

1:25 am
Sat 4 Jul

moidu wrote...

English English Arabic dictionary

12:15 am
Sat 4 Jul

moidu wrote...

Radio recorder software for n95

12:44 am
Tue 21 Jul

Kamal wrote...

english to english dictionary

2:36 am
Wed 5 Aug

dr stanley samuel wrote...

Its very good

11:49 am
Sun 16 Aug

joshua gangte wrote...

i need a dictionary for my N958GB mu no is +919436164798

5:42 am
Tue 25 Aug

a gufran wrote...

i need a dictionary for my NOKIA7210 my MOB. No. 0958475007

3:21 am
Thu 27 Aug

tanveer alam wrote...

i need dictionary & smartmovie player for my 5800

4:42 am
Fri 25 Sep

Ravi wrote...

I need dictionary for my nokia 6233 handset.

5:34 am
Thu 8 Oct

Jeroen wrote...

Why can you only add two languages? It's pretty useful to have more than three, especially if you travel a lot. I hate deleting and adding languages all the time! Why not make the app suitable for say 10 languages??

9:53 am
Fri 23 Oct

ajay singh wrote...

i need this dictionary for nokia 7210 supernova

5:49 am
Fri 6 Nov

althaf wrote...

tried long but failed to download

12:41 pm
Sat 14 Nov

philip wrote...

i need this dictionary for nokia e51

11:51 pm
Sat 28 Nov

fouad wrote...

may god keep you

2:09 am
Thu 3 Dec

dibyendoo wrote...

i need an eng to eng dictionary for my nokia6681 mobile

9:27 am
Fri 11 Dec

satyam wrote...

i need an eng to eng dictionary for my nokia n73 mobile

12:14 am
Thu 17 Dec

davoud azimi wrote...

i need an eng to eng dictionary for my nokia n73 mobile

1:03 pm
Tue 29 Dec

Mohammad Nasir Uddin wrote...

I need eng to eng dictionary for Nokia 5800 express music

3:34 am
Wed 6 Jan

kuldeep wrote...

its really good for mobile users74564

10:53 pm
Mon 8 Mar

bashar wrote...

i need this app for E51, how can?

12:41 am
Mon 8 Mar

bashar wrote...

is this app supported for E51?

12:43 am
Fri 2 Apr

magne wrote...

Just wish they had text-to-speech files that covered all languages. Been trying to find vietnamese, but no...

8:23 am
Sun 11 Apr

Pham wrote...

Trying ...

4:05 pm
Thu 27 May

zhretflsteen wrote...

thank you

7:14 pm
Fri 28 May

bebo wrote...


7:38 pm
Tue 8 Jun

Elgemmi wrote...

Want dictionary

12:59 am
Tue 8 Jun

SANDEEP wrote...

i need an eng to eng dictionary for my nokia n73 mobile

6:20 am
Mon 14 Jun

atif wrote...

n85 urdu dictionary

8:47 pm
Tue 15 Jun

Rahul wrote...

Want eng 2 eng dict

7:15 pm
Wed 23 Jun

Jageshaamit wrote...


11:56 am
Fri 9 Jul

Lingcon wrote...

I am poor man I need it

12:38 pm
Sat 24 Jul

wahid wrote...

is it working on nokia 6700 slide ?

9:21 am
Sun 8 Aug

m.azhar uddin wrote...

this is good for student .

11:23 pm
Wed 11 Aug

Siddhesh wrote...


5:14 am
Sat 21 Aug

amaheshraj wrote...

its nice

10:28 am
Thu 26 Aug

David wrote...

Thank You

8:20 pm
Sun 26 Sep

Rajaram wrote...

not getting installed on my Nokia N81 ;;-(( can any1 send such nice dictionary softwares to my mail plsss........

4:49 am
Thu 30 Sep

Umaak wrote...

Hi ì have N73 i try to find a autosearch english to english dictionary but i dont find it, plz tell me where i find it

1:03 pm
Tue 5 Oct

asankalal wrote...


9:59 pm
Thu 7 Oct

Eneji wrote...

I need a fre dictionary for my nokia2700classic

3:48 am
Thu 14 Oct

Tabrez wrote...

i need dictionary for Nokia 6600.

7:32 am
Sun 17 Oct

rietsayon wrote...


9:17 pm
Mon 18 Oct

FARAZ ALI wrote...


5:10 am
Sun 24 Oct

Marn wrote...

I really need the dictionary

10:29 am
Wed 27 Oct

billy wrote...

i really like this stuff

2:14 pm
Sat 20 Nov

Suresh meena wrote...

My nokia 6303c ke liya dic. Kon c hai

7:05 am
Mon 22 Nov

parvez wrote...

I want English to Bengali Dictionary for NOKIA 5130. Please

3:18 am
Thu 2 Dec

hashmatullah wrote...

i need to dictionary mobile how can download the dictionary ?

1:12 am
Fri 3 Dec

moeyessa wrote...


1:07 am
Sat 4 Dec

hassan mailk wrote...

need for nokia-6303classic

6:16 am
Sat 4 Dec

safwan wrote...

I like it

7:25 am
Fri 24 Dec

rajesh wrote...

i need mobile dictionary for my nokia mobile model 2700 classic

7:13 am
Fri 24 Dec

rajesh wrote...

i need mobile dictionary for my nokia mobile model 2700 classic my number is +919677164500

7:14 am
Fri 31 Dec

saravanan wrote...

hi every body

9:43 pm
Sun 2 Jan

shikhar wrote...

Is this work in nokia5233?

8:47 pm
Tue 11 Jan

srinivasan wrote...

very good

12:09 pm
Sat 22 Jan

donyy wrote...

very good

7:41 pm
Sun 23 Jan

Radhadash19 wrote...

Give easy download option.

1:18 am
Mon 24 Jan

furqan wrote...

i want to download mobile dictionary for E-5 and whenever i search for it,i never find the compatible dictionary for e-5..please help me

8:13 am
Tue 25 Jan

Ashvini thanvi wrote...

I want a free download english 2 english and hindi dictionery for my N2690 {nokia}

3:06 pm
Tue 25 Jan

Vandita wrote...

I want mobile english to english and hindi both for nokia 5130 and 6233.please

3:12 pm
Wed 26 Jan wrote...

I have a nok3120classic.any person this software send my any girls cha t withme

7:35 pm
Mon 31 Jan

Shah wrote...

Its good

4:43 am
Sun 6 Feb

ahmad wrote...


5:07 pm
Sun 6 Feb

ahmad wrote...


5:08 pm
Sun 6 Feb

ahmad wrote...


5:09 pm
Sun 6 Feb

ahmad wrote...


5:09 pm
Sun 6 Feb

ahmad wrote...


5:10 pm
Tue 8 Feb

Khalid wrote...


10:50 am
Thu 10 Feb

Mumtazul haque wrote...

I'm lovin it

1:57 pm
Sun 6 Mar

mohd wahed wrote...

I need dictionary for n73

11:51 am
Wed 9 Mar

memey wrote...

i need it for n96

4:42 am
Thu 17 Mar

moremoney wrote...

If you have Nokia series60 phone, to get this software you have to download it freely on Nokia's website

5:51 am
Sat 26 Mar

Semenewi wrote...

does not work on N96

5:54 pm
Sun 27 Mar

monmon wrote...

does it work on N8????

3:52 pm
Mon 28 Mar

mitesh wrote...

I wanna english marathi dictionary.

4:53 am
Tue 29 Mar

Ashley wrote...

Want dictionary

8:41 am
Thu 21 Apr

seasonal trade co. wrote...

nokia n 73

4:39 am
Sun 5 Jun

jasbir wrote...


5:27 pm
Sun 19 Jun

jone wrote...

I wanna english 2english dictionary

2:15 am
Wed 22 Jun

Vipin wrote...

the software is good

9:46 am
Wed 29 Jun

annu wrote...

I like games and want a dicitionary

8:17 am
Fri 8 Jul

Subham wrote...

I need english dictionary

9:32 am
Thu 21 Jul

Pranav wrote...

Wow! Works fine

3:37 am
Sun 31 Jul

Showgi wrote...


10:49 am
Thu 4 Aug

adina sharma wrote...

i wanna dictionary if any1 have then mail me plz id iz

9:24 pm
Sun 14 Aug

nkosilosizo dube wrote...

i realy need a dictionary on my nokia N70

9:30 am
Mon 29 Aug

Dipankar wrote...


4:49 am
Tue 30 Aug

Stylereyad wrote...


11:07 am
Sun 4 Sep

Niaz wrote...

Like urdu dic for e66

12:34 am
Mon 12 Sep

anand wrote...


6:55 am
Tue 13 Sep

mamun wrote...

i need eng2bangla dictionary for nokia 5233

6:00 am
Wed 14 Sep

Nishank Mittal wrote...

i like dis

1:58 am
Fri 30 Sep

shahabuddin wrote...


12:55 pm
Sun 9 Oct

joshua imala wrote...

i need a dictionary for my nokia phone nokia 6303i classic please

11:10 am
Mon 17 Oct

hoksambatt wrote...

Thank, that gives it mor me!!!!

8:03 pm
Sun 23 Oct

mevalkhan wrote...

thanks that gives it mor me

1:28 pm
Thu 3 Nov

Abhishek wrote...


10:35 am
Thu 3 Nov

kapil wrote...


10:44 am
Thu 3 Nov

khaldoon wrote...

very nice thanks

7:06 pm
Fri 4 Nov

samuel wrote...


11:26 pm
Fri 11 Nov

surajchettri wrote...

hope it works

6:27 am
Mon 21 Nov

sulfi wrote...

i need an eng to eng dictionary for my nokia n73 mobile

9:44 pm
Tue 29 Nov

Azeem wrote...

I want uni dic for my nokia 5250

2:03 am
Wed 30 Nov

Harendra wrote...

Happy new year

9:43 am
Tue 6 Dec

naeem wrote...


9:00 am
Fri 9 Dec

mustaqim wrote...

my first time

10:08 am
Fri 16 Dec

shah husaain wrote...

salam dears i have nokia E5.00 if any one know about the advance mobile dictionary then please send me such websites on this number 00923459336785 I will be very thankful Ullah Hafiz

10:04 am
Mon 26 Dec

risi wrote...


4:19 am
Sat 7 Jan

Ibrahim wrote...

How can i download dictionary in Nokia E51

3:08 am
Fri 13 Jan

abando wrote...


7:20 am
Thu 19 Jan

Amos akhas wrote...

i thank god for the authors who join hands together to write dictionary, may the peace of the lord be with you all in jesus name. Amen

12:13 am
Sat 21 Jan

avinash kumar wrote...

I need to english to hindi dictionary for my nokia 5130c-2 mobile

1:38 am
Tue 24 Jan

Shah hussain wrote...

X2-01 mobile

10:36 pm
Fri 27 Jan

attaullah wrote...

n73 urdu simbiyan

12:32 pm
Wed 8 Feb

Free89angel wrote...

Fantastic dic

5:01 pm
Wed 15 Feb

Nazif wrote...

i am really very happy to use this.

10:46 am
Fri 17 Feb

Don2222 wrote...

Wow it's good

5:05 am
Fri 17 Feb

Don shiva wrote...

I need english kannada dictionary for my mobile nokia n70-1

5:09 am
Sun 4 Mar

goli wrote...

سلام..دیکشنری زبان انگلیسی بامعنی فارسی برای گوشیم میخوام.مدل گوشیم همnokia5233

5:19 am
Sun 4 Mar

goli wrote...

سلام..دیکشنری زبان انگلیسی بامعنی فارسی برای گوشیم میخوام.مدل گوشیم همnokia5233

5:20 am
Thu 8 Mar

Roka wrote...

Thank's alot it is very usefule and interisting

1:51 pm
Tue 20 Mar

Msbaloch wrote...

For knowldge

4:37 pm
Thu 29 Mar

dharm wrote...


8:37 am
Wed 4 Apr

Ramesh Narwade wrote...

Mere Nokia 5800 xpress music par Eng to Mar dictionary download karana hai.. Plz call me 9822428155

2:11 pm
Sun 8 Apr

ramu wrote...

nokia 7210supnova discnary

1:33 pm
Fri 13 Apr

Senthil kumaran wrote...


9:29 am
Mon 23 Apr

parveen wrote...

Dear please send for nokia x2 01 dictionary at my mail.

2:54 pm
Thu 24 May

Pradeep wrote...

Dear please send me mobile dictionary for Nokia x2-01 on my email.

12:26 pm
Fri 25 May

chanchal wrote...


11:28 am
Fri 25 May

chanchal wrote...


11:29 am
Sun 27 May

Ah@d wrote...


6:30 pm
Fri 1 Jun

mochabi wrote...


6:01 pm
Mon 25 Jun

fadi wrote...

It's very useful

2:13 am
Sat 30 Jun

Zamankhan wrote...

Nokia n73 mobile dictionary

11:38 pm
Thu 5 Jul

nitish kumar wrote...

dictionary download

4:11 pm
Sun 8 Jul

Alsayed wrote...

It is good thank

2:52 pm
Sun 15 Jul

Mansoor wrote...

i need mobile dictionary for my nokia 300. plz help. will b thankful.

11:48 pm
Sun 15 Jul

Mansoor wrote...

but it should oxford advance larner.

11:50 pm
Tue 31 Jul

sabita nayak wrote...

so good

8:06 am
Sat 25 Aug

laxman neupane wrote...

i have nokia-asha202 handset. I need English- English-Nepali dictionary in my mobile. Plz kindly mail me in my gmail id.i will be glad with you.

9:19 pm
Wed 29 Aug

Guddu wrote...


9:41 pm
Fri 31 Aug

jubair wrote...

that is very cool

10:09 am
Mon 10 Sep

Augustine masimango wrote...

I need english

11:21 am
Tue 9 Oct

mosaab wrote...

very goode

11:07 am
Fri 19 Oct

ahmed wrote...


4:49 am
Fri 16 Nov

pawan kumar wrote...


3:51 am
Tue 20 Nov

mohamed wrote...

nokia 6120c

10:25 pm



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