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OggPlay v1.72

Summary: OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones.

Symbian UIQ, s60, s80, s90

Arrived: 2008-02-14
Found under: audio, player, music, ogg, track, UIQ, s60, s80, s90,

Symbian OggPlay v1.72 freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
OggPlay v1.72 Description


Developer: OggPlay Team

OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones.

Main features of OggPlay:
+ Plays .ogg, .oga and .flac audio files (.mp3 support coming soon)
+ Detects and plays audio formats supported by the phone (MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, WMA)
+ Skins (you can make your own, or use already made ones)
+ User defined hotkeys
+ Auto play
+ Shuffle play
+ Alarm clock
+ Digital volume adjustment (aka volume boost)
+ Gapless playback (coming soon)
+ Bluetooth / Wi-fi / internet streaming (coming soon)
+ Free!

the OggPlay v1.72 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download OggPlay v1.72 direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Fri 15 Feb

renaka wrote...

no songs info, no playlist... :(

10:21 pm
Sun 17 Feb

chater wrote...


5:16 am
Sun 17 Feb

sorin wrote...


4:03 pm
Tue 19 Feb

mohamedatef wrote...


6:23 pm
Tue 19 Feb

Reddy wrote...


10:09 pm
Wed 20 Feb

chandhrashekar wrote...

very good

1:14 am
Thu 28 Feb

singh wrote...


4:19 am
Thu 6 Mar

myasirchaudary wrote...


2:33 am
Thu 20 Mar

joydias wrote...

ok and good

7:20 am
Wed 26 Mar

mr.macho wrote...


10:43 am
Wed 26 Mar

Jose Juan Martinez wrote...


3:01 pm
Thu 3 Apr

tuan wrote...


4:31 am
Thu 3 Apr

zidi wrote...

Tres bien

10:56 am
Sat 5 Apr

JuppZupp wrote...


2:04 am
Sun 6 Apr

kaushik guha wrote...

Have downloaded oggplayer 1.69 in my nokia 7710. It plays mp3 files. But how to operate volume boost up. How doest it function? Regards

3:18 am
Thu 10 Apr

shahil006 wrote...


5:03 am
Sun 20 Apr

Devrshi wrote...


2:52 pm
Thu 24 Apr

che keng wrote...

i wan

7:21 am
Thu 24 Apr

rijat wrote...


12:20 pm
Tue 29 Apr

Abdul Hakim wrote...

For Nokia 6120 c

2:55 am
Sat 3 May

lafarge wrote...

i wish to ve it

3:27 pm
Fri 9 May

Twyte wrote...


8:26 pm
Tue 20 May

manish wrote...


2:56 am
Sun 25 May

Busrak Shata wrote...

very good you are helf me thank you

1:25 am
Sun 25 May

Busrak Shata wrote...


1:47 am
Tue 3 Jun

busrak shata wrote...


1:08 pm
Wed 25 Jun

ar3xa wrote...

very good

10:26 pm
Sat 26 Jul

sach wrote...


10:17 am
Mon 28 Jul

silver wrote...


10:44 am
Sun 7 Sep

Ndie wrote...

Ogg player

7:00 am
Sat 13 Sep

jibril wrote...

good and god bless you

12:29 pm
Thu 18 Jun

all-leftbroken wrote...

is it compatible with P910i?

11:18 pm
Thu 29 Oct

jaspar wrote...


4:46 am
Tue 8 Dec

Masruni wrote...

Its nice 4 my nokia 6120c. Thank u

7:16 am
Tue 4 May

narayana wrote...


4:40 am
Mon 15 Nov

Sisil wrote...

Thx u..

10:20 am
Mon 10 Jan

k mayur wrote...


1:25 am
Tue 18 Jan

ramagar wrote...


6:24 am
Fri 21 Jan

Abdurrahman wrote...

ok best

7:09 am
Tue 8 Feb

Peter de Bruin wrote...

Not available for S60 5th...

5:48 pm
Fri 30 Dec

Aboobackerkodakkad wrote...


3:07 pm
Tue 8 Jan

Omar wrote...

Συμφωνώ και επαυξάνω. Με την τεχνολογία των κινητών έχουμε χάσει εντελώς το νόημα της προσωπικής ζωής αφού ο καθένας μπορεί να μας βρει όπου και αν είμαστε, ότι ώρα θέλει και για τον πλέον άσχετο λόγο. Και αν είναι με καλό σκοπό τότε το ανεχόμαστε. Αν όμως είναι κακοπροαίρετο τότε χαλάμε τα νεύρα μας...Επίσης το να κλείσουμε το κινητό δεν λύνει το πρόβλημα αφού καταργεί την ουσία της ύπαρξής του, δηλαδή το να μπορεί να μας βρει κάποιος που πρέπει να μας βρει όταν αυτό είναι αναγκαίο. Ευτυχώς που η τεχνολογία έχει και την καλή της πλευρά (πχ internet) και βρίσκουμε και καμιά λύση...Σωστός ο Γιώργος. Καλή συνέχεια φίλε.

7:24 am



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