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» PhoneTunes - Remote Control for Apple iTunes

• Summary: PhoneTunes provides an Apple iTunes interface for a Smartphone, allowing you to control your music collection from the comfort of your phone.


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• Arrived: 2007-09-18
• Found under: phonetunes, remote, control, apple, itunes,

Symbian PhoneTunes - Remote Control for Apple iTunes freeware

Rating: 3.4/5
» PhoneTunes - Remote Control for Apple iTunes Description


Developer: Devlex


PhoneTunes provides an Apple iTunes interface for a phone, allowing you to control your music collection from the comfort of your phone.

The PhoneTunes client collates a database of your entire music collection directly onto the phone. No slow connecting and browsing between the phone and the PC - all you music is right there on your phone.

It's quick, snappy and simple to use.


  • Seamless Bluetooth Integration (support for the Toshiba, Widcomm, BlueSoleil, Microsoft and other common bluetooth stacks)
  • No user configuration - works right out of the box! Direct access to the bluetooth stack, no slow browsing-for bluetooth devices or time spent attempting to connect-to a Bluetooth device -  it just works!
  • Supports Bluetooth, WiFi or even GPRS\3G connections
  • Support for queuing individual tracks, albums or whole playlists.
  • Skip forward or back in the playlist from the smartphone
  • Pause current track from the smartphone
  • Supports all Series60 phones in their native screen resolutions
  • Adjust the iTunes volume from the smartphone
  • Fully compatible with Windows Vista
  • Extra hidden features - you gotta find them, we are not telling you what they are. (But they are very smart)


System Requirements:

  • Apple iTunes 4.7.0 or later
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • A Symbian Series60 (version 1,2 or 3) phone
  • Connectivity (one of)
    • Bluetooth PC support; PhoneTunes has Native support for Microsoft, Widcomm (Broadcom) and Toshiba Bluetooth stacks and Bluetooth Serial Port support for use with other Bluetooth configurations (e.g. IVT BlueSoleil)
    • A Series60 phone supporting WiFi
    • A Series60 phone setup with a 3G\GPRS access point

the PhoneTunes - Remote Control for Apple iTunes free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download PhoneTunes - Remote Control for Apple iTunes direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Wed 19 Sep

jitendra wrote...

nothing but want to download more....

4:18 am
Sat 13 Oct

taufik arifin wrote...

thanks,bagus banget nich....?

5:58 am
Mon 15 Oct

peri wrote...

This Application is good

12:07 am
Fri 19 Oct

heriyanto wrote...

thanks. Oke banget............?

11:30 pm
Fri 19 Oct

heriyanto wrote...

thanks. Oke banget............?

11:35 pm
Mon 29 Oct

borge wrote...


10:20 am
Fri 16 Nov

Karin wrote...


7:04 pm
Tue 20 Nov

zaib wrote...

my phone 6120c nokia

9:50 pm
Sat 24 Nov

ficotdy wrote...

good site

10:09 am
Sat 8 Dec

alexsatrio wrote...


6:01 am
Sat 22 Dec

ALEX wrote...


7:21 am
Mon 24 Dec

goki wrote...


1:21 pm
Thu 27 Dec

emre samet wrote...

Allah razı olsun kardeş te ben bişi anlamadım bu proğram iηin bil. dada blootooed olması gerekio demi

5:15 am
Sun 30 Dec

levent wrote...


12:12 am
Mon 21 Jan

madhu wrote...


4:18 am
Mon 21 Jan

matt wrote...


11:51 pm
Mon 18 Feb

cjmcguinness wrote...

Cool app. Found one problem, though. Only supports a maximum of 50 album titles per artist. Any reason for this?

6:53 pm
Fri 22 Feb

chatchai wrote...


7:43 am
Sat 19 Apr

άnal wrote...


3:10 pm
Sat 19 Apr

άnal wrote...

nokia n93

3:15 pm
Mon 12 May

H3NR! wrote...

This is of the best..

1:16 am
Wed 14 May

remco wrote...

nokia e50

3:12 pm
Tue 11 Aug

Sachintha wrote...

I downloaded the app from here, but i only got the windows part of the application.Can you help me on that?thanks in advance.

6:22 am
Thu 13 Aug

Patricio Flores wrote...


1:48 pm
Fri 18 Sep

mkliby wrote...

is perfect thanks

1:23 am
Wed 27 Jan

mattia wrote...

does it work on nokia n97 mini?

2:41 pm
Mon 1 Feb

tbert wrote...


3:04 pm
Sat 24 Jul

bulat wrote...


2:59 pm
Sat 14 Aug

Malinda wrote...


4:57 am
Mon 6 Sep

Ashish wrote...

How to download in Nokia 3230 ?

1:22 pm
Sat 2 Apr

justin evans wrote...

i want itunes for nokia n70

6:48 am
Fri 6 Jan

Sudheeksh wrote...

I want itunes for nokia 6600

11:41 pm
Sat 7 Jan

Paul simbeye wrote...

Please i need itunes for my nokia 6600

12:41 pm
Fri 6 Apr

danica wrote...


10:42 pm
Thu 29 Nov

mare wrote...

don't working

5:17 am



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