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QUAKE for s60 3rd edition

Summary: QUAKE s60 is a Symbian OS port of the famous 3D shooter game where you have to fight person to person with 3-dimensional models. THIS SOFTWARE REQUIRES AN S60 PHONE BASED ON S60_FP1(like N95), AND ARMV6 PROCESSOR. WILL NOT ON WORK ON OLDER 3RD EDITION PHONES Download quake_v101_armv6_fpu.sisx...

Symbian OS s60 3rd edition with FP1

Arrived: 2007-09-11
Found under: quake, game, arcade, shooter,

Symbian QUAKE for s60 3rd edition freeware

Rating: 3.4/5
QUAKE for s60 3rd edition Description


Developer: hinkka

QUAKE s60 is a Symbian OS port of the famous 3D shooter game where you have to fight person to person with 3-dimensional models.


quake_v101_armv6_fpu.sisx - this version is for phones which have a floating point unit (ie. N95)
quake_v101_armv6_nofpu.sisx - a non fpu build for phone without fpu (ie. 6290)
pips_s60_wp.sis - Symbian P.I.P.S. C-Runtime library. Required by both of the game versions

the QUAKE for s60 3rd edition free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download QUAKE for s60 3rd edition direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Sat 15 Sep

neoxyty wrote...

for E90 ?

1:42 am
Wed 19 Sep

dimka wrote...

Nokia N73?

6:32 am
Sun 7 Oct

eugene wrote...


6:45 am
Fri 19 Oct

reza wrote...


9:32 am
Fri 2 Nov

der_dealer wrote...

cmon on which phones it does work? everytime i google for it i only find the copied text from the developer website. i also think i have a "newer" 3rd ed phone, but i do not find any exact list which phones are supportet!

4:34 am
Sat 3 Nov

momin wrote...


2:43 am
Sat 10 Nov

Vaiga wrote...

Best........... Thanks

10:53 am
Sun 11 Nov

Vijaysakaray wrote...


8:35 pm
Sat 24 Nov

gabriel wrote...

good,verry good

5:18 am
Sun 25 Nov

peter wrote...

hi i download tha game i install includin pips is well. i have the ikon in my device bat didint start the game. if somebody have any idea please help my email is thanx

1:08 pm
Sun 2 Dec

Nithin wrote...

Hey guys it shows corrupt file in my n73 could some one help me out?

2:13 am
Sat 8 Dec

Andre wrote...

Same problem with Peter, can anyone tell me how to have this game start?

6:26 am
Thu 27 Dec

omid wrote...

i like it

1:32 am
Sat 29 Dec

duyu wrote...

corrupt zip file. Pls do something abt it

2:31 pm
Thu 24 Jan

Warren wrote...

N73? Shows file not supported,please advise asap guys

3:34 am
Fri 15 Feb

deems wrote...

hi. i downloaded this game but the problem is i cant make it run. i used se p1i. pls help me

10:10 pm
Sat 23 Feb

dior wrote...

its good to have a free gare

2:30 am
Thu 13 Mar

Pica_pau wrote...

To me says that the certificate was expired, and refuses to install on N95 8Gb!!!! Any Idea or solution?

1:26 pm
Fri 4 Apr

JtathaK wrote...

i found this walk through

11:34 pm
Wed 28 May

santhana krishnan wrote...


10:43 pm
Fri 20 Jun

AJ0224 wrote...

Can dis game compatible wid 6680 ? Any1 plz response

8:45 am
Wed 22 Oct

Waqas wrote...


7:03 am
Fri 23 Jan

mike wrote...


9:25 pm
Tue 10 Feb

rajiv wrote...

nokia n95 software

4:11 am
Mon 2 Mar

edoftech wrote...

the n73 and 6680 are too old, your looking at any phone thats newer than the n95 plum, the issue with it saying certicitate expiered is where you need to correct your date and time to get it to work does anyone have a copy of this before it became corrupt?

8:33 am
Fri 20 Mar

jemfula wrote...

great mobile site

4:37 am
Sat 11 Apr

Tilwin joy wrote...

My n73 music editiom shows corrupted file! Plz help me out...

9:58 pm
Tue 25 Aug

fahad wrote...

i have the same problem with peter . My device is nokia n95 8gb when i finish downloading the game the only thing appears to me is the ikon of the game i cannot start the game , please . Help me , and if u got the game and the full tools , send it to me via e-mail , or send what you know to me. And Thanx

1:35 pm
Sat 9 Jan

andy wrote...

pls cn u upload the games,any 'call of duty'for N79..i like big size..very nice....

5:37 am
Sat 13 Feb

Indro wrote...


6:28 am
Tue 18 Jan

Olli wrote...

for E5-00 ?

12:25 pm
Fri 21 Jan

Ryanbadnes wrote...

Y can't this game start on my n95 I only get the icon of it?

1:34 pm
Sat 9 Apr

prairnath wrote...

free download

3:27 am
Tue 30 Aug

rajesh wrote...


6:22 am
Sun 30 Oct

P@R@D0X wrote...

I Need Help Can I Run Quake on Nokia N73? Symbian PIPS v1.3 SDL Installed but, Menu:Not Supported Error. Can I Find preFP1 Version Quake?

2:30 am



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