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Reperion GPS TrailExplorer

Summary: Reperion Mobile Trail Explorer is a real-time Java Mobile GPS Tracking application. You can upload your GPS position and others can follow you around in Google Earth.

Mobile phone with Java MIDP-2.0 and CLDC-1.1 support.
Support for Bluetooth connections (JSR 82)
Support for File connection (JSR 75)
External GPS device with Bluetooth support

Arrived: 2007-10-06
Found under: java, gps, navigation, google earth,

Symbian Reperion GPS TrailExplorer freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
Reperion GPS TrailExplorer Description


Developer: Reperion

Reperion Mobile Trail Explorer is a real-time Java Mobile GPS Tracking application. You can upload your GPS position and others can follow you around in Google Earth.

Use of this application is free. It is an adaptation of TrailExplorer� .
Users can upload and view their tracks in real-time using a Java mobile phone and GPS device.
Recorded tracks can be exported in KML or GPX format. KML files can be viewed in Google Earth application.
Reperion Mobile Trail Explorer is mainly targeted for Real Time GPS Tracking in Google Earth,
You Move, Others Can See Where You Are. Using Google Earth. Virtual Earth, Google Maps.

the Reperion GPS TrailExplorer free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Sat 6 Oct

Reperion wrote...

Dear Symbian S60 3rd gen. phone owners : Please allow us to introduce an adaptation of TrailExplorer. This version was enhanced to be able to send your live GPS positions over the internet to a mapping server that provides numerous things to you, the user. After signing up with Reperion (Free) you will have created an account that enables you - realtime Google Earth tracking, allow people to follow you in realtime in Google Earth. All they have to do is add a network link to your account - realtime tracking in Google Maps - realtime tracking in Microsoft Virtual Earth - realtime tracking in Yahoo! Maps - history retention - offline KMLCOMPOSER that composes your tracks according to a definable period. To use this software you MUST use an EXTERNAL GPS even if you have one inside. Please signup to the free Reperion Tracking service and enter the usernama and password in the application under RECORDING. The software won't send a position if you don't move. Please set the update frequency to 10 seconds instead of 1 second. 10 seconds for ONLINE, 1 second for offline recording. We hope you want to help contribute to make this applcication even more versatile, please visit/join best regards and hope we to meet many innovative people who don't mind using BETA's Reperion Team.

7:08 am
Sat 6 Oct

Reperion Free GPS Tracking software for Symbian wrote...

Signup first for an account at then browse to

7:54 am
Sun 7 Oct

Krasi wrote...


3:58 am
Sun 28 Oct

Rami wrote...


11:30 am
Sat 3 Nov

momin wrote...


2:34 am
Sat 3 Nov

momin wrote...

is good

2:35 am
Mon 19 Nov

veilside wrote...


1:19 am
Wed 28 Nov

Atul wrote...

Its great

7:11 pm
Sun 16 Dec

Jirkus wrote...


7:02 pm
Wed 5 Mar

marco wrote...

very good

10:19 am
Thu 27 Mar

John wrote...

Why can't you use an internal GPS?

10:19 pm
Wed 23 Apr

beni setiawan wrote...

your site is the bad

3:07 am
Wed 28 May

mike wrote...


11:16 am
Thu 3 Sep

Samrat raj wrote...


1:54 am
Tue 8 Sep

hubert wrote...


2:14 pm
Fri 16 Oct

zeeshan wrote...


8:54 am
Sat 22 May

geek wrote...

it works (E51)

12:32 pm
Sat 9 Oct

Ari Syamsudin wrote...

I'm here now

10:47 am
Sat 9 Oct

Ari Syamsudin wrote...

I'm here now

10:48 am
Wed 27 Oct

kallie wrote...

The questions is if one can create a track (kml) file on GE and upload it to my device to follow the route?

3:14 am
Fri 29 Apr

lakmal wrote...

just it

11:04 pm
Thu 5 May

slmw2012 wrote...

Nokia C5-00

4:28 pm
Thu 21 Jul

abbas muhammad wrote...

please i need it as a geologist

4:55 am
Thu 18 Aug

Mohit kumar wrote...

This intresting

8:03 am
Sun 1 Apr

Vishal puri wrote...

geologist need maps..

1:51 pm
Tue 8 May

sopheak wrote...


6:38 am
Mon 8 Oct

butch caburian wrote...

downloading this apps might be the answer to my needs.

2:25 am
Mon 8 Oct

butch caburian wrote...


2:30 am



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