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More than 2000 free Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition freeware games, themes and apps for your Nokia phone.

Enhance your Nokia phone with wireless tools, mobile email, themes and skins plus hundreds of mobile games, utilities and GPS software for Symbian S60 smartphones. Load free apps on your Nokia n97, X6, XpressMusic 5800, Satio and Vivaz Pro phone !

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» Skyfire

• Summary: Skyfire, a free, downloadable mobile browser, gives you a Web browsing experience exactly like PC browsing. Watch videos, connect with friends, listen to music, and shop. It’s the PC web, real fast.

Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition

• Arrived: 2010-01-21
• Found under: web, browser, utilities, s60, flash,

Symbian Skyfire freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
» Skyfire Description


What is Skyfire?

Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile browser that gives you a Web browsing experience exactly like PC browsing.

Skyfire 1.5 Launches for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition!
For the first time, Skyfire is available also for the 5th Edition phones and the latest touch screen Nokia phones. The new interface is finger-friendly for these stylus-free screens. The release includes a more intuitive user interface for all users, and even faster browsing.

Read more about the new release here

Note! The new version 1.5 for Symbian and WindowsMobile is not available for download in China for the time being.

The best mobile browsing experience

For the first time ever, on your phone, you can watch any video, connect with friends, listen to music, shop, and browse the web using the full-featured PC versions of your favorite websites. With Skyfire, mobile browsing just works - speedy page loads, full video, images and audio.


Watch any video

Stay connected

YouTube, Hulu, any web video - you name it - it's playing on Skyfire. Skyfire is the only mobile browser that supports full Flash and Windows Media videos, including Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0.

Follow your friends' Facebook and Twitter updates plus keep track of news, sports, video and other content in your own customizable activity feed.

Share instantly

Browse any page

Easily share what you find on the web or what you are up to. Post web pages and status updates to Facebook and Twitter, with one click!

Browse your favorite websites on Skyfire exactly like you do on your PC. No compromises! We’re the only mobile browser to support all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript, Flash 10 – it just works.

Blazing fast


Skyfire fires up fast and web pages load quickly. Don’t take our word for it, check out this showdown by Laptop Magazine.



the Skyfire free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Skyfire direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Mon 15 Dec

Okkkk wrote...

Very good

3:13 am
Mon 15 Dec

brian wrote...

i really have this software a chance. I re-installed cu least 4 times. But there's just one word for Skyfire on n95 8gb - unstable. Must try harder guys. Looking forward to the next release.

2:38 pm
Tue 16 Dec

darma wrote...

exc me, is the skyfire compatible for my e90?thanks.

2:34 am
Wed 17 Dec

Youpi wrote...

Excellent, and flash works perfectly. Realy amasing.

5:28 am
Fri 19 Dec

abbas wrote...

is a very good one for my nokia e71

2:59 pm
Sun 21 Dec

soenam10 wrote...


1:30 pm
Sun 28 Dec

kovacz wrote...

I've tried it numerous times on Nokia E71, E61, Asus P550 and Treo Pro... It sucks on all 4! The obsession with beinf webvideo-capable seems to be driving more and more developers in madness. Yes, skyfire can play youtube content yada yada yada, but everything else about it sucks! Opening bookmarks, history etc takes ages, cause they are stored on rheir server instead of on your phone. Zoom takes forever, and zoom out especially tends to freeze the apps (mind you, that Asus is a very fast wm device...). Overall, it's almost as over-hyped as the iPhone, but for once tge iPhone is better, and that's saying something. Skyfire? More a flash in the pan. Avoid!

7:25 pm
Wed 31 Dec

Aziz wrote...

very nice browser

5:00 am
Fri 9 Jan

Abomon wrote...


12:01 pm
Tue 27 Jan

Sanjay wrote...

When i tried to install on my nokia 7610 it appears as corrupted file..Is there any version of skyfire for nokia 7610?

10:39 pm
Mon 9 Feb

Fida wrote...

To Sanjay: No, man, no. The world is a fit place for the rich and affluent. No one thinks about your 7610 and my N70. :-(

3:26 am
Sun 22 Feb

Panda wrote...

Its a good app. It makes my nokia more complete...

10:12 pm
Fri 13 Mar

kris wrote...

i'll try this browser because i want to navigate without xhtml code/mobile version...any sites on mobile version are different than the original!

6:58 am
Sat 4 Apr

MAHENDER wrote...

can i use for nokia 3110c

9:13 am
Wed 6 May

style_man52 wrote...

Thank you.Good

12:17 pm
Wed 13 May

Sezgin wrote...

very effective and fast browser.I can see youtube videos!

11:36 am
Thu 21 May

bonx wrote...

hi, where can I download skyfire for uiq??? please help me...

8:40 am
Thu 28 May

Rommel wrote...

Libre ba ang skyfire?nad0wnload q na using ucweb..pero d q ma0pen..failed to c0nnect lage

1:02 am
Fri 29 May

yamin khalid wrote...

I tried to give user name and password but each time it erased my password and re-asked for it. why do you insist for a password. I could not download the symbian software for my phone. Yamin (

12:29 pm
Sat 30 May

ARTHUMEWU wrote...

I need user name and password to install skyfire. Please help me guy's... My phone N95

2:50 am
Sat 30 May

brian wrote...

download link is prompting for a username and password. Any ideas people?

3:33 am
Sat 30 May

ARTHUMEWU wrote...

Hi..guy's...? I need user name and password to install skyfire,My phone nokia N95. Any body know..? Please help..

10:14 pm
Sun 31 May

Andrew wrote...

Great site !

11:38 am
Sat 6 Jun

Anang susilo wrote...

Awesome.. This is great apps

3:27 pm
Sat 6 Jun

Indra wrote...

Unstabel for my omnia and n81 ,i m waiting for the next stable skyf

5:18 pm
Thu 11 Jun

Fama18 wrote...

super super release. perfect ad flash stream is working. super

8:51 am
Sat 13 Jun

Hoangnam94 wrote...

Can you show me link to down load skyfire for nokia 7610 thank you.

1:10 am
Mon 15 Jun

Zippy wrote...

Uhh, this file is corrupt... Any body have another download link? Thx!

4:45 am
Sat 20 Jun

Assu wrote...

Will it work 4 Nokia-7610

5:22 am
Wed 8 Jul

karthik wrote...

it shows 'file corrupted'. i m using nokia 6630. can ne1 help me with it? may b evn with other betr browsers

6:31 pm
Fri 17 Jul

Rajeev wrote...

How i can load skyfire in my uiq os (sony ericssonp990i)

11:21 am
Sat 1 Aug

scanda wrote...

Ur website seems 2 have good & useful software but I've not been 2 downlod. Any reason for it. Any advice wilb aappreciated, thanx.

4:00 am
Sun 2 Aug

ptecn wrote...

hi. all is this software works for nokia 5800 please repley as as possible.thanks

5:56 pm
Mon 10 Aug

Dr.Kumar,Melbourne wrote...

Hi Guys, Great Job. I think its the BEST mobile application ever made. Its working excellent with my Nokia N95,8Gb. This application has now really changed my mobile into a real mobile computer. New mobile phone should come with this application as inbuilt really make these phone works like a comp!!!!!!!

11:42 pm
Wed 19 Aug

Hootan wrote...

Excellent browser on Nokia E71

5:14 pm
Sat 22 Aug

mahavir wrote...

amazing software!!!!!!!

8:28 am
Tue 25 Aug

parikshit boro wrote...

really liked it.It changed my life.

2:34 am
Wed 26 Aug

K123khan wrote...


2:49 am
Tue 29 Sep

ahsan wrote...

Too good

9:03 pm
Sun 4 Oct

sahrion wrote...

good software for me

11:07 am
Thu 8 Oct

asalam wrote...

free call recorder nokia e90

3:43 pm
Mon 12 Oct

pwol gyang adamu wrote...


3:51 pm
Sun 1 Nov

G.Ramesh wrote...

Opinion? Iam unable 2 download skyfiremobilebrowser

9:49 am
Sun 15 Nov

HAMADA wrote...


11:50 am
Thu 10 Dec

asalam wrote...

video/movie player soft ware nokia e90

1:15 am
Thu 10 Dec

asalam wrote...

video/movie player soft ware nokia e90

1:21 am
Fri 25 Dec

Sonu wrote...

How to install youtube

12:21 pm
Thu 7 Jan

Ninja wrote...

I cant download skyfire. Is it conveniet for airtel NOP conn.? Plz dnt disappoint me...

2:58 am
Thu 7 Jan

ninja wrote...

Mine is nokia e71... Plz dont disappoint me..

3:06 am
Thu 7 Jan

Jamer wrote...

403 forbidden on my 5530

3:11 am
Thu 7 Jan

alfuad wrote...

how to use with my phone se p990

10:02 am
Mon 11 Jan

mayur wrote...

good browser

12:06 pm
Sat 23 Jan

Rofiqi wrote...

Unstable for my N73

11:19 pm
Tue 26 Jan

dasthakeer wrote...

superb application....great work guys...skyfire are the best of the best of 2010 by introducing of this excellent've got my salute

3:40 am
Tue 26 Jan

Mohamed gamil wrote...

When i became to install sky fire for my n70 the message (file is corrupted) appeared.I need aversion for my n70

5:07 pm
Tue 9 Feb

Jayaan wrote...

I want to download skyfire for my nokia n70(music edition) when i downloaded, it shows ur file is curopted. How can i download plz any one can help me..Or show other link to download it on my mobile

1:57 am
Tue 9 Feb

Niharika wrote...

Hi i want to download skyfire for my nokia n70 when i download it from it show file corepted...I need it..Plz help..Plz..I ned it so urjent.

2:11 am
Mon 15 Feb

shehbaaz wrote...

I is very good application.

12:30 am
Fri 19 Feb

Abutaha wrote...

Verey good

7:47 am
Sat 27 Feb

Rafiqulislam wrote...

Just like brows

6:13 am
Mon 8 Mar

talha wrote...

hi,my email,,my face book id,

3:17 am
Sat 13 Mar

Loniju wrote...

I am unable 2 download skyfire web browser for nokia 7610. Plz help me out.

8:17 pm
Wed 17 Mar

Zain wrote...

Skyfire is a very good browser but its slower on my 5800, skyfire need improvements. I think Nokia 7610 users have to wait because 7610 is not 3rd edition.

1:29 am
Sun 28 Mar

Pjmjmg wrote...

I hve the setup of skyfire but it is showing error of corrupted file in my nokia n72. Pls anyone help me.Pls

4:12 pm
Wed 7 Apr

tranminhdam wrote...

it's verry good for my satio. thanks a lot! faster than opera mobile 10.

9:10 am
Tue 13 Apr

rahul gaur wrote...

it is great

8:58 am
Wed 19 May

anh vu wrote...

goog ! very good

12:46 am
Tue 25 May

Rakesh wrote...

When i install skyfire on nokia N72 the file corrupted i need a version of skyfire for my nokia N72

12:17 pm
Mon 21 Jun

Zambrotti wrote...

Wow working great me my sony ericsson vivaz. Very fast browser,thank you

7:26 pm
Wed 23 Jun

Dharmender wrote...

I can download as banned for india

2:09 am
Thu 24 Jun

garvit wrote...

ya not available in india via ovi store nd getjar..... Very dsappointing

10:32 am
Thu 24 Jun

basith wrote...

i need skyfire software for mobile nokia e51

8:51 pm
Sat 26 Jun

shahnawaz wrote...

i need skyfire software for mobile nokia E63

3:11 am
Mon 28 Jun

kiran. wrote...

hi, I can't download skyfire browser on my nokia E63. Not available in india via ovi store and getjar. can anybody help?

3:20 am
Fri 2 Jul

hemant wrote...

Very nice site

6:18 am
Sun 4 Jul

mukesh wrote...

its a good browser . i have nokia 5230 .its good working in my phone but 1st of july it can't start.a massage to show (1st july we are soory for inconvinance ,we cant provide in your country india. plz help me. send me reply

3:46 am
Fri 9 Jul

Prithviraj wrote...

I Want real player for nokia 3110c but it is nowhere available so please upload the software

3:09 pm
Tue 13 Jul

ΓΆzdemir wrote...

programı indiremiyorum.n82 cihazımda vardı .şimdi açılmıyor

9:03 am
Wed 14 Jul

Venkat wrote...

Nt downldng .....Plz give download link 4 n73....

9:24 am
Sun 18 Jul

Gary wrote...

What a mindblowing browser

11:16 am
Wed 21 Jul

Ariez jamz wrote...

why its not avialable in India...

11:27 pm
Tue 27 Jul

nickyhan wrote...

bpgmana neh donload nya?

1:06 am
Tue 27 Jul

Ivaylo wrote...

For Simbian s60

10:26 am
Wed 11 Aug

kung wrote...

thank you

11:34 am
Mon 16 Aug

l.selvaraju wrote...

when i run the skyfire in my nokia 5230 "from 1july 2010 seviec not provided" message coming.what do to? pl reply to

2:18 pm
Wed 18 Aug

Maxem wrote...

Very good

5:08 pm
Mon 30 Aug

Md Nazrul Islam wrote...

I tried to download sky fire but failed.I use 6120c nokia.pls help me if any body can by giving a link 4 it.

4:04 pm
Thu 2 Sep

rammohan wrote...


9:13 pm
Fri 3 Sep

Eman ali wrote...

dont work Not good

3:23 pm
Tue 7 Sep

lalit wrote...

i love skyfire

7:48 am
Fri 10 Sep

shaan wrote...

5800 nokia

6:47 am
Thu 16 Sep

susss wrote...

how to download skyfire in satio becaus i cant use avi application

10:38 pm
Sun 19 Sep

ahmed wrote...


6:17 pm
Mon 20 Sep

Amit sharma wrote...

Need help and support as I want to download and update my nokia N-70 music edition handset with new fast web browser and utility applications...

8:07 am
Sun 26 Sep

radeq wrote...

looks interesting

5:29 am
Sun 26 Sep

radeq wrote...

looks interesting

5:41 am
Tue 28 Sep

aleef wrote...

it does not work after 1st july 10 in india pls help my mail

3:46 am
Tue 12 Oct

fahad wrote...

it's very nice

10:35 am
Sun 17 Oct

usman wrote...

it is bestsoftware

10:28 pm
Thu 4 Nov

Pradeep wrote...

How to download skyfire in nokia 5230

11:04 am
Sat 6 Nov

manzoor wrote...

i want to instal skyfire in my mobile.

3:41 am
Sat 6 Nov

raja wrote...

its goood

10:55 pm
Tue 9 Nov

Lamont wrote...

can't get online with skyfire on my nokia 5230 from ovi store recieved app but when I try to connect it tells me it's in too much in demamd try back later it started last weekend I brought new phone 4 months ago had no problems until now what should I do to get skyfire back

8:54 pm
Wed 10 Nov

malik riyaz wrote...

god browser81869

10:08 pm
Tue 23 Nov

thanhduy wrote...

viet nam

9:24 am
Tue 23 Nov

ashrafcha wrote...


5:10 pm
Thu 25 Nov

shashant wrote...


3:41 pm
Fri 3 Dec

Asbo wrote...

Skyfire ist langsamer als andre brogramme . Scheisse

5:29 am
Sun 5 Dec

ramesh wrote...

i have tried to run skyfire in aircel and airtel but iam getting an incompatible network setting (apn)or data plan will any one show me on which sim it is working

4:10 am
Mon 6 Dec

rasel wrote...


3:10 pm
Mon 6 Dec

jannn wrote...

download skyfire

8:35 pm
Fri 10 Dec

crossty1 wrote...


9:19 am
Sat 11 Dec

vishnu wrote...

its good

8:25 am
Thu 23 Dec

Shel wrote...

It doesn't work any more and the link wants removing.

5:06 pm
Fri 31 Dec

Sarawut wrote...

Thank you

3:28 am
Fri 7 Jan

mohammadjaveed wrote...


6:51 pm
Tue 11 Jan

aakash wrote...

why it always saying dat its nt avlbl in ur country

2:17 pm
Wed 12 Jan

Sumit Das wrote...

skyfire is a world best web browser

10:40 am
Wed 12 Jan

Sumit wrote...

why is every time saying skyfire is nt available in ur country ..Plz help

9:58 pm
Sat 15 Jan

hasan wrote...

i can get any more skyfire why

5:25 pm
Fri 21 Jan

atif wrote...

i want to use this

1:25 am
Fri 21 Jan

Mustapha wrote...

pls we need mobile version of skyfire browser badly

2:01 am
Sat 29 Jan

shit wrote...

does not work on nokia e63 its not on ovi

7:16 am
Sat 29 Jan

Maukka wrote...

it is very good think

3:23 pm
Tue 1 Feb

safwan wrote...


5:06 am
Thu 3 Feb

nehal wrote...

mfu e71 main skyfire ho jaiga

8:57 pm
Thu 10 Feb

Abhijit Das wrote...

how to download

1:36 pm
Tue 15 Feb

My Friends Forum wrote...


6:56 am
Sun 20 Feb

jayesh wrote...

i am using skyfire browser for my nokia 5230 but i dnt knw what is the problem softwer cant connect to internet

12:19 pm
Wed 2 Mar

oliver wrote...


6:20 am
Mon 28 Mar

Mazru wrote...

Pls show me how to install skyfire on my e72..

8:40 pm
Sun 3 Apr

manazir wrote...

this software is very successfull

12:24 am
Sun 3 Apr

obfab wrote...

it is not downloading on my n97mini.not for your country.please give me other working link....

11:33 am
Tue 5 Apr

Guru wrote...


3:28 am
Sat 9 Apr

MD. NUR UN NABI wrote...

i want to use nokia n97 please give link

8:10 am
Sun 10 Apr

praveendas wrote...

i want use nokia e71 please give me link

9:40 am
Thu 14 Apr

Mayank wrote...

Is there anyway i can download skyfire for my Nokia N97? As its not available at Ovi Store.

11:09 pm
Mon 25 Apr

ansari wrote...

sky fire

11:12 pm
Sat 30 Apr

majed wrote...


5:31 pm
Tue 3 May

swapnil wrote...


12:59 am
Thu 5 May

marjan wrote...


1:28 pm
Thu 19 May

Dildar khan wrote...

I cant able to download in nokia 6120c it is said to be unavailable P/z tell me how can i install my no is +919664384239

8:32 am
Wed 25 May

Mohamed wrote...


10:27 pm
Sun 29 May

Sharad wrote...


4:10 am
Thu 2 Jun

michal wrote...


6:10 pm
Sat 11 Jun

ajaj wrote...


2:56 pm
Mon 13 Jun

jonathan bueno wrote...


10:05 pm
Sat 18 Jun

Daniel wrote...


10:42 am
Wed 29 Jun

agil wrote...

skyuihfxcj hkjf

11:19 am
Sun 10 Jul

Basiru wrote...

Ineed this skyfire

7:45 pm
Tue 12 Jul

Sergey wrote...

Preciso fazer download desse skyfire pra tirar as minhas duvidas...

12:31 pm
Sun 24 Jul wrote...

Visit for free full length movies, full version softwares, poetry in hindi, punjabi & english, full version games for pc & mobiles, stories, religions & spiritual knowledge, recipes, jokes, education and career information, general topic articles and much more...

1:52 pm
Tue 9 Aug

Salman wrote...

Hi.thank you

12:20 am
Wed 24 Aug

Himanshu arora wrote...

Lets c

1:01 pm
Sun 28 Aug

Jamilusani wrote...

I have downloaded skyfire for my nokia 5230 symbian but it did not connect to my service provider,it always says it need unlimited data connection,pls help me how to use it with MTN here in Nigeria.

11:11 am
Tue 6 Sep

antony wrote...

does this work on nokia n73

4:08 pm
Wed 7 Sep

ranjithmohan wrote...

sky fire is a good browser

1:11 am
Fri 23 Sep

Ramaram bose wrote...

In really it is very fast web browser.

6:48 am
Tue 27 Sep

sajid wrote...


3:43 pm
Sat 1 Oct

syed abdul majeed wrote...

Nice and fast

8:14 am
Sat 8 Oct

do dhuy danh wrote...


12:48 pm
Wed 12 Oct

Arya Iranban wrote...

Hi,I can not download Skyfire browser beacus of filtering would you pleaze email me the download link?I have Nokia x6,thank you.

12:41 am
Fri 14 Oct

sky fire fed-up wrote...

cant connect to service provider on my nokia 5800! help

7:55 pm
Sat 15 Oct

Abi Thamas wrote...

not working india.. may we know that reason ?? we tooo miss skyfire

7:01 am
Sat 15 Oct

dang duy long wrote...

i like

12:52 pm
Sat 15 Oct

elamurugan wrote...


11:03 pm
Thu 27 Oct

gabriel wrote...

i will prefer the browser...

10:40 am
Mon 31 Oct

Merlin65 wrote...


4:04 pm
Wed 16 Nov

Salim wrote...


8:16 am
Thu 17 Nov

parveenchahal wrote...

good soft

9:46 am
Thu 17 Nov

Aslam siddiqui wrote...

Very good Application's R Here...pls join.

10:32 pm
Fri 2 Dec

King wrote... enjoy

9:26 am
Tue 6 Dec

abdur wrote...


9:07 pm
Tue 13 Dec

Ashraf wrote...


6:21 pm
Wed 14 Dec

Bobby wrote...

Gee wlilikres, that's such a great post!

5:18 pm
Wed 21 Dec

Diamond wrote...

Your company is good and i like ur products but cant download from nigeria

1:22 am
Sat 28 Jan

facebook wrote...

No Have ProGram

3:37 am
Sat 4 Feb

Kaku wrote...

Gud 1

8:34 pm
Thu 9 Feb

ghulam rabbani wrote...

best software for comnication

4:34 am
Sun 19 Feb

Bhar wrote...

Found good one

12:01 pm
Sun 19 Feb

Bhar wrote...

Found good one

12:01 pm
Fri 24 Feb

mohit kumar wrote...

hy i lik

9:05 am
Mon 12 Mar

rahman wrote...

i nead skyfire for my mobile c6

11:20 am
Mon 12 Mar

rahman wrote...

i nead skyfire for my mobile c6

11:21 am
Tue 13 Mar


i need skyfire my nokia 6120 classic

4:42 am
Mon 2 Apr

Emin wrote...

Nokia n70 Danke, thanks

5:53 pm
Fri 13 Apr

selva wrote...

can i use for 1. nokia 3110c 2. vox smartphone v-flip 3. G'Five U959

8:18 am
Thu 7 Jun

Ajit wrote...

Best browser

2:15 am
Tue 26 Jun

Ramesh wrote...

Nokia 5235 skyfir not work how to user confipure please help me.

2:41 am
Fri 6 Jul

lama b. yanjen wrote...

like it

7:20 am
Sun 26 Aug

Ek Anjan wrote...

This item is nol longer availible in nokia store blody shit its just a motherfuck site it only allow u to download ovi free products

5:30 am
Mon 12 Nov

Mameh gabriel wrote...

I urge every body to join this software

8:10 am
Sun 6 Jan

Toyin wrote...

I sometimes heard about this browser that is very fast.please how can i install it.

7:52 am



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