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» Smart FileMan

• Summary: Free file manager for Symbian S60 phones

Symbian S60 Phone

• Arrived: 2008-05-19
• Found under: file manager, utilities, files, explorer, s60,

Symbian Smart FileMan freeware

Rating: 3.5/5
» Smart FileMan Description


Smart FileMan is nice and easy to use file manager application for Symbian S60 phones.

Smart FileMan Features:

> Copy (*)
> Cut (#)
> Past (0)
> Rename
> Properties (5)
> New folder
> Delete (C)
> Set Attr
> Add Shorcut
> Add to pinboard
> Open with

Send via
> Send via Infrared
> Send via Bluetooth
> Send via Email
> Send via MMS

> Find
> Advanced find

> Mark
> Unmark
> Mark all
> Unmark all
> Invert selected

> None
> Name
> Extension
> Size
> Date
> Type
> Descended
> Folder first

> Infrared on
> Settings
> About
> Add to "Go to"
> Register info

the Smart FileMan free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Smart FileMan direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Tue 20 May

1234 wrote...

Cudnt download on N95

1:58 pm
Wed 21 May

Milon wrote...

9290 nokia need help,how can i use in Asia network

2:46 am
Thu 22 May

Akhil wrote...

Very nice

5:20 am
Thu 22 May

kojek wrote...


8:35 am
Fri 23 May

Senthu wrote...


7:49 pm
Fri 30 May

DARMADI wrote...


9:45 am
Fri 30 May

Valentine Ikenna Oje wrote...

i've been looking for this software

11:17 pm
Sat 31 May

found wrote...


7:03 am
Sat 7 Jun

angben34 wrote...


2:49 am
Tue 10 Jun

harislamic wrote...

very smart and it would very smarter if bluetooth function is available at misc

10:13 am
Sat 14 Jun

robbinsl wrote...

sounds interesting

2:33 am
Sat 21 Jun

rishabh wrote...


5:13 am
Mon 23 Jun

tejuh wrote...

why the fileman not support in my Nokia N81????

9:13 pm
Thu 26 Jun

deep wrote...

I like this very much.

4:16 am
Fri 27 Jun

luch wrote...

Good software for S60

4:36 am
Sun 29 Jun

Suryo Andrianto wrote...


2:38 pm
Mon 30 Jun

sripad wrote...


11:08 pm
Wed 2 Jul

arief wrote...


2:31 pm
Thu 3 Jul

Abhijeet borhade wrote...


6:22 am
Sun 6 Jul

moalom wrote...

very good

4:03 pm
Mon 7 Jul

Emmanuel Pacamalan wrote...

its a nice software

7:33 am
Tue 8 Jul

muhammad wrote...

nokia n 6630 no software fileman

9:50 pm
Thu 10 Jul

Abhijeet wrote...

I love smart fileman

2:05 am
Thu 17 Jul

Tony wrote...

I want smart file man for nokia 6600

12:01 am
Thu 17 Jul

MUTHU wrote...

yah its good

5:15 pm
Sat 19 Jul

onie wrote...


7:43 pm
Wed 23 Jul

Antonio wrote...

it is very good

4:13 pm
Wed 23 Jul

Ramesh wrote...


5:57 pm
Sun 27 Jul

ayman wrote...


10:51 am
Sun 27 Jul

ayman wrote...


3:41 pm
Thu 31 Jul

Elloyd MAstrili wrote...

im going to try this

9:30 am
Wed 6 Aug

Aras wrote...

not supported for my nokia 6120c

2:16 am
Mon 11 Aug

Luis Xavier wrote...

esta es una prueba

12:19 am
Mon 11 Aug

dali wrote...


6:40 am
Tue 12 Aug

Gimbal wrote...

Keren abiz..

5:57 am
Fri 15 Aug

Donny wrote...

The program is very easy to use.

5:00 am
Tue 19 Aug

manish wrote...


12:15 pm
Thu 4 Sep

Reihan wrote...


5:10 pm
Sat 13 Sep

alankar wrote...


9:24 am
Sat 20 Sep

warlock198 wrote...

Thanks! Nice Apps..

8:47 pm
Mon 29 Sep

nikhilpagdhare wrote...

very good fileman

5:03 am
Wed 1 Oct

mezooo wrote...

good good good

12:38 pm
Fri 3 Oct

umar.afridi wrote...


7:06 pm
Wed 15 Oct

hanan wrote...

i was recommended by my friends, m gonna use it on 5700 xpres music. p.s. if someone need help on this model u can contact me .i've submitted my email. good luck

8:01 am
Wed 15 Oct

ranjeet wrote...


12:26 pm
Wed 15 Oct

ranjeet wrote...


12:30 pm
Tue 4 Nov

dhrumin wrote...

very godd

6:57 am
Tue 4 Nov

mobilenet wrote...


2:59 pm
Tue 18 Nov

waoi wrote...


1:28 am
Thu 20 Nov

Kurt wrote...

Fell Good

10:59 am
Mon 1 Dec

rina wrote...


10:07 pm
Mon 8 Dec

pian wrote...

good for me

3:46 am
Fri 19 Dec

kaushal wrote...

it's good

3:15 am
Sat 20 Dec

aXzender wrote...

good job~~

1:38 am
Sun 4 Jan

Devarajsk wrote...

I cant always come as please help me moble no 9880026634.please some one give help.

8:46 am
Wed 14 Jan

dr.sandip shirsat wrote...

very smart

9:25 pm
Tue 27 Jan

gbenga wrote...

i cant download it i need help from someone to send it to me as a text msg please really neeed it my mobile no is +2348026298368 thank you all.

6:31 am
Sat 28 Feb

Manpreet wrote...

Good fileman

2:49 am
Tue 10 Mar

mannu wrote...

i want smart file man free full verson for nokia n73

12:09 pm
Mon 16 Mar

tranha wrote...

i want smart file man free full verson for nokia 5700

7:25 am
Wed 25 Mar

Kovah wrote...


12:35 pm
Sun 12 Apr

Moses ade wrote...


8:18 pm
Wed 15 Apr

samad wrote...

it does not work in N73

1:22 pm
Thu 28 May

dinil wrote...

it does not work in N81

4:51 am
Sun 14 Jun

sony wrote...

I want to download File Man

10:21 am
Mon 15 Jun

alberto butad wrote...

i'll try first, b4 i say something for this software.....

8:22 am
Sun 5 Jul

King komed wrote...

I dont know how it does with nokia n73

8:04 am
Fri 10 Jul

shyam wrote...

I'm very happy to use this software

8:43 am
Wed 22 Jul

genkai wrote...

how can I download this softwear?

12:10 am
Wed 22 Jul

Aryan wrote...

I am thankful to this website

10:42 pm
Wed 29 Jul

Champa wrote...

oh my god how good it is i cant explain it.use it now???????????!!!!!!!!!!!1

11:52 am
Sun 2 Aug

fadzil wrote...

very superb

11:10 am
Sat 15 Aug

nawi wrote...

ok soft

11:23 pm
Tue 18 Aug

AN_2 wrote...

how to install file man

1:31 am
Fri 21 Aug

n-gage user wrote...

how to install?

10:25 am
Sun 23 Aug

alpha wrote...

I'm using nokia 5700 but this app doesn't seem to fit my phone. can anyone help me?

8:31 pm
Mon 24 Aug

mirza wrote...

can i download this on n95

10:15 pm
Wed 26 Aug

O. van den Bergh wrote...

nice !

4:21 pm
Wed 2 Sep

dony wrote...

smart fileman for n73

4:05 pm
Wed 9 Sep

Karunakaran wrote...

Install e-fileman free mobile softmare

8:11 pm
Sat 12 Sep

Adrian wrote...


12:35 pm
Wed 16 Sep

lingesh wrote...

y does this doent work in my n81...its requires a software wtih 2007 n above...anione gt the link pls pass it to mee...

10:36 pm
Thu 17 Sep

manindra mehta wrote...


12:31 pm
Tue 29 Sep

Ketan wrote...

ok Good

4:42 am
Wed 7 Oct

i_sbeih wrote...

It's good.

1:58 am
Wed 14 Oct

mudasir wrote...

i like this

12:35 pm
Mon 2 Nov

Endang wrote...


1:10 pm
Tue 3 Nov

bibhuti sah wrote...

Can i download smart file man for my n73.

1:29 pm
Wed 18 Nov

aljhamar wrote...

how i can put the fileman in my nokia 6600

9:48 pm
Fri 4 Dec

mobashe wrote...

software mobile nokia n81 8GB

1:35 pm
Mon 21 Dec

manoj wrote...

thank u

7:28 am
Mon 21 Dec

manoj wrote...

i want smart file man free full verson for nokia 6600

7:29 am
Thu 24 Dec

Endang wrote...

Very good!

9:03 pm
Tue 5 Jan

pappu wrote...

so fine

4:30 am
Sun 7 Feb

Andi wrote...

File Man is the best

2:33 am
Mon 8 Feb

eziama bernard wrote...

i need it in my nokia 6600 phone because it is good

6:34 am
Fri 19 Feb

Abdullah wrote...

I have smart fileman i love it

2:18 am
Thu 25 Feb

Yanuri wrote...

Thanks for your help..

11:56 am
Wed 24 Mar

B S Mehta wrote...

I am looking for as it's a very good software

9:02 am
Sat 10 Apr

hany wrote...

very good

3:14 pm
Thu 15 Apr



9:59 am
Sat 17 Apr

FKKhan wrote...


7:12 pm
Tue 20 Apr

Kishor wrote...

I need fileman n73 device

3:39 am
Sun 25 Apr

fuad anwari wrote...


6:53 am
Wed 28 Apr

Abuhamzah20 wrote...

thank you

1:16 pm
Fri 14 May

andi wrote...


1:13 am
Sat 12 Jun

prasad wrote...

I want to download File Man

9:44 am
Wed 16 Jun

markred wrote...


8:28 am
Sat 26 Jun

priyantha wrote...

i want smart file man free full verson for nokia N73

11:37 am
Tue 29 Jun

farhan anam wrote...


9:58 am
Thu 1 Jul

Arya wrote...

Nice app. Having favourable working

6:47 am
Fri 2 Jul

hidan wrote...

its great

4:20 am
Thu 22 Jul

lolo wrote...


6:06 am
Fri 23 Jul

djandri wrote...


12:09 am
Tue 3 Aug

vijay wrote...

Thank forthis

4:50 am
Tue 3 Aug

David raiysyah wrote...

The best file data manager..* Think_U

4:17 pm
Tue 10 Aug

ASWR wrote...


11:41 am
Wed 11 Aug

steven wrote...

very smart

3:46 pm
Mon 16 Aug

micksham wrote...

alamak, why mine in in chinese language? so how to set to english coz i dont know how to read

3:20 am
Mon 23 Aug

eddy wrote...

I need fileman for my nokia 5800 xpressmusic

3:48 pm
Sat 4 Sep

yamenon wrote...

fileman for n97

6:42 pm
Thu 9 Sep

mustak wrote...

nokia n81 Smart FileMan full pliiiiiiis

2:20 am
Tue 21 Sep

sukhwinder wrote...

fileman for N73

10:42 am
Thu 21 Oct

Regar wrote...


11:00 am
Fri 12 Nov

beshoy wrote...

its very good prog

9:28 am
Sun 14 Nov

reaz wrote...

how to download it on nokia n70 phone

2:49 pm
Tue 23 Nov

naswan wrote...

how to download nokia n73 phone

2:40 am
Sat 27 Nov

orokc wrote...

ono op!!!!!!!!!!

7:26 am
Sat 27 Nov

rajib kumar wrote...


11:29 am
Sat 4 Dec

Jinracing wrote...

great apps

1:30 pm
Tue 7 Dec

Suji wrote...


5:45 am
Tue 7 Dec

vash wrote...

kindly send me a copy of this fileman for my e71.. i think my os is not s60.. :( please help me! i need it so badly

7:24 pm
Mon 13 Dec

shiko wrote...


1:06 pm
Tue 14 Dec

tuananh wrote...


1:45 am
Tue 11 Jan

maxtor40 wrote...

nice, i'll try it. give me the other best softwares as gift... thanksful and keep ur nice teamwork.

6:46 am
Sat 15 Jan

timz87 wrote...


5:28 am
Wed 19 Jan

rohit wrote...

smart file manager!

8:51 pm
Mon 24 Jan

calmydamn wrote...

intend to enjoy apps

1:13 pm
Fri 28 Jan

nichola wong wrote...

give me register code

5:47 pm
Tue 1 Feb

ongky wrote...


9:09 pm
Fri 11 Feb

kirsty wrote...

Difficult to get working

9:13 am
Fri 18 Feb

jane wrote...

chutiya application

3:38 am
Sun 20 Feb

dian wrote...

so good..

10:19 pm
Mon 21 Feb

Husni wrote...

Fileman for nokia N70

11:02 am
Sat 26 Feb

randy wrote...

i like

8:35 am
Sat 26 Feb

arief wrote...

don't want to lose it. best of the best

10:48 am
Tue 1 Mar

Gunawan wrote...


5:32 pm
Wed 9 Mar

ahmed wrote...


4:28 pm
Sat 26 Mar

neron20 wrote...


6:56 pm
Mon 11 Apr

hilton sunario wrote...

please,i want to free download smart fileman.

9:28 am
Thu 14 Apr

aris wrote...

it is a good application

10:35 am
Sat 16 Apr

ranggi wrote...

penting bagiku..,

5:53 am
Thu 21 Apr

abhijeet mhatre wrote...

its good

8:04 am
Sat 23 Apr

setiawankrisna wrote...


8:05 pm
Tue 26 Apr

collins wrote...

i cant download it pls help me.

12:46 am
Tue 3 May

dfsd wrote...


1:16 am
Mon 6 Jun

Gatot Prasetyo wrote...


2:52 pm
Sat 11 Jun

Ctsar wrote...

I like it

8:44 pm
Mon 11 Jul

John wrote...

Very best of file managers.

5:08 pm
Tue 12 Jul

NANANG wrote...


2:19 pm
Wed 20 Jul

Ma,kabir wrote...

It is vary good

11:29 pm
Wed 20 Jul

Ma.kabir wrote...

Its vari good

11:37 pm
Fri 22 Jul

dens wrote...

File man 7610

5:09 pm
Sun 24 Jul

sahidin wrote...

asem rha bsa di download

4:25 am
Tue 9 Aug

rozi wrote...

the best

7:14 pm
Thu 18 Aug

Darlington wrote...


6:29 am
Wed 24 Aug

indriko wrote...


1:45 am
Wed 7 Sep

aoss wrote...


7:25 am
Fri 23 Sep

wancarhat wrote...

very good

4:15 pm
Sat 1 Oct

Raju wrote...

I like it.

10:51 pm
Tue 4 Oct

Shrawan chaudhary wrote...


1:43 am
Wed 5 Oct

abraham wrote...

how to download this application

12:05 pm
Sat 8 Oct

amir wrote...

baby i like it!!!!!!

11:49 am
Mon 17 Oct wrote...

Best thank you

7:22 pm
Wed 19 Oct

Ahmed Elkayser wrote...

very well

5:20 pm
Thu 20 Oct

Sim samy wrote...

How to download

4:50 am
Mon 24 Oct

Hamza wrote...

1…71ƒ91‡41…0 1„01„91‡01ƒ91†91„4 1†51ƒ91‡41†8 1†91ƒ91‡01‡41„41„9 ( 1†91‡21„01ƒ91‡41†8 1‡01‡21†71‡41ƒ9 c5) 1‡21†81†71†9 1„41…01‡41†8 1ƒ91†81…21†71„9

10:22 am
Mon 31 Oct

chorics wrote...

how to download this?

2:25 am
Thu 3 Nov

alaa wrote...


3:13 am
Fri 4 Nov

goboy Apachi wrote...


1:54 am
Fri 11 Nov

manish wrote...

nokia 6600

10:10 pm
Tue 15 Nov

Irul wrote...

Yth kami mau download

10:54 am
Fri 18 Nov

romeo wrote...

none of this

5:47 pm
Sat 19 Nov

Djefreey wrote...


11:21 am
Sat 26 Nov

kodandam wrote...

very nice

10:14 pm
Mon 9 Jan

Yaniel wrote...


5:24 am
Sun 15 Jan

Mohammad wrote...

Please give me problem ' Fileman For Mobile

8:09 am
Mon 20 Feb

sharif1 wrote...


9:23 pm
Fri 2 Mar

imran wrote...


1:47 pm
Fri 16 Mar

Phong wrote...

To begin with, I would like to thanks in the lsetlar as well as informative access. I will have to acknowledge which often, We have not heard concerning this information. We now have observed quite a few new information with regard to cause. Many thanks a lot for providing this effective as well as interesting information. We're waiting around pertaining to other thrilling posts due to you from the nearest long term.

1:14 am
Fri 23 Mar

Didier wrote...

Well look at the statistics, Nokia fall and fall in the smpntahores market, look at the stock it fall and fall, something must be done Sure, something must be done. But not without thinking first. Where's the analysis of the decision ? I am sure Microsoft has been buying into this decision, as reported plenty elsewhere. In fact it pretty much looks like it was a buyout, without actually having to buy the company because Microsoft owns the CEO and management. and Nokia do the best, they selected wp7, which will be high integrated with windows 8 (next year) and the office and sharepoint platform. That's cool, an operating system controlled by a single vendor that still has to prove its relevance in the market. You know that if you're loosing marketshare, a bad decision can cause you to loose marketshare even faster, right ? Symbian, Meego, Android and Iphone will not could be competive with this facts. Not sure what that means, but Symbian, Android and Iphone did much better than wp7 has done up to now. See the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace stastics, it have rised near 40 procent the last month, Android was 11 months to reach 10000 Apps, wp7 was 4 1/2 months Nice statistics you have there. How is WP7 uptake going ? Because number of apps is only one part of the equation, and less important than quality of apps, battery time, features, integration with operating systems and online services, cost of online services, etc the fact is Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than Blackberry app world market in July 2011, and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than Ovi market in october 2011. Cool, and are you comparing WP7 marketplace at those dates with Blackberry today, or do you also predict the growth of something out of your control ? Because I can see Ovi demise, that's pretty much a done deal now.How about comparing with any real competition, like Android and Iphone ? Or is that too hard, or too unbelievable ? Thats the facts, it is not only OS, it’s acting also about, markets and integration with PC OS. Right, Microsoft integration will be superb. Hotmail, Bing, Zune, Kinect. I can see the $$$ already (for Microsoft).Not sure if you work for Nokia, but better arguments are needed when you are in the spotlight.

1:12 am
Tue 27 Mar

DAIEMN wrote...


6:13 am
Wed 25 Apr

Ankit wrote...


8:52 am
Sat 19 May

ahmad wrote...

i like this apps

3:05 am
Sat 7 Jul

omer wrote...

i like this apps

6:35 pm
Sat 14 Jul

Bhavi wrote...


1:23 am
Sun 22 Jul

Ebonito wrote...

i like.

11:31 pm
Thu 16 Aug

antuiu wrote...


2:32 am
Tue 21 Aug

Shahriar wrote...


10:32 pm
Sat 1 Sep

judy baiduri wrote...


2:52 pm
Mon 3 Sep

hendra wrote...

sangat bagus

5:20 pm
Fri 14 Sep

hmooooood wrote...


11:44 am
Mon 1 Oct

zake wrote...

ok bnget

7:40 pm
Tue 23 Oct

herry van houtten wrote...


10:12 am
Sun 28 Oct

Omer wrote...


7:06 pm
Sat 3 Nov

Stevo wrote...

apa kode fileman nokia 7610 saya dengan IMEI 355034007305113

2:02 am
Tue 1 Jan

Shahfatah wrote...

its great software for file folder.

12:58 pm



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