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SymSMB v2.00

Summary: The only application available today for Wireless file sharing between Series 60 3rd. edition phones and computers with industry standard secure network communications. There are 3 programs in 1 application: phone to computer wireless access; computer to phone wireless access; ...

Symbian OS s60 3th edition

Arrived: 2007-09-06
Found under: utilities, sharing, s60,

Symbian SymSMB v2.00 freeware

Rating: 3.8/5
SymSMB v2.00 Description


Developer: Telexy Software Inc.

The only application available today
for Wireless file sharing between Series 60 3rd. edition phones and computers
with industry standard secure network communications.

There are 3 programs in 1 application:
  • phone to computer wireless access;
  • computer to phone wireless access;
  • file browser.
There are at least a few wireless protocols to choose from.
... and best of all you have nothing to install on computer!

Share, browse, access, transfer, organize, rename, copy or move files and folders between mobile phone and computer! Do it with style, do it WIRELESSLY (!) as your phone named the "mobile" one for the reason and you will newer go back to that ancient Cable Era again.

Do it anyway you like, anytime, anywhere! Do it from a computer. Do it from a phone. Do it from both at the same time for crying out loud, as the only known problem with current SymSMB 2.00 version is that it will not provide you with second pair of hands (hopefully that will be fixed in the next version :) ), but everything else is ready for you.
You could even have phone to phone access should you choose.

Get advantage of secure and manageable configuration for Hi-Speed wireless connection to any shared folder on any computer for any user. Use your phone to access 10 computers at the same time, or let another 10 computers to have access to shared folders on your phone if you need it. Full file access or read only one, password protected, you choose what you need.
Add the real meaning to the mobile network concept!
What? You don't have 5 computers yet? Its okay, SymSMB will works with one standalone desktop or laptop computer as well as with computers from workgroups or domains. You could use WiFi in Ad Hoc mode too.

Install full functioning trial version at your smartphone now and see for yourself.
To download directly on your mobile phone, you could go to, then click on "Products" and choose SymSMB v.2.00.

Compatible with latest S60 3rd. edition mobile phones:
  • Nokia E-series E60, E61, E61i, E65, E70, E90
  • Nokia N-Series N80, N81, N82, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8Gb
  • Samsung SGH-i450, SGH-i520
  • LG JoY
  • S60 3rd edition phones of any manufacturer with support at least one of the following wireless protocols: Wi-Fi, WCDMA, HSDPA 3G and 3.5G, WiMAX and so on.
  • Application will works as well at S60 3rd edition phones with Bluetooth and GPRS support, but transfer speed will be slower for these protocols.

the SymSMB v2.00 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download SymSMB v2.00 direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Sat 8 Sep

idalberto wrote...

very good

6:49 pm
Sun 9 Sep

pitaxceper wrote...

very good too..

12:15 am
Mon 10 Sep

pasha wrote...


4:43 am
Mon 10 Sep

laurent wrote...

strang freeware that costs 25 and expire in 7 days !

1:56 pm
Sun 16 Sep

Gary wrote...

It looks like that on this site they do have a mix of freeware and sharewere software. Yep, this soft is cost money after 7-day trial, but it is really extraordinary piece of software.

11:34 pm
Tue 13 Nov

Prithviraj wrote...

4 my use

7:47 am
Wed 12 Dec

Chameleon wrote...


9:05 am
Sat 29 Dec

Akshay wrote...


7:44 pm
Sun 30 Dec

vishal wrote...


11:54 pm
Fri 7 Mar

Stephen wrote...

Good Stuff

3:01 am
Thu 20 Mar

usman ali wrote...

really really cool

5:06 am
Mon 24 Mar

Franz wrote...

still trying to download id

12:10 am
Thu 17 Apr



10:54 am
Mon 21 Apr

Mono wrote...

DFSSVVDOKO, look at the description right above - Compatible with ... Nokia E-series E60, E61, E61i, E65, E70, E90. Do you see E51 in that list? By the way, the new version 3.50 appeared recently, it is awesome! For 3.50 version I would say it is 9 out of 10 in my book, so far it is the highest mark for all software on my phone. For 2.00 version I say 7 out of 10.

11:20 pm
Thu 1 May

Jay Pinnock wrote...

Great I hope - tho' haven't tried it yet

11:23 am
Fri 2 May

Option wrote...

SymSMB v2.00 is not free but trial 7 days Fuck U !!!

5:07 am
Tue 24 Jun

Jim Bronston wrote...

On is available the next version - SymSMB 3.50. Much cooler and you can browse computer from phone's Network Neighbourhood. The must have one!

3:20 pm
Tue 1 Jul

rajendra wrote...

i was looking for this wonderful software

2:07 am
Mon 21 Jul

Loren wrote...

Yes, its is the best prog. on my N95! But I am using latest version 3.50 already. It is even cooler and faster too.

10:03 am
Thu 24 Jul

Matthias wrote...


2:04 pm
Mon 4 Aug

dharmesh wrote...

sdfg dfgasd gae ga gsad g sadfg

9:11 am
Wed 13 Aug

nobody wrote...


6:24 am
Sat 18 Oct

Daniel wrote...

See extremely useful demo for SymSMB 2.00 on YouTube. It is called SymSMB 2.00. Demo 2 - Accessing the mobile phone from PC. It is showing only a half of the software functionality, but it is really helpful anyway. It is the best software on my phone ever! A new version of SymSMB 4.00 is just brilliant. Shame on you Nokia for not being unable to create such application on your own and include it for each and every phone! This is the paid application and money are well deserved. The demo version with full functionality is available at developers website. Thumbs up to developer of this application - Telexy Networks Inc ( For a few years of development starting from version of 1.00 they were able to create truly unique and irreplaceable software.

5:37 pm
Tue 21 Oct

jolly wrote...

is that really work.

12:56 pm
Sun 14 Jun

Fuzz wrote...

Wont install on n95

3:26 am
Fri 14 Aug

Doug wrote...

I noticed the E75 is not on the list, but E70 and E90 is. Did they forget to add it or is it not supported.

1:55 am
Thu 15 Apr

Roy5 wrote...

SymNC is 5 times better than SymSMB.

6:19 am
Sat 25 Dec

jimbo wrote...


4:40 pm
Thu 13 Jan

ameer wrote...

Very nice

4:39 am
Sat 5 Feb

Rick wrote...

Its nothing comparing the new version called SymNC, check this out at

5:27 am
Wed 23 Nov

soul1948 wrote...

sharing with pc

9:44 am
Sat 18 Feb

Agus wrote...

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11:53 pm
Thu 22 Mar

Peter wrote...

because you cant put videos on with the USB chord the only thing you can do is have the SD card and buy a SD card eeadrr and do it that way all you then got to do is copy and paste the videos into the flix section i believe it is.. but i think they can only be MP4 files..

11:44 pm



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