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Theft (Free Version) 1.0

Summary: Theft is a program for Nokia Series 60 mobile phones that works as a safe protection from being lost or stolen.

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Symbian Theft (Free Version) 1.0 freeware

Rating: 3.5/5
Theft (Free Version) 1.0 Description


Developer: Symbian Brains Inc.

Theft is a program for Nokia Series 60 mobile phones that works as a safe protection from being lost or stolen. Theft starts automatically as the phone is turned on, and then always keeps detecting whether the phone is turned off in a wrong way, or your SIM Card is changed. It also keeps checking messages arriving for an activation text you previously defined (See the "Attack on SMS text" in Program Settings section). If any of these happen Theft will attack the thief in three ways:

  • With a permanent text on the screen saying that THIS MOBILE IS LOST OR STOLEN along with any other text you provide; such as your name and contact telephone number.

  • The phone will send messages to a list of recipients you created for Theft to inform you that the phone is locked (It will also inform you of the new SIM number if someone has changed your SIM Card.).

  • A very loud long siren will sound from the phone alerting people in the vicinity and disturbing the thief.

Theft will be in attack mode in three cases:

  • "To switch off phone" field is "Will Turnoff Theft" and the phone powered off without "Turn off" selected first for Theft (This can only be done using your own code).

  • "Attack on SIM change" field is "Yes" and the SIM card changed.

  • Theft receives a message containing the text written in "SMS text to attack" field.

The display will show: "THIS MOBILE IS LOST OR STOLEN" with the text you filled in the "Text on display" field of Theft that you provided to Theft in the "Application" page of the "Program settings" section. There is only one way to turn the phone back to the normal mode; you must press "Unlock" and then you must enter your valid “Turnoff code” the same code that you provided to Theft in the "Application" page of the "Program settings" section.

There are only three possibilities outcomes for the thief when stealing the phone:

  • The thief changes the SIM; this requires powering off or rebooting the phone. Of course that will happen without the thief turning Theft off first as the thief does not know the code you used to "Turn off" Theft. The result will be that the next time the phone is powered on, Theft will enter attack mode; will show the display, will send messages to the phone numbers in the "Recipients" list and will emit the warning alarm tone.

  • The thief changes the SIM; assuming you have set the "Attack on SIM change" field to "Yes", the next time the phone is powered on Theft will detect that the SIM has been changed and will enter attack mode, and will carry out the same actions as above including sending the details of the new SIM card in the text message. Even if the thief subsequently re-inserts the original SIM, the attack will repeat when the phone is powered on and will continue to do so until the phone is "Unlocked" with the required code.

  • The thief does not change the SIM card and you send a text message from any other mobile phone to your phone containing text you provided in "Attack on SMS text field".

This is what will always happen even if the thief keeps powering off the phone or changing SIM cards.
Theft Typical Usage: To protect your phone with Theft follow one of the following two procedures or both:

  • Set "Attack on SIM change" field to "Yes" so any time your SIM changes and the phone requires restart, Theft will enter attack mode as soon as the phone power is switched on. Theft will also detect any change of the SIM card and attack even if Theft was not on before the SIM was changed.

  • Set "To switch off phone" field to "Will Turnoff Theft" and do not turn off Theft but just keep it running in the background; keep using your phone as normal and when you want to turn the power off, first turn off Theft with your own "Turn off" code, Because you have turned Theft off before turning the phone off, when you turn the phone on again Theft will start to protect your phone for you and will not enter attack mode. But if the phone turned off without turning Theft off first, the next time the phone power is turned on Theft will attack as it will consider the phone is being used by someone other than the owner.

For more details please refer to the complete help page in Theft. Or visit our website www.symbianbrains.comand download "Anti-Thief Users Guide".

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