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Touch Calc

Summary: Touch Calc 60 is a full screen scientific calculator. Simply enter the expression to calculate and hit '=' key to evaluate.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-02-25
Found under: calculator, math, financial, bill, functions, scientific,

Symbian Touch Calc freeware

Rating: 3.2/5
Touch Calc Description


Developer: Vesuvian Software

Touch Calc 60 is a full screen scientific calculator. Simply enter the expression to calculate and hit '=' key to evaluate.


* Standard operations: *,/,+,-
* Trigonometric Functions: sin,cos,tan,asin,acos,atan
* Degree and Radian mode (Beta 1.1)
* Natural and Base 10 logarithm: log, ln, e^x
* Power Functions: x^2,y^x
* Hyperbolic functions (Beta 1.1) sinh,cosh,tanh,asinh,acosh,atanh
* Ans key: last operation result
* Exponential Notation
* Display: 6 + 1 lines

the Touch Calc free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Fri 14 May

Hansl wrote...

Hallo, gut

10:08 am
Mon 24 May

mank wrote...

very good

2:09 pm
Mon 24 May

mmkjnkj wrote...


2:10 pm
Thu 17 Jun

Anoj wrote...

It is good

12:43 am
Fri 25 Jun

WUKUOYI wrote...

good apps

11:48 pm
Thu 22 Jul

edware wrote...

I think it will be OK

7:28 pm
Fri 23 Jul

tony wrote...

i think i should be ok

1:19 am
Wed 4 Aug

aldris wrote...


7:09 am
Wed 18 Aug

artm111 wrote...


11:53 am
Tue 24 Aug

qroland wrote...

looks nice

3:40 pm
Mon 20 Dec

mikaso wrote...

how install it? Como se instala?

9:19 am
Fri 24 Dec

Dominik wrote...


1:01 am
Sun 16 Jan

iqbal wrote...


12:35 pm
Mon 17 Jan

abdul wrote...

its good

5:30 am
Mon 17 Jan

abdul wrote...

its good

5:31 am
Mon 17 Jan

abdul wrote...

its good

5:32 am
Thu 27 Jan

hasan wrote...


11:01 am
Fri 4 Feb

prasad wrote...


9:28 am
Fri 4 Feb

michael wrote...

i could not able to download this calculator.....i m using nokia 63; pls help me

2:07 pm
Sat 12 Feb

Bastos wrote...

Works well in SE Vivaz!

7:30 am
Sun 17 Jul

rudi wrote...

its good

8:36 pm
Sat 8 Oct

saydadil wrote...

i want to download it plz tell me how can download it

8:11 am
Tue 11 Oct

Partha wrote...


1:59 am
Thu 27 Oct

rolandmosca wrote...

it's good

1:23 am
Sat 5 Nov

andrew wrote...


5:00 am
Tue 28 Feb

waheeduzzaman wrote...

May be helpfull for me

6:53 am
Thu 7 Jun

fenix wrote...

mnogo dobar

1:37 pm
Mon 9 Jul

richard gomez wrote...


12:04 am
Tue 25 Sep

ZawMyoTint wrote...


10:35 am



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