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Virtual Key

Summary: This program is designed for key mapping.

Symbian OS

Arrived: 2008-11-17
Found under: s60, key, mapping, virtual,

Symbian Virtual Key freeware

Rating: 3.5/5
Virtual Key Description


Developer: Luomao

This program is designed for key mapping.

This program is designed for key mapping.

Main features:

-supports every kind of ordinary key, also supports the special key, eg: Left/Right soft key, Camera, Green/Red key ect, support exchange each key
-supports standard handset keyboard, also supports "QWERTY" keyboard
-supports choose which processes you want to map the key in or not by "Include/Exclude mode"
-supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong/Taiwan)

the Virtual Key free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Wed 26 Nov

BosZ wrote...

I'm hoping this might fix the camera button mishap for Nokia E66?

11:20 am
Sun 30 Nov

Hobbes2099 wrote...

app appears to be unsigned. I can't install!!!

3:25 am
Mon 5 Jan

Brian wrote...

good idea

8:08 pm
Tue 20 Jan

wong jun hao wrote...

i hope tat tis is helping in installing garmin gps to nokia 5800

7:59 am
Wed 21 Jan

pookeat wrote...

hey guys, ive downloaded both garmin xt and virtualkey, but the problem i'm facing is that it cant install virtualkey, and error appeared stating certification error. Anyone able to enlighten me?

8:51 am
Thu 22 Jan

nicholas wrote...

unable to sign it...cant install in my nokia 5800..sign already also cant support??anyone can help me?

9:24 am
Sat 24 Jan

Vader wrote...

do I need to verify first before i can download the virtual key?

4:53 am
Tue 3 Feb

dswwong wrote...

I too having difficulty in getting the signed copy loaded.

11:16 pm
Sun 8 Feb

sok123 wrote...

try changing the setting in application manager to allow unsigned apps to install

11:32 am
Wed 11 Feb

pankaj wrote...

setting in app mgr is for all apps. still getting the certificate error.

12:23 pm
Sun 15 Feb

Keshu wrote...

I signed it normaly and it still do not work :( Expired certificate :(

7:32 am
Thu 19 Mar

Hari wrote...

Does it work for Nokia 5800 Xpress ME firmware

1:22 pm
Sat 21 Mar

wawan wrote...

i can,not install in my nokia 5800,please help me...........

2:26 pm
Sun 19 Apr

tony wrote...

i can't install in my N70,i got certificate error.please help me

4:16 am
Mon 27 Apr

Azzarie wrote...

CAn somebody help me . I just try to install to my 5800 but never succes . certificated exp . please help and email me . tq .

8:03 pm
Sat 9 May

Nokia 5800 User wrote...

Unsigned Program!!! It is not possible to install on Nokia 5800. Even if it's set to "Hong Kong" it fails. Totally useless Programm for the Touchscreen Pioneers. The Support of this Website seems to be frozen. Nobody wrote any Feedback or any Solution....Digital Graveyard!!! sad sad sad

4:14 pm
Sun 10 May

Mr Bean wrote...

I agree with Nokia 5800 User, you should look here for support

11:29 pm
Mon 13 Jul

david keogh wrote...

I have succcesfullly installed my virtual key can someone give step by step instructions on how to configure it, and need up and down more than anything to use my slingbox

5:37 am
Mon 13 Jul

keemah wrote...

David, How did you manage to "sign" the virtual key programme

7:29 am
Thu 16 Jul

wallace hayman wrote...

You can get the software signed at: I got same problem with david keogh

10:37 am
Thu 17 Dec

ntedi wrote...

wallace-i tried the signing the app there but it still says ''EXPIRED certifciate'',do u know of any other place i can get this done ?(n97)

5:55 pm
Tue 5 Jan

Muzix wrote...

To EXPIRED certificate just set ur phones time back for 6 months if the same problem accures then change ur time to one year until u get the time when it installs! Simple :D

3:38 am
Sat 5 Jun

Junaid wrote...

i really want to get virtual key installed. But shows certificate error please help. I really appreciate you work. Thanks

12:12 pm
Mon 7 Jun

Junaid wrote...

i have successfully installed the virtual key and configured the LSK and RSK. Anyone can tell me how to configure the up, down keys. Thanks. Anyone wants any help regarding signing the virtual key then email me at

12:26 am
Tue 31 Aug

adnan wrote...

wow cool

8:29 am
Mon 13 Sep

aziz wrote...


1:33 am
Tue 21 Sep

nishant wrote...

for signing certificate use this site i got my in 6 hour

11:03 pm
Sun 14 Nov


virtual key nokia 5800

9:05 pm
Sun 14 Nov


gimana cara dapatkan virtual key nokia 5800? saya mo instal garmin xt..maksih

11:12 pm
Fri 29 Apr

yusuf wrote...

virtul keyboard n97 mini no certificate problem

6:11 pm
Thu 8 Sep

mhardy wrote...

very goog i like it

8:44 am
Wed 30 Nov

nuy22sk wrote...


9:41 am
Wed 29 Aug

Crystal wrote...

You guys need to learn how to drop those technologies from the user-agent, the cunrert one seems quite ridiculous, it includes all known browsers and rendering engines .

3:01 am



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