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» X-Ray Scanner

• Summary: Its just a fake X-Ray application

Symbian OS

• Arrived: 2008-11-10
• Found under: x-ray, scanner, fun, entertainment,

Symbian X-Ray Scanner freeware

Rating: 3.9/5
» X-Ray Scanner Description


Developer: MobileActive

Its just a fake X-Ray application :). Check the video for a demo.

Video Preview of X-Ray scanner

the X-Ray Scanner free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download X-Ray Scanner direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Tue 11 Nov

mario wrote...

I like to try thanks

4:39 am
Wed 12 Nov

whnsala3 wrote...

i like. . . . .

1:25 am
Wed 12 Nov

jose wrote...


10:21 am
Wed 12 Nov

hafiz wrote...

please help me why cannot install this software at my phone

12:41 pm
Thu 13 Nov

Sutardi wrote...


8:20 am
Thu 13 Nov

SOFYAN SURI wrote...


12:11 pm
Fri 14 Nov

Medo wrote...

Merci tanks +

5:04 am
Sat 15 Nov

TaranQ wrote...

No video on my E51 ??

6:01 am
Sat 15 Nov

pathma wrote...


10:49 pm
Tue 18 Nov

andy wrote...

great stuff

3:19 am
Wed 19 Nov

ismail wrote...

how can i get the sony ericsson version

4:26 pm
Sat 22 Nov

AHMAD wrote...

hello i cant install this application in my phone nokia e66..........why?????????????

6:23 am
Sun 23 Nov

hazwan wrote...

i like it...

3:47 pm
Wed 26 Nov

Robin wrote...

thanks maknyos!

8:40 am
Wed 26 Nov

rinku wrote...


12:35 pm
Wed 26 Nov

julian wrote...

it΄s cool

2:50 pm
Sat 29 Nov

Alexandr wrote...

Please help me,i have read the instruction but i can't use it

2:57 pm
Tue 2 Dec

aborenad wrote...

great>> :)

6:36 am
Tue 2 Dec

yasir964 wrote...

very nice

3:36 pm
Sun 14 Dec

Md. Sabuj Hossain wrote...

Very Nice

10:59 pm
Wed 17 Dec

jajabor11 wrote...

can i use it mobile n70

10:16 am
Wed 24 Dec

deggelitegraphicsgroup wrote...

Anyone found this for a samsung yet? (Samsung Soul)

3:14 am
Sun 28 Dec

RkellY wrote...

Why this Software is noT working on my hand and head i tried and tried but nothing.....

12:16 pm
Thu 8 Jan

patrickgll wrote...

how to download from this site OMG!!heeeelp!!!

7:22 pm
Tue 17 Feb

abdullah wrote...

It not work on n73

1:25 am
Wed 8 Apr

Hamed wrote...

Please help me.I'm cannot install this software at my phone nokia n78

2:11 pm
Fri 10 Apr

erwerwrw wrote...

Please help me.I'm cannot install this software at my phone nokia n78

10:11 am
Sat 11 Apr

amir wrote...

i want this softwear in my mobile nokia 6120c

8:02 am
Fri 17 Apr

LG U990 wrote...

Dosn't play the vid on my fone. It installs and says preparing to scan then nothin happen's D:

7:38 am
Wed 22 Apr

annie wrote...

I have installed on n70 but it doesn't work.pleeeezzzz anyone tell me what should i do?

12:15 pm
Fri 24 Apr

khan wrote...

its supurb thank you KHAN

12:06 am
Tue 12 May

Federico wrote...


9:29 am
Fri 29 May

buddika wrote...

i have install xray on my nokia e51 but i cant see enithing on my screen.pleas

2:17 pm
Tue 9 Jun

zizon wrote...

plz make sure java is installed to u're phoone

9:44 am
Mon 15 Jun

amjad ali wrote...

its simply the best

2:14 pm
Mon 10 Aug

Viraj wrote...

Great software

9:24 pm
Wed 12 Aug

Muneer wrote...

How can i use it pls help me

1:37 pm
Fri 21 Aug

Cheh wrote...

Nice!! I like it

9:00 pm
Tue 1 Sep

odysseas wrote...


5:54 am
Tue 15 Sep

kami wrote...

its not working on the nokia n73. could u plz help me to run this application on my cell

12:23 pm
Wed 30 Sep

calin wrote...

the BEST

9:40 am
Wed 7 Oct

nasser sadek wrote...


8:04 pm
Sat 10 Oct

Petar Lubina wrote...


1:26 am
Sat 17 Oct

Kris wrote...


10:48 am
Tue 17 Nov

mohamed wrote...

i have this on my nokia e66 but it is not working

8:01 am
Tue 17 Nov

maria wrote...

its not working :(

8:16 pm
Tue 16 Feb

Fahed wrote...

I like to try thanks

1:44 am
Tue 23 Feb

moulay 13 wrote...

this application do not work at nokia n 73 help me please now

6:35 pm
Sun 7 Mar

Jason wrote...

it's a fake

12:39 am
Sat 13 Mar

christian wrote...

can it works in nokia 5300?

1:03 am
Thu 18 Mar

charles. tjhung wrote...

I like this free software for my mobile applications

1:34 am
Sat 20 Mar

milher wrote...


6:13 am
Tue 6 Apr

alejandro wrote...

hai its not working on the n70... pls elp me.. i like dis application but its not working .. unknown file format....

5:34 am
Fri 9 Apr

celor wrote...

i want to see my bone

10:50 am
Mon 12 Apr

buiaca wrote...


9:14 am
Sat 1 May

tomek88 wrote...

good stuff...

4:50 pm
Tue 25 May

preet wrote...

like this

1:40 am
Sun 30 May

cristian wrote...


10:45 pm
Fri 11 Jun

kaikie wrote...

its good

4:55 am
Sun 13 Jun

simran wrote...

I have installed on blackberry pearl 8100 but it doesn't work.pleeeezzzz anyone tell me what should i do?

7:32 am
Wed 30 Jun

troyteoco wrote...

the best

8:14 am
Wed 7 Jul

sultan wrote...

o my god

9:10 am
Tue 13 Jul

abhishek wrote...

its not a software its just a trick. just look at the pattern of video on your phone it will remain same..

3:09 pm
Mon 2 Aug

mahin wrote...

i want this

12:09 pm
Tue 3 Aug

jonjie wrote...

hi nice ahhh how can i get that software in my phone nokia 7210supernova???? thank you!!

11:52 pm
Wed 11 Aug

sonu wrote...

Hi, Friends, mostly peoples says its a fake software. Is it true? think just one min is it possible? because X-ray machine radiations are very strong and a mobile Phone cam can't handle it how is it possible if it is possible then what is X-ray Machine why people make them ?

11:35 pm
Thu 12 Aug

shalinder wrote...

how to instal x-ray software in mobile

1:11 pm
Fri 20 Aug

nasir wrote...

aray scanner

12:00 pm
Wed 25 Aug

walid wrote...

i can't download x ray why i dunno pls help me

9:26 pm
Sun 29 Aug

soon wrote...

thank you

8:00 am
Sun 29 Aug

Ahmed sabri wrote...


10:35 pm
Sun 5 Sep

mjayson wrote...

i can't download x ray pls help me..........

5:43 am
Tue 14 Sep

justine wrote...

can i download in my cellphone

9:16 pm
Sat 18 Sep

wasifprincebutt wrote...


11:11 am
Mon 20 Sep

dhod4ever wrote...

nice! nice! thanks! its working on my n70

4:27 am
Sun 3 Oct

ahmed wrote...


7:57 pm
Mon 4 Oct

jaycee villaflores wrote...

to see my bone fracture

10:29 pm
Sat 9 Oct

monn wrote...


3:59 pm
Sat 16 Oct

apay wrote...

how to install wt se satio..

8:41 am
Thu 21 Oct

Ω…Ψ­Ω…Ψ― wrote...

Ω‚Ω…Ψͺ Ψ¨ΨͺΨ­Ω…ΩŠΩ„ Ψ¨Ψ±Ω†Ψ§Ω…Ψ¬x-ray-scanner Ω„Ω„Ψ§Ψ΄ΨΉΨ© Ψ§Ω„Ψ³ΩŠΩ†ΩŠΨ© وثبΨͺΨ© و ΨΉΩ†Ψ―ΩŠ Ψ¬ΩˆΨ§Ω„ n81 ΩˆΩ„Ψ§ΩƒΩ†Ψ© Ψ§Ψ΄ΨͺΨΊΩ„ Ω„Ω… ΩŠΨΈΩ‡Ψ± Ψ³ΩˆΩ‰ Ψ΄Ψ§Ψ΄Ψ© Ψ³ΩˆΨ―Ω‰

1:54 am
Tue 26 Oct

khalikl wrote...

very good

2:49 am
Tue 2 Nov

Ω…ΨΉΨͺΨ΅Ω… wrote...

Ψ§Ω†Ψ§ اريد Ω‡Ψ§Ψ―Ψ§ Ψ§Ω„Ψ¨Ψ±Ω†Ψ§Ω…Ψ¬ ΨΆΩ„Ψ±ΩˆΨ±ΩŠ

7:08 am
Tue 2 Nov

joemarie wrote...

how to download the scanner????

8:05 am
Wed 10 Nov

alex wrote...


6:57 pm
Wed 24 Nov

adnanali3300 wrote...

how to download the scanner????

7:33 am
Wed 24 Nov

adnanali3300 wrote...

thanks bady

8:01 am
Sat 27 Nov

jhayne saqui wrote...

i want to try

7:20 am
Mon 29 Nov

mutee wrote...

i want it now

11:19 am
Thu 2 Dec

marzil wrote...

how to instal for nokia5230..??

11:54 am
Sat 4 Dec

john Ian dot wrote...

what frivilous software......never seen anything more stupid......

3:04 pm
Thu 16 Dec

the earth wrote...

where is the download botton?

5:42 am
Thu 16 Dec

the earth wrote...

I find it

5:48 am
Thu 16 Dec

joey wrote...

hi you better wrok

4:25 pm
Thu 16 Dec

joey wrote...


4:31 pm
Thu 23 Dec

Jackasta wrote...

ITS AWESOME (but fake)

3:58 am
Fri 24 Dec

Sindile Makubalo wrote...

hi de I have a Nokia E63 ,I successfully downloaded X-Ray Scanner but when I click on Start nothing happens plz help

2:02 pm
Fri 24 Dec

younes wrote...

not work in nokia n97

2:50 pm
Sat 25 Dec

lewis wrote...


3:42 pm
Tue 28 Dec

clyde wrote...

that so good!

2:27 pm
Tue 4 Jan

sarathy wrote...

hai da i have a nokia e66 not install pls help me

7:27 am
Fri 7 Jan

jelena wrote...

Can you tell me what ti send in message to get mobile spy or X RAY scaner???

10:41 am
Tue 11 Jan

Akanbi Taiwo Hassan wrote...

i love it

4:15 am
Fri 14 Jan

alarnaoutxxx wrote...

i need x ray scanner for nokia 8500 xpress music plz

8:04 am
Sat 15 Jan

oumson wrote...

fuck off

1:03 pm
Sat 15 Jan

oumson wrote...

fuck off

1:03 pm
Sun 16 Jan

khra wrote...

fuck u all how to download

2:04 pm
Fri 21 Jan

mohsen wrote...


6:31 am
Sat 22 Jan

malindu wrote...

I cant download x-ray scanner softwear to my nokia 6500.plz someone help me.

10:19 pm
Tue 25 Jan

anisur wrote...


7:39 am
Thu 27 Jan

joshua foster wrote...

this is sweet

3:17 pm
Fri 28 Jan

nikolay wrote...


4:27 pm
Mon 31 Jan

tariq wrote...

thinks .downloanding ka tariqa ahir mi ja kar apna naam aour e.mail addres didin.thinks for all tariq orakzai .

7:12 am
Mon 7 Feb

shubham wrote...


1:45 am
Tue 8 Feb

nimaz wrote...

how cangetthis scanner software to my samsung sghf-480 phone will u plz help me

2:35 pm
Wed 9 Feb

mido-33 wrote...

qejnd mgft hj football

12:55 pm
Thu 10 Feb

john ric wrote...


8:26 am
Thu 10 Feb

john ric wrote...


8:27 am
Wed 23 Feb

kristaps wrote...


7:01 am
Mon 28 Feb

mohamd wrote...


4:16 am
Tue 1 Mar

mohamed wrote...


5:01 am
Wed 2 Mar

arya wrote...

how to get this thing?

10:45 am
Thu 3 Mar

kilven john guivara wrote...

i hope itr work

5:14 pm
Mon 14 Mar

cokacolablack wrote...


12:58 am
Sun 20 Mar

edgar wrote...

i wat this

2:51 am
Tue 22 Mar

naeem wrote...

please send this program to my email tnx

6:39 am
Sat 26 Mar

jepry wrote...

ada aplikasi xray yang buat hp java gak gan??hpku nexian nxg900

12:38 am
Sat 2 Apr

hamouda wrote...

thir is no scanner in here just is a video because i'm try this im my nokia n96

8:59 am
Sat 2 Apr

hamouda wrote...

thir is no scanner in here just is a video because i'm try this im my nokia n96

9:00 am
Sun 3 Apr

amir wrote...


3:10 am
Mon 4 Apr

hamsum wrote...

Break your hand or leg and try this x-ray working or not

8:08 am
Mon 4 Apr

ajmal wrote...


9:31 am
Tue 5 Apr

funny wrote...

are u joke...just video software...walah...

9:36 pm
Sun 10 Apr

xxxx wrote...

boht gando ho yar ya koi software ha haramio.. ya to video play ho rahi ha..... loray

8:16 am
Mon 11 Apr

arif ahmed wrote...

i cant download x ray scannr softwar to my samgsung 8800 Plz help me

1:58 am
Mon 11 Apr

Mike wrote...

I got the new version at . It's like a body scanner.

6:59 am
Mon 11 Apr

lrak agura wrote...


9:09 pm
Wed 13 Apr

mahentiran wrote...

how to use

2:17 am
Thu 28 Apr

jhon rey m sedigo wrote...

wow i want to try

8:44 am
Sat 7 May

vi ste picke wrote...


4:48 pm
Sat 21 May

gesti wrote...

very good, thanks

12:11 am
Thu 26 May

anwar wrote...

i need x ray mobile

1:36 pm
Mon 30 May

omar wrote...


7:30 am
Thu 2 Jun

huks wrote...

fun to surprise frens

1:33 pm
Wed 22 Jun

Bogdan wrote...

IT's only a SHIT video with the official xray scanner.I hope to find the official aplication please i need help

9:26 am
Sun 26 Jun

Kirushnath wrote...


7:30 am
Sun 17 Jul

adam wrote...

civil servant

4:52 pm
Thu 21 Jul

anes wrote...


5:54 pm
Sat 23 Jul

mahesh wrote...


9:08 am
Wed 27 Jul

M.L. wrote...

Help nokia 7610 x ray scanner SW instol

2:25 am
Sat 30 Jul

Tarun Kumar wrote...


7:07 pm
Fri 26 Aug

tonybrown wrote...

i think the application should be made easy to download so as to gain more fans for your site

11:55 am
Wed 31 Aug

mohamed hassan wrote...

i like to try it it.s good for entertainment

7:07 pm
Thu 8 Sep

yeah!! wrote...

thank you

3:00 pm
Sat 10 Sep

mamal wrote...


7:05 pm
Sat 10 Sep

mamal wrote...

symbian s60

7:14 pm
Sat 10 Sep

mamal wrote...

Support: Mobipocket reader PID:300642B3YF

7:39 pm
Sun 11 Sep

rupalal wrote...


10:11 pm
Wed 28 Sep

farooq wrote...


1:06 pm
Sat 8 Oct

nurjuni wrote...


10:27 am
Fri 14 Oct

mustafa wrote...

thank u

5:36 am
Sun 23 Oct

steave wrote...


3:54 am
Thu 3 Nov

mohadd wrote...

like this programe

2:39 am
Thu 3 Nov

Riyaz wrote...

x-ray scanner can't run at my phone nokia e51. Why? start with just a snoozing sound and stops.

1:07 pm
Wed 16 Nov

hisham18 wrote...

شــــــــــــــــــكرا جزيلاا

11:34 am
Thu 17 Nov

sadek wrote...


2:37 am
Sat 19 Nov

Akshay wrote...

I want this software for nokia c2-01

9:42 pm
Fri 25 Nov

joseph wrote...

get an x-ray scaner aplication

7:13 pm
Mon 28 Nov

hichmou wrote...


3:44 am
Tue 29 Nov

dimitris wrote...


5:59 am
Fri 16 Dec

ayman gmal wrote...

thank you

12:07 pm
Mon 19 Dec

volum wrote...


2:01 am
Mon 19 Dec

larbi wrote...


2:07 am
Thu 22 Dec

sanaz wrote...

Hi, friends this is a fake software so dont try more because it is impossible taking x-rays from mobile camera i tried many time on N73 but this application still unable to open..............

1:05 am
Thu 22 Dec

Medo wrote...


8:01 am
Tue 27 Dec

sulm wrote...


7:42 am
Sun 1 Jan

haydar wrote...


11:03 am
Tue 3 Jan

ismailkoba wrote...


5:40 am
Thu 19 Jan

pleaseanswerback wrote...

will you get cancer or not?

5:41 pm
Sat 21 Jan

faraz wrote...


4:32 am
Sat 21 Jan

faraz wrote...

My help

4:33 am
Mon 6 Feb

HssKo wrote...

I cant open it

3:08 am
Thu 16 Feb

sali wrote...


5:54 pm
Fri 17 Feb

ronny wrote...


4:48 am
Sat 25 Feb

rajeev wrote...


1:20 am
Thu 1 Mar

ayman wrote...


6:18 am
Wed 7 Mar

rfeek wrote...


3:36 pm
Wed 21 Mar

nour wrote...


3:24 pm
Fri 23 Mar

sief wrote...


11:47 pm
Sun 25 Mar

ayad wrote...

thank you

2:49 pm
Mon 9 Apr

marah wrote...

very good

6:40 am
Wed 11 Apr

mohsin wrote...

i want to buy x-ray scanner. help me 01715133599

8:54 pm
Wed 25 Apr

spomac wrote...

can exchange to classic camera?

8:23 am
Thu 26 Apr

Bakree wrote...


11:49 am
Mon 30 Apr

samir wrote...

thank you

8:21 am
Wed 2 May

Shuvo wrote...

10:46 am
Thu 17 May

king wrote...

plz nomao xray for mobi n8 send plz?

3:39 am
Wed 30 May

mazen wrote...


11:44 am
Thu 31 May

rahul wrote...


9:59 pm
Thu 7 Jun

jss3426 wrote...

how do i download?

6:02 am
Fri 8 Jun

mani wrote...

i want for my nokia n95

3:02 am
Sat 30 Jun

naveed wrote...


3:51 pm
Sun 1 Jul

taman wrote...


1:25 am
Sun 5 Aug

saidi itachi wrote...

Do you work in samsung gt-s5263

9:52 am
Sun 5 Aug

saidi itachi wrote...

Do you work in samsung gt-s5263

9:53 am
Sat 8 Sep

shafar wrote...

i have blackeberry bold9900 and nokia E5 WHY i installing this software

6:08 am
Sat 8 Sep

hakim wrote...


8:22 am
Sat 8 Sep

Waleed wrote...


12:38 pm
Sat 8 Sep

Seeker wrote...


1:19 pm
Mon 14 Jan

mohmmad wrote...

i cant download this file. what shold i do?

4:38 pm



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